Huge base under the northern parts of the "Schwäbische Alb" and what might happen there

I try to make it short:

I’m sure there’s a huge base going from at least Balingen, Hohenzollern (Very important royal family in Europe for a long time) over to a remote place where there is a skilift in Sonnenbühl-Genkingen.

Just there I heared voices (more precisely not single voices but instead the sound of many people at a big place making a lot of noise with their voices), music, the sounds of metal hitting metal, the sounds of breaks perhaps from a train or truck, all at the same time - And vibrations from below. This was at two o’clock in the night and all was silent, thats why I could hear that. I put my ear on the ground to be sure. While hitting an earthpipe into the ground I had to stop because the earth was too dry and hard, all the sounds had stopped!Other peaces of information made it possible for me to lokalize the size of the basis better. It might go further until the Plettenberg near Schömberg where I fled into a forest escaping a helicopter and a car that guarded a huge tower.

I could write much more, but thats too time consuming just now and I just urgently need more insight. Someone the new member Donavan knows (his spouse?) saw humans being sacrificed underground, important ones for mankind and possibly not just one time. Please all who believe they can do it, have a look into it. It’s a juicy target for the chat sessions too!