I Don't Know If This Is Joke Or Major Confirmation

I just got this in my email, it’s from YouTube alerting me to a new personal message.
Here’s the message, I haven’t snswered it yet, hardly know what to say. I know what
I’d like to say and it’s not nice. I forwarded this to Don and haven’t heard-back yet.
He doesn’t check his email all-day like I do.

By the way, “john q smith” registered one hour ago and viewed one video. (blink)

Curious what you guys think?


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JamesQSmith has sent you a message:

Your activities

At first your process of ‘gifting’ was regarded as a minor inconvenience by my organisation.
However, it has now reached the point where what you are doing constitutes a serious threat
to the success of the plan as a whole.

I strongly suggest that you cease your activities regarding ‘negative energy’ as you stopping
voluntarily would result in the least amount of effort being exerted by both us and yourself.
I trust your will be reasonable.


I trust your will be reasonable? Pfft.

Never a dull moment…


Now this:


JamesQSmith has sent you a message:

We have become aware of your actions regarding our last message.
Be aware we are watching and waiting.

You can reply to this message by visiting your inbox.

Sounds more like a joke to me. Possible answer: “we’re watching you too, pal!”
If it was real it would be a sign of true desperation and lack of new ideas on their side.

A good sign.

Guess we should prophylactically boost that guy, prnkster or not. Let him feel the love…


Hurray!!! Free advertising for Andy.

Check out what mr. Smith is so anxious about.
And while you’re at it, buy his orgonite!


My webmistress and her hubby tracked-down the guy’s IP addess and
sent him a note saying, "You are watching who? We are watching you! We have your IP address and you are NOT anonymous. It’s a felony to represent yourself as a government agent, so who’s watching who?

Better knock it off NOW. Go back to your NAMBLA meeting and shut-up."

No worries. I never was worried, just some punk.

Hi Andy,

John Q. Smith sent me an e-mail through my youtube account too, said the same thing.

We’re watching you and to tell me to stop gifting the death towers.

It’s either a psy-op or some kid with nothing better to do. Either way the party is mind controlled.

I delete comments like that and block the user on my youtube page. The shills usually comment once or twice a week on
any one of my videos. I don’t know why they bother commenting on chemtrail and orgonite gifting videos , but what else are those losers supposed to do all day. Did you know the NSA has 30,000 employees on one piece of property in Ft. Meade MD ?

30,000 freaks that need to be re-socialised to be able to lead useful and productive lives. I think we can handle that. After all they got some skills, so when the mind control wears off it should be possible for them to re-apply their energies to something positive.

The name “Agent Q. Smith” seems chosen to remind of Agent Smith of “THE MATRIX” fame. A joke after all?

Now I’m getting phone calls to my cell phone which can be found at my site.

“We are watching you Robert.”

Anonymous, no Caller ID calls, leaves the call-back number; 000-000.


Excellent. We have an “Asian style” boosting session scheduled for tomorrow night. A POR super nova delivered to number 000-000.

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