HPs for children; SP for gifters; varying SBB prices

Don Croft
11 Mar 2008 13:33
Subject: HPs for children; SP for gifters; varying SBB prices
Hello Don & Carol,

I have to tell you first about two months ago, I hear this voice (higher self?) in my head saying, “You need to get some orgonite.� Just out of the blue, I think I was folding laundry or something, don’t quite remember.

Anyway, I didn’t have any real knowledge or experience concerning it at the time. I would check out the Women’s Warrior site once in a while for the natural healing / health articles as well as educate-yourself.com articles (didn’t believe everything I read there, but it was entertaining), but when it came to the orgonite stuff, I felt it was over my head – so I just ignored those posts.

Then, about that same time, I stumbled across this site. I linked over to EW and have been hooked since. I hope you don’t think this is too weird, but I just felt like I was home at last (deleted all the old disinfo sites and am much happier and hopeful). Yea! to you people! I since have got some TB’s (not enough) and a pretty HHg from Andy at CT Busters for my home and the difference in my kids is quite noticeable. They are quieter, calmer and fighting a whole lot less than before. This led me to the idea of strapping it around their necks full time! J Which finally brings me to my questions…

I was wondering if the Harmonic Protector is safe (not too strong) for children to wear. Do you make a smaller version for children? Is a succor punch necessary in order to gift? Also, could you tell me why the SBB varies so much in price from yours, Andy’s and DB’s?


******, the Harmonic Protectors are entirely harmless, otherwise Carol wouldn’t be selling them. It’s tough for her to make them smaller, please understand, but once in awhile she does a batch of children ones for the same price (even though they take much longer to make), so just let her know that you’re interested, okay? caroldestiny [at] turbonet [dot] com is her addy and she’s usually a little behind in email, so please be patient.

In earlier years, anyone who gifted was tailed by the sewer rats because these agencies were apparently mandated to pick up all the orgonite that gifters left behind. In places like England, where there are a lot more secret police per capita, much of the orgonite was picked up this way right after the gifters departed the areas. Later, the Brit gifters got more street smart and stopped enabling the sewer rats to get sight of them during the toss.

Perhaps the number of gifters has grown beyond these agencies’ ability to keep them all under active surveillance, so they seem to mostly just focus on the few gifters who are doing the most damage to the old world order’s infrastructure, which is another way of saying that these gifters are healing the most poisoned areas of our world Cool

The number of murder attempts and even poisoning episodes on these few people has been decreasing in teh last year or so. We’re hopeful that this is because we talk about it openly when it occurs, also that the old world order is simply experiencing attrition or hopelessness, themselves in light of humanity’s expanding awareness and to more people becoming openly committed to end parasitic tyranny in the world. All parasties rely heavily on secrecy and hiding, after all. These parasites, rather, have always hoped to convince humanity that they’re ‘powerful,’ and that ‘resistance is futile,’ Wink hence their control of th What To Think Network, clergy, the cops/courts, publishing and academia.

A Succor Punch is handy for blocking electronic surveillance, so essentially allows us to have genuinely private conversations because it apparently blocks all those devices, even cellphone surveillance ‘add-ons’ and perhaps satellite intrusions. Jeff, Carol and I managed to scoot over to the Bahamas under the feds’ and HAARPies’ noses (we were each under obvious, obtuse 24/7 active surveillance, then), even taking our cellphones, and the feds obviously didn’t know where we were until we checked in with Bahamas Customs on our return trip and they put us on the computer. Then the Coast Guard unlawfully grabbed us at sea, a few miles away in international waters Cool

I think all gifters have transponders and microphones in cars, homes, phones, etc., because the sewer rat agencies are easily able to do all that, at least, but there’s no substitute for streetsmarts, so be very aware of who’s around you when you’re out gifting and take as little time as possible to plant your gifts when it’s not feasible to just toss them in bushes or creeks from a moving vehicle, okay?

A Succor Punch is also a wonderful aid for dowsing and, these days, it’s becoming more and more likely that someone in your area has already done a little or a lot of towerbusting in particular, so if you want to conserve your ammo it’s prudent to dowse each death tower, HAARP array, death drums/horns tower, etc.

Carol’s Crystal Harmonizer, which she developed from the original Saint Buster’s Button, barely resembles the latter and involves several innovations and pricey components, some of which are described on http://www.worldwithoutparasites.co…Harmonizer.html

Andy’s and DB’s creations are excellent, though Carol has chosen to make a more specialized product.

I’m gratified to know that you came to Etheric Warriors through your own discernment process, thanks! We’ve been doing our best, here, to provide no-frills, no-strings-atttached, non-mystifying, easy to understand information that anyone can apply to genuinely empower him/herself in a short time and your comments aree very heartening.

Keep in touch about your coming gifting exploits and confirmations, okay?