How to protect yourself when gifting

I’m Coyote, old school gifter, returned after long hiatus away. I started gifting towers with my home-made orgonite 20+ years ago with lots of guidance from Don and Carol Croft. I’ve made MANY tower busters, holy hand grenades, and earth pipes; and gifted in several states in Southwest USA. The more you gift, the more the bad boogers try to stop you any way they can. Their techniques have become more refined and aggressive on many levels, so it is critical to have a bunch of tricks of your own up your sleeve. My protection techniques include spiritual maintenance (I’ve been neglecting and paying the price), disguises inc dressing like a ninja at night & mud on my license plate, camouflaging the tb’s, pretending like I’m throwing ball for my dog, picking up pretty rock while partially burying tb, quick flick of the wrist throwing tbs out car window. Avoid “hot” words in emails and texts so you’re not red-flagged. Watch out what you say on social media! Practice discernment, who (or what) is nearby. (Carol Croft had some scary experiences with that one). When travelling, especially singing loudly along with radio, saying multiplication tables, saying alphabet forward and backward, naming animals starting with certain letters to keep my mind off where I’m going and what I’m going to do-- because if you’ve ever heard of “distance viewing”, once the boogers discover you they want to stop you. They’ve nearly succeeded a number of times. As I said I’m totally old-school. Forewarned is forearmed. This thread can be picked up in archives, and should probably also continue in Psychic Forum, If you want more info please reply.