How To Place Your Gift In The Ground In Public Places

30 Mar 2008 12:34
Subject: How To Place Your Gift In The Ground In Public Places
Before leaving to Moscow, I figured out there are many people in the places we were supposed to do gifting. That alone was not the concern, rather I was thinking of the surveillance system there, the presence of military etc. What was needed to secure the successful gifting mission, had to be a method not to stand out from regular people. I came up with this simple solution:


You only need a small garden shovel, and a bag with a bottom that can be opened. From the photo, it is impossible for an outsider to realise what is really taking place. Would you in the first place think someone digging something from a bag is actually inserting healing devices in the soil?

Hopefully, I did not expose a holy secret gifting method too widely here. The intention is to make gifting in more severe conditions less suspectful, please understand. For those whose environment is more strict.

May your field work be fruitful and undetected. Of course, I am aware at some point the public reaction for seeing someone putting a thing in the ground is general acceptance to an act of public service. Until then, gift some more.

~All Life is Sacred~
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