How to Log On the New Forum Site

Silvio in Milan informed me:

To get acccess I went in login and clicked on ‘lost password’ then entered my email and received the link to change the password

I think this works for everyone who posts on EW. Very soon, Azti will have his direct tutoring setup, again, and can teach me to to administer the forum but I think there’s going to be a lot less hacking by the NSA against the members, here.

If you’re an EW contributor and experience difficulty logging onto the forum I’ll be able to fix it for you, after that. Meanwhile, if you can’t log on please be assured that I didn’t exclude you, okay?

Thanks, Silvio. I just read in a book about Byzantium that Milan was the capital of the Roman empire for awhile because it was more accessible to the rest of Western Europe than Rome was. Maybe it means that Milan has added occult significance on account of it, which is right up your alley for finding secreted gifting targets. It reminds me, otherwise, of the way the Brazilians moved their capital to Brasilia in the 1950s.


Cheers Don, I am glad if the login info can be useful for all friends contributors of EW !

(In hoc signo vinces)

Thanks for the input about Milan I ll gladly do some extra home work even in case it doesn’t lead to a bursary.

I have consolidated an impression that the vibe in Milan is improved by gifting cities and places outside, which in my head conjure in a theory that is a reversal of the purpose of Milan which is the hegemony power over the country and influence to the ways to abroad lands.

In a way your supposition could be supported that there were other cities in the area were of older foundation than Milan, for some reason this one was to become the more developed.

This year Milan had a 1700 yrs aniversary from the 313 AD Edict of Costantine, I think the history was infllueced by Constantine.

Also a news was made public that under a old hospital there is a cript with the remains of 500000 people buried from year 1473 and year 1695. I must say that the feeling of the particular area is strange, I am referring to Via Sforza, from the beginning where there is the A2A energy company that aims to become a multiutility energy company that provides for a macro region within Italy spanning from Veneto to Piedmont. In Via Sforza other there is the old hospital of Milan Ca’ Granda and the old University, the synangogue, the tribunal, near is also Largo (Plaza) Augusto an obelisk of Emeperor August.

Most Roman remains are not visible because they are under the foundations of buildings. The main square cathedral was once a Zeus temple, there are roman remains for examplke under the Stock Exchange building, in fact all the centre.

Constaintine is very famous but is controversial, was made emperor in York, anyway after stopping the persecutions of the cristians there were coins with the XP that he claimed god almighty send him in a dream to be painted on the soldiers shields to become victorious and was also making coins with a sun god

this link show eloquent images of the coins

The cript of Via Sforza Hospital Ca’ Granda