Michal, who will be posting gifting reports, sent me this map-marking link, which even I may finally be able to use to record our work. He showed me what he did in his part of Poland:


Hooray for user-editable online maps!

I’m a big fan of these things. Even if less than 1% of the gifting gets marked, I smile eveytime I see someone’s work “illustrated” like that.


yes, kudos to Michael for the map - very helpful. How can one add little flags to it in order to report a gifted area though?


Don and Carlos - thanks. Ilka, the link in the post is not correct, the correct one is in the title, or here
since then i gifted some more.

Create a new map, on top you have menu, click ‘create marker’. You have many options there, like adding pictures and videos as well. You can open a free account, this way your maps will be stored and you can always edit it. In my case I created a map and forgot the password so I needed to redo it. Enjoy!

Ilka, if you prefer colaborative maps you can also use something like this

On this website you don’t need an account and any viewer can add markers and associated media. You do need an account only if you create a map and want to retain some control over it.