I need help getting past a sewer rat barrier

Would you please send an email to Gerar in Australia for me and ask him to send the response to you and to CC me? [email protected]

He’s been trying to reach me for weeks and all of those emails from him are bouncing. I’m not hearing of problems like this from anyone else who corresponds with me.

When you get a response from him, please forward it to me at [email protected] and when I respond to him I’ll also CC to you and you can then forward that to him. This has been the hardest hacker barrier to break through so it must be important for us to be in touch at the moment Cool


Hi Don,

I’ve send some mail to Australia, like you requested. I had no answer since the second of october.

Think Gerard’s mail is being tempered with and blocked in their so called “Oz” country.

Hoping to blast and break that sewey barricade tomorrow on the international chat.