I Have A Bit Of Doubt Regarding How 3 Ounces

Here’s some correspondence from last week that Don asked me to post:

Hi Don,

I emailed Andy at CTBusters.com, but he gave no response.

I want to gift my area in eastern Tennessee. I have a bit of doubt regarding how 3 ounces of
organize can reverse the negative energy of a huge tower. I’ve seen the CTBusters, and what
they can do to weather patterns and chemicals in our skies. But are there before and after
gifting pictures through an Aura camera of such an energy transformation? If so, will you
forward the links to these?

Thanks in advance for any words and evidence.


Don’s reply:

Thx, Michael–your email probably got hacked, so I’m CCing this to Andy to break that hacker
barrier down [Image Can Not Be Found] We all get hacked quite a bit, unfortunately–mostly CIA fart hammers, evidently.

An aura camera is a good idea, certainly worth pursuing! I’ll mention it to Manfred in Austria,
who started a research forum.

Those who are energy sensitive or know reputable sensitives simply rely on their feedback to
describe the energy dynamics of orgonite. Most of the ones who see energy notice a dark outline
about a yard out from the death towers; the energy between this boundary and the tower is
dark and the energy outside the boundary is bright when a towerbuster is within a quarter mile
or so. Bigger towers need more orgonite, of course.

A tri-meter has been used to tell whether a tower has been disabled, too. Takes about twenty
minutes to get a neutral reading on one of those meters after orgonite has been tossed. Some
German retired engineer did that in Chile last year.

The way we generally get our requisite confirmations for towerbusters is to bust a whole lot of
them in a day and witness the transformation in the lower atmosphere. there are loads of reports
on EW about this for the record.

There are other good ways to distribute orgonite and achieve confirmations, too, of course.


My reply:

Dear Michael,

Nope, I didn’t get that Email!

I’ve had no experience with an Aura Camera. I just did a search on the words and found there are
several available. So I’m obviously no authority on that. I’m also not developed enough psychically
to see orgone fields as Don describes. Darn it. But, I see the results of these devices in the sky.

Southern California has been exstensively gifted (it needed it). I’ve lived here since 1974 and up
until we started gifting and cloudbusting, early new-century, the air was dirty-brown everyday.
There would be maybe
a dozen clear-sky days a year and I am not exagerating. Now it’s the opposite; we have about a dozen
ugly days a year and the rest of the time we have blue skies, clear weather. It should be worse
here instead of better. When W came into office in 2000 he immediately allowed the corporations
to start polluting again, after the state of California had spent years estazblishing clean-air policies,
forcing industry to
clean-up. and there’s more cars and people than ever, so, what made it better?

I’m positive we did it with orgonite. I can see it and it makes sense. When I gift those big mountain-
top arrays, I can’t “see” the energy-shift, as some can, but can sure feel it.

I understand that most of us need “proof” in order to believe in something, need to see it metered and
measured “scientifically”. I frankly think we’re dealing with an energy that the powers that be don’t even want
us to know about, so they have surpressed the creation of orgone detection devices and a lot
of other things that aid our health.

I remember reading that someone had an old Ohmeter made in the thirties and it detected orgone,
where modern equipment won’t. That is hearsay, to be honest.

Bottom line: Orgonite is dirt cheap. You are not taking a huge risk making or buying some orgonite.
The success of us orgonite vendors is another indication that we are on to something, here. Not
to mention, it simply works, see for yourself.

I understand why anyone would question a 3 ounce TB’s abilities, until you see for yourself.

Just go for it! What have you got to lose?



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