Humpback Spotted Near Texel, Where Carlos Gifted

Carlos, a humpback whale has been spotted near Texel since December 2008. Didn’t you gift on the ferry from Den Helder to Texel recently? (I cannot find your post [Image Can Not Be Found] ) This one was seen in the last week of December and the first weeks of January and February. See According to a Dutch article, it seems to have settled near Texel and it concerns another humpback then the one spotted near IJmuiden in May and November 2007. Isn’t that cool?!!

Humpbacks are extremely rare to be spotted near the Dutch coasts.

Hi Carolien,

Haven’t been on EW in quite a while and this is what I get when I get back [Image Can Not Be Found]
Yes, the gifting was done on the weekend of 20/21st December. The post must have been lost when the site was hacked but I checked my own pen and paper report.
I was wondering if not having been able to disable the radome in Den Helder would have afected it but this is a great confirmation it did some good [Image Can Not Be Found] I hope this also means the cetaceans could pick up on the TBs and make use of them.
Thanks for news!