Hoya Saxa - We've spent many chats sending Georgetown University and all Jesuits a whole lot of positive energy

We’ve spent many chats sending Georgetown University and all Jesuits a whole lot of positive energy.

Someone brought up “Hoya Saxa”, and wondered it means. It’s the informal motto for Georgetown. The sports teams are called Hoyas.

The official story is that “hoya” is the Ancient Greek word for “what” and “saxa” is the Latin word for “rocks”. It represents the Jesuits’ (supposed) love of both Classical languages. So “Hoya saxa” means “what rocks”.

Does that make any sense to you?

I studied Classical Languages and decided to get out my old Liddell & Scott Greek lexicon. Ancient Greek is a catchall term that describes the Greek dialects from 800 to 300BC.

To make a long story short, “hoya” also means “sheep.”

I don’t want to get too technical, but I did want to get to the bottom of this. I do want my report to stand up to the scrutiny of a Classics scholar.

“Hoya” (“sheep”) is in the accusative case, which means it is the direct object.

Saxa was a little more tricky. You just need to look at it as a Greek word, instead of Latin.

If you look at the x as an ‘xsi’, you come up with “packed”. In this case, “Hoya saxa” would mean “packed sheep”.

I wasn’t satisfied. I allowed myself to look at the word phonetically, because of the Latin misdirect. The Jesuits couldn’t make it completely obvious!

Immediately “saxa /saka” yields these definitions:
“Into the Fold!” (a classic cry of shepherds)
“a penfold for lambs”
“A sacred enclosure or sepulchre.”

It is just too much of a coincidence that both “hoya” and “saxa” relate to sheep.

My best guess is that “Hoya Saxa” states loud and clear, “Into the Fold, Sheep!”

But the alternate definition as “sepulchre” shouldn’t be forgotten. The most popular student pub immediately off campus is called “The Tombs,” and is in fact underground, beneath the very expensive restaurant called the 1789.


P.S. I used my Liddell & Scott Lexicon in book form, but then double checked it online with the Perseus project. You can look and decide if I allowed too much of a drift for Saxa.

http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/mor … a&la=greek

http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/mor … s&la=greek

http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/tex … %3Dsh%3Dka

Brilliant, LoL… Thanks for the work, Francie… [Image Can Not Be Found]

Haha, I bet they’re sorry they educated you, Francie [Image Can Not Be Found]

Dirty secret societies seem compelled to be explicit about their purpose but they do it in a way that looks kind of ambiguous to the non-curious or anti-curious. The Great Seal of the United States is a good example of the use of masonic imagery, symbols and prose that’s downright frightful, for instance. Even the story of how it was introduced is creepy and a seal is typically one-sided, so to have a two-sided emblem demonstrates the use of secrecy. There are some good explanations of all that if one cares to do a little hunting. It’s a nuts-and-bolts project without a lot of room for interpretation. I particularly like the way the masons imply that their phoenix on the seal is an eagle, for instance.

The Jesuits, historically, are [email protected]!!$-out bullies, unlike the masons, who pretend to be our benefactors but Ignatz Loyola was a mason, then he formed the Society of Jesus along those lines, similar to the way Joseph Smith formed the Mormon Church on a masonic foundation. Good exposes have been published about all this by several reputable authors and it’s something that disinformants generally avoid, by the way. As always, most of the real info is in books and most of the disinfo is online.

Loyola lived in the 18th century, if I’m correct, but the Inquisitors were around for centuries before that and the church officials that oversaw the slaughter of the Cathars predated the Inquisitors by several centuries. I think the Jesuits built their terrorist agenda on church protocols that already existed, kind of like the American secret police organizations are fashioned after the SS and Gestapo. This is becoming more and more clear and even the cops on the street often look like they’re getting ready to invade Poland [Image Can Not Be Found] with their black tactical gear and carrying around an armory. I expect them to start wearing terrorist masks pretty soon

I mention this because Credo Muttwa confidently stated that the reason the Jesuit missionaries in Africa were never opposed was because people were frightened by the way they looked in their long black robes. He said they resembled an alien race who had molested the continent in the ancient past… Africans have long memories/traditions. If you get a chance to watch Credo Muttwa’s lectures on DVD I think you’ll feel pretty empowered by all that information. I think Icke markets it as an interview but Credo, like some of us, had direct contact with reptilians and most of what he tells from experience and from AFrican traditions about reptilians contradicts Icke’s representations.

A few years ago, during a chat session, Judy Lubulwa in Kenya suggested that we send some special energy to a Jesuit Priest in Nairobi who had a reputation for molesting boys. We sent our heart love to the guy and the next day Judy told us that he had died of a heart attack. As far as we can tell, the only people for whom love energy is fatal are mass murderers and the top rats in this corporate world order (and even higher on the parasite dung heap) who are responsible for the most killing are pretty well shielded from love energy and/or they’ve evidently got a good stock of cloned bodies on hand. I remember seeing some published photos of BushSr that showed him looking younger and healthier within days of looking like he was close to death, for instance.

I think all of us have a threshold beyond which the mind fails to assimilate information and if you want to know where your threshold is, spend some time on YouTube and watch Phil Schneider’s and Arizona Wilder’s discourses. The world has been run by people who do things that the sane mind simply can’t encompass. That’s been an advantage for the people at the upper levels of the hierarchy who govern us, educate us, spiritually counsel us, doctor us, control our currencies, sell us petroleum products and operate the media.

I suggest that each of us can take it all in at our own pace and that we need to do that in order to end this tyranny. I don’t mean to say that we sould each know everything bad that is done by these people but there’s another threshold that applies to this: that’s when we reach the conviction that the corporate world order is essentially evil and it can’t be fixed; it has to be discarded. Notice that the army of clever disinformants on the web will never discuss or even mention this simple truth. Simple truths are the ones that empower us, though.

Did you ever wonder why Langley (CIA’s HQ–hindquarters ) ) is called ‘The Puzzle Palace?’

Sorry for breaking up this post–when I get to a certain number of lines in a post the text starts bobbing and weaving and I feel like I’m typing on a moving target.

I wondered why the Langlye rathole is called ‘Puzzle Palace’ until after Carol and I had been doing this work for a few years and had encountered a parade of moles, then it sort of clicked one day [Image Can Not Be Found] All of these CIA unfortunates are so duplicitous that it’s impossible to know when anything they say is sincere.

I found out that even within the rathole people constantly lie to their underlings and to each other and that they’re all paranoid. The Cohen Brothers put out a movie that I think shows a typical CIA freak’s meaningless life: BURN AFTER READING. That comedy might distract a lot of folks from recognizing that the CIA is also a global tertrorist organization and is as omnipresent as mold spores. Most of their ‘personnel’ aren’t even paid, nor are they even conscious that they’re serving a dark purpose. They’re programmed drones whom the CIA snatches out of time, uses/abuses and drops back into the little time/space slot they were taken from, after erasing their memories of course.

I say, ‘CIA’ but the NSA, though not as vast, is even worse and the Mossadomites, who specialize in wetwork (murder) are worse, still. I remember hearing from a couple of gifters in Japan that they’d been accosted by Mossadomites, so they’re not just a Mideast terrorist organization. Mossadomites also help protect the cocaine shipments out of South America.

I get nauseus just visiting a disinformation site, so I rarely go to those. I feel obliged to keep informed about what these mass murderers and child-torturers are up to, though, because to be ignorant of those crimes is to condone them and I want to stop them, rather.

Ask any Native American tribal elder about the Jesuits and you’ll hear some horrible, firsthand accounts that you’ll never hear about in Georgetown University, Loyola University, Gonzaga, Notre Dame, etc.


There certainly is much to say about the Jesuits and Georgetown University. I wanted to add a little more.

The history of Villa Le Balze, Georgetown’s study center in Florence, Italy, gives an illustrative snapshot of the Jesuits’ relationships in the 20th century.

Today the Villa Le Balze is described as a study center for about 15 students a semester, as well as various other continuing education and summer programs. You can read about the history in their own words here, http://www11.georgetown.edu/oip/os/vill … story.html

In summary, The Villa was built by John D. Rockefeller in the early 1900’s as a home for his daughter and her husband, the philosopher Augustus Strong. During WW2 Georgetown’s villa was used first as the head office of the Bank of Tuscany, and then as a Nazi headquarters. Then it returned to the Rockefellers. In 1979 the Rockefellers gave it to the Jesuits of Georgetown.

So… that’s the Rockefellers, the Bank of Tuscany, the Nazis and the Jesuits.


Keeping it all in the family now aren’t they?