I NEVER Get Attacked!

I’ve only known a few prolific gifters who haven’t come under attack or suffered interference on account of doing this healing work. In most cases, they apparently aren’t being targeted because they’re serving the enemy’s agenda in one way or another. The only exception I’m aware of, after having done this fieldwork for almost 15 years, is John Scudamore, whose important website, whale.to, is also prominently featured by Google/NSA. I’ve discussed this with him and we share the impression that his relative immunity seems to be due to the enemy constantly hoping that he’s going to host some of their disinformation on that site. He’s always been careful to keep disinfo out of it, bearing in mind that some of the material he publishes is impossible to fully corroborate. None of it seems to far-out to me, having known and worked with DB and learned about some of his first hand experiences with the enemy.

If someone is not being attacked for doing this work I don’t think it’s something to brag about because anyone who has a ‘working relationship’ with the enemy on account of being effective with orgonite in the field can see that the claim of immunity more often discredits the person who is making the claim. Most of the people I’ve known who never experienced attacks were pot addicts and the only reason I can think of for their safety is that they’re probably already being used efficiently and unconsciously to undermine this unorganized, global social network.

Three of the East Africans were murdered for doing this work in 2009, before the kikundi developed their own current public profile; several of the prolific Japanese gifters were influenced to suicide after the completion of a massive, nationwide project led by Tetsuzi Moriwake. I only learned about that a few months later.

Jane Ngugi from Uganda was jailed, tortured and nearly murdered by the secret police for flipping death towers in Saudi Arabia

Georg Ritschl was nearly killed several times in the early years , then he and three other orgonite flingers were jailed in Mozambique for three months. Carol and I have survived more murder attempts than we’ve kept track of, though that threat has been decreasing, thank God.

Several gifters have been in bizarre car crashes, usually hit by people running through red lights in intersections–the number is too high for it to be coincidental.

I think all of us who came under any sort of overt assault have also been routinely poisoned but we all use zappers so haven’t been harmed, except the few of us who were subjected to highly poisonous metals in the early years and we all survived that and got the metal out with Doc von Peters’ and Doc Stevo’s able help.

So if you know someone who is claiming that we’re all incompetent idiots ‘because we’re under attack,’ I hope you’ll see that claim in the proper perspective, assuming that you don’t already know better from personal experience Cool

The same sort of individual has been known to deny the existence of hackersCool but those of us who have sacrificed our substance for the success of this growing effort actually appreciate the incessant hacking on one level: when it suddenly happens in a frenetic way it’s another good confirmation that we’re on the right track, so ought to keep moving forward. In our international chatroom exercises, while waging war back against the Old Parasite, it’s interesting to see who gets booted by hackers from the chatroom and even experiences a computer shut-down in a particular moment.

I’ve found this work (against the tyranny of oligarchs) to be a little like flying. On some level it can scare us $#!+less but one reason we keep coming back to it is because the pleasure far outweighs the terror Wink

I should have mentioned, sooner, that attacks on orgonite flingers have decreased dramatically in recent years so if you’re fairly new to this, are a good field worker and are not being targeted by the sewer rat agencies you really shouldn’t feel that this means you’re not doing a good job. I wish they’d leave all of us alone. Davide in Italy has been harassed continuously, though not dangerously, since he set up the only reliable orgonite information website in that language: http://www.gliorgonauti.it/

He prefers not to fight back, which is anyone’s prerogative. Carol and I have learned, though, that if we don’t ‘put boots to their knuckles’ in the etheric realm on a regular basis we’d probably be back to painting signs and cleaning houses for a living, which is what we were doing when we met in 1997. I don’t know whether we’re essential to the continued spread of this global, unorganized effort but we definitely want to stay in the game and this forum is obviously setting reasonable standards for field work and keeping simple orgonite to the fore in spite of a massive disinformation effort, featured by the search engines.

Dooney is still the one who teaches targeted people how to fight back effectively and appropriately (lovingly) on donebydooney.com. She’s helped hundreds over the years. Someday there will probably be hundreds of people offering this instruction but I suspect this will be after the problem (the rule of parasites) has been largely exposed and overcome.

A few people who do this orgonite field work efficiently will be attacked because of their bloodline; a few who are from the oligarchy and are being harmed by ‘the family’ on account of having rejected their parasitic heritage have found that their lives got easier after they became proactive with field work. One of those will start sharing his personal history and field reports on this forum, shortly. DB might be the first one of those in history to survive. He personally knows a lot who didn’t survive so the tide has evidently turned against the oligarchy.