Iberian Chat

Where to begin.

Here goes an attempt at describing what happened during a chat session with me and Fran from Spain. We gave it a try, not really knowing what was going to happen. Since it was two Iberians who were making up the chat, it was named Iberian Chat [Image Can Not Be Found]

First off we needed a focus (target) so we decided to go after Fran’s assailants first. His business had been suffering since November and it seems obvious to me it’s retaliation on account of his great gifting run on the Northern coast of Spain).

It’s kind of hard to describe it now, even though it was only 5 days ago it feels like an eternity, at least that’s how time feels like to me these days, and it’s in a good way [Image Can Not Be Found]

I somehow “got” the picture of some men in dark robes and -surprise- our old “sparring partners” the jesuits! We proceeded to boosting/blasting them with the help of cetaceans as the picture of where the rituals were being done to damage Fran came about.

It was some undergound chamber, where sacrifices were made. We kept blasting and clearing the place. Underneath that chamber was the last thing to take care of – some kind of tainted black and red stone which acted as an etheric “heart” for that place. We blasted it to pieces, of course, all this time being helped by our friends the cetaceans [Image Can Not Be Found]

I “got” that the chamber was in Cantabria (region in center North coast of Spain), no more specific than this, and also that fixing the problem would require some gifting. Somehow I did not feel very confident that we could mop the floor with them, just the two of us [Image Can Not Be Found] Fran was confident though and the next day his business seems to have picked up a bit though I do not know how is it doing now.

Right after the jesuits we went after my assailants. My business is very poor too but right now I’m not too upset: moving houses and wanting to do a bunch of things before leaving – including some gifting, is quite enough for me right now.

At this point I was getting tired from “spinning the wheel” – spinning the wheel for me is the “technical term” for being the “eyes and ears” of a chat session. Spinning the wheel is actually quite energy consuming and I really admire Carol, Donney, Hawthorne and Co. for leading up EW’s chat sessions for years.

Eventually I “got” this one lone guy in Sintra, a very special place not far from Lisbon. This guy “deflated” after being blasted. He was actually on contract, an outsider to whoever was throwing me the bad juju.

Behind him, pulling the strings, was actually the-royal-family-that-is-not-a-royal-family, that is the Portuguese royal family – we don’t have kings since 1910 when (as was current in those days) a freemason plot overthew the government. Portugal had as many as 45 different governments and a hand-full of coup d’etats until a dictatorship arrived in 1926.

I laughed and laughed after making that connection. I couldn’t and cannot understand what does a non-existent royal family possibly have to do with harassing me…

Fran suggested we blasted the “king and queen” and so we did, once again with help from the cetaceans. They were both trapped in a dodec and the “queen” turned into her real self, some nasty kind of animal, wanting to escape.

After this we still went on and boosted Yolanda a bit. I wasn’t too confident in doing a chat only with 2 people (the best results is with at least 3, I believe) but we both agreed that even if it wan’t optimal something good would come out of it.

I apologise for leaving out many of the juicy bits, such as when the guy in Sintra got hammered by a huge tsunami of Uncondicional Love (whales and dolphins riding it too) but I forgot a lot of it.

We didn’t really plan on writting about this but since it’s started already, perhaps Fran can help make this report better? [Image Can Not Be Found]

Despite all this, personally it feels I’m still in the germination of being a psychic. Today for instance I wanted to properly gift the guardian of a special place nearby by gifting some orgonite at the top of the cliff where it “lives” and it took me half an hour and getting to the top of said cliff to understand “it” had already introduced itself through a small tree at the feet of the cliff… funny uh?


Hi Carlos,
i think you explained pretty well how it went but the results have been superb. Many people contacted me about orgonite, sales picked up dramatically to normal so i take we did a good job.

For me intuition has been more of a feeling not so much visual so when Carlos spins the wheels it is like walking me in some place and helps me then to focus. Maybe in the future it ll come more natural. I suprised myself to describe him the king pretty much like he looks like, later Carlos sent me his pic.

This Iberian experiment was good and Carlos made a good joke about a dog being able to walk even ´do it has only 3 legs. We started feeling like we might be that way but certainly it was easier than i thought but there are experiences i still do not understand.

Life is getting stranger by the day lol and specially after gifting and being in touch with orgonite. In the past doing Yoga, meditations, pranayama were good and great and they definately have their very positive place but by simple gifting, being around orgonite and grounding/boosting/blasting things are opening up fast.

After i mentioned about the jesuits to Don, same night i got zapped. I do not believe this time i was ¨hearing¨orgon from the 108 under me. I have been sleeping with only this ( i used to have so many pieces around) and the tinnittus sound receded as well as the electric feeling but last night i woke up to a room glowing with pyschodelic points, kind of like heat waves too and i was seeing shadows around me kind of like performing an operation. At this point i was seeing colors but i did not move.
This shadows i ve seen before so i started boosting without moving. Moving seems to alert them and the whole thing goes away then.

The strangest thing happen then. I lost my phone about 3 days ago. I dont pay much attention to it but i had been using it as an alarm clock these past days and used to leave it right on the floor. Been searching for it but impossible to find. I asked a friend to call me to hear the phone somewhere but it said it was OFF. Just when i was boosting and moving, the vibration sound of the phone started right at the foot of my bed, i mean right there.

This distracted me since i tried to follow the sound to find the phone, but didnt find it. The thought came they have might have stolen it and played the sound to try and mess with me?

i can t say for sure, but since putting a damp in the bathroom has been done, anything can be done , stupid ´do lol

I disgress a bit but what i want to say is that taking an active role on the etheric has inmediate results and any 3 legged dog can do it, some good unconditional love sent with intent will have wonderful results and probably bring down the parasites so much faster. I understand it all happens at different times for everyone but i bet there are many people out there not sure of their capabilities or many great psychics who havent realised fully their potential.


The revolution will not be televised, indeed! ‘Riding a tsunami of unconditional love’, wow, funny how reading google’s news page this morning did not make me feel good like reading that!

I believe this whole thing underscores why we’ve been assiduously taught, for generations, for millenia, tut tut, no such thing as ghosts, only solid 3D reality exists, etc. Because that successful herd programming leaves the field open for the few of ill intent who are ‘illuminated’ to the hidden (‘occult’ means hidden) truth. Until now.

I think the ‘witch hunts’ of the old days, ditto ‘the Inquisition’, the wiping out of the Cathars, et al, were establishment black magicians mopping up anyone in the citizenry who knew the truths elucidated by Fran and Carlos, above.

We really should start saving the chat logs as it’s quite hard to remember things accurately afterwards…

So on Friday the 1st February we had a chat session.
First target was to try and untangle a problem Fran and Yolanda have with “the state” regarding refusing to register their daughter Sybila. Fran wanted to know more about a judge and the prosecutor assigned to this case. It seemed the judge was one of the “boys” but he didn’t want to get his hands dirty so they sent a “duracell bunny” type of character after our friends – Fran described that prosecutor as a robot, which is quite understandable!

After this I think we tried to jump into the “meat” of it and we found who, at least in Menorca, is pulling the strings and the image of a big spider came up – who else could it represent but the hive-minded reptilians? [Image Can Not Be Found]

Blasting away we did with the help of dolphins and whales (always eager to help). It took a wile but the spider’s head popped off [Image Can Not Be Found] which was a sign “that” particular adversary or group of adversaries was – at least for the moment – out of action. We proceeded clearing up that space, not forgetting the web where the spider was, and sending everything down to the center of the Earth to be recycled [Image Can Not Be Found]

After this I think Fran asked me to look at Yolanda psychically and there seemed to be some creepy character peeking at her in the background and a red paper dragon floating in the foreground. Apparently this creep goes after talented psychics and enjoys making them suffer, torturing them really, perhaps to make them feel their psychic abilities are nothing more than a curse and feeding off the DOR the whole thing generates.
We blasted him (and the paper dragon which was no more than distraction) and made it very clear, after a severe etheric “beating” of Unconditional Love, that unless he wants another dosage he should stay away from Yolanda. I think he got the message [Image Can Not Be Found]

This Tuesday we met again but the session was not so good. We just went after some guy who owns a restaurant near Fran’s place and of whom Fran is especially suspicious of and blasted him quite a bit. He’s apparently reptilian too and did not respond too well to Unconditional Love [Image Can Not Be Found]

I’m curious to know how all this works out in 3D.


Ola Carlos, good work. I sent you an email to the address from you website. You dont need send me an intel, is for your evaluation. [Image Can Not Be Found]

Last week Sunday we worked a bit on the psycorps assigned to harass me.

We tracked them down to a naval base in Rota, near Cadiz Spain (one of the biggest in Euope and fully funded by the US) and started blasting the crap out of them. There was an underground section of course and we seemed to be inhibited by the apparent thickness of its walls but then we somehow created a portal inside from which we could freely boost. At that point cetaceans used that portal to come in and wreak havok in there [Image Can Not Be Found]
At the end I had the feeling not everything was done there and that’s when Fran mentioned that base is on his to-do list so this was a good start.

The effect it had was I had a very unsmooth week which took me from some old and unproductive habits to new and fun ventures, like finishing the workshop in my new house and starting to make orgonite [Image Can Not Be Found]

Adding to that Fran’s business continues to bloom and Yolanda is not being etherically harassed anymore and all of this is the result of 2 rookie warriors getting together and doing chat sessions. My point being, to all you out there who have half a mind of making your own etheric chats: with a good purpose and clean heart, the sky is the limit! [Image Can Not Be Found]


Thanks very much, guys, for posting this for the record and good work! You might have found the last stronghold of the Jesuits in Europe. The crew in Italy, years ago, were very thorough at finding and gifting (including earthpipes for underground facilities) all of them, there. Since Spain and Portugal experienced the worst of the Inquisition we probably ought to expect that they’re hanging on to some property there, still. Ignatz Loyala, who founded the order and was actually sainted by some disgusting pope, was also a mason and that was in the days when freemasonry was more openly rotten. So it’s no accident that the Jesuits resemble freemasonry so closely as an organization and in their choice of (mostly ‘unseen hand’) predatory tactics.

Those insights and experiences and especially the confirmation from Francisco, show me that you’re on the right track. It’s helpful when a natural psychic like Carlos is involved but any of us who will do this will find that our intuitive promptings are probably accurate and should be acted on. Having a psychic who sees clearly in the etheric realms simply empowers everyone more.

I don’t think this unorganized movement would have become established if not for a few natural psychics and many people who get involved with orgonite and have this potential in them often find that they’re called on to start using it for the benefit of the collective effort. Only people who have a conscience will be inclined to do that, though, and the percenatage of psychics who have a conscience is no higher than in any other demographic, which is probably why most of them work for the sewer rat agencies or are self-employed as contractors for destructive forces.

Carlos is perhaps the last among us who understands his value to this effort in this way [Image Can Not Be Found] but from what he’s reporting it’s obvious to many of us that he’s hit the ground, running, and would be a solid asset to any group etheric effort. Francisco and I probably operate on a similar level and you can see that one doesn’t need to be fully psychic in order to achieve major victories in restoring our planet (removing the talons of the ancient order from it).

Spain has been a testbed for CIA/MI6-style efforts to destroy this movement so everyone who flings orgonite in Spain can expect to get hammered by the psi corps, at least. When Je Torres was doing a masterful job bringing rain to Spain, ending an extremely severe, inflicted drought as Global Warming’s desertification example to the world, a publicist even accused him in the press of dynamiting death towers. We went to work on that CIA predator in the chatroom and problem solved [Image Can Not Be Found]. Orgonite is getting so well known in Spain that it was ridiculed in a telvision situation comedy not long ago. In America, this is how the CIA, who own and operate Hollywood, routinely gauge public awareness, mind control and emotional response about a given subject in order to tweak their endless propaganda strategies and tactics. I think they do it even more on the internet.

I’m pretty sure Portugal is in the same situation because Carlos is the only person from there whom I know that has remained committed to this effort over the years, in spite of adversity and he’s had more than his share of that.

The Iberian Peninsula has always been important to the ancient corporate order, obviously, and all of the ‘royal families’ are agents of this order whose loyalty takes the form of subservience to the old agenda and also predatory behavior. These old families, many of whom (especially in England) were recruited from the criminal class, seem to have a mandate to mix the bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalene with some strain of reptilian or draconian ancestry and the latter is perhaps more dominant than the human component. Maybe it has something to do with the way that the ancient order have always fed on children (innocence), sexually and nutritionally. I doubt our minds could survive, fully knowing how creepy these people really are and what they do but all we have to understand about them is that they’re quite vulnerable in the etheric realm, where all of us essentially dwell, because they’ve all chosen to abandon their own hearts.

As Carlos mentioned, this forum hosed a group effort, almost every Sunday, in a chat room and many reliable and reputable psychics were involved, including the ones mentioned above. It felt to us that the time was right in August, 2011, to stop doing the large group effort and concentrate on smaller ones and many of the earlier group are now also doing this, including Carlos and Francisco. I think it’s in keeping with the continual need to decentralize this effort. Centralization makes any progressive movement vulnerable and tends to kill the spirit. Dr Reich also knew and advised that organization needs to be minimized on account of this.

Everything that’s really worthwhile starts small and is usually initiated by ordinary people like all of us. Having a conscience and sufficient information turns us each into engines of destruction against the parasitic corporate world order and there will be many, many more of us in coming years. I think it’s terrific that we don’t need to shed someone else’s blood or cause any harm in the process of winning this old war.


Thank you Don, I’d like to add that both Francisco and Michele (who joined us today) even though they say they are just “foot soldiers” actually get their own, valuable etheric promptings which help the chat move on in the right direction.

This week has been very busy chat-wise and so far we had 3 sessions.

14 March
This was interesting. We wanted to go after 2 current main problems of Fran in this moment.
The demented inJustice department and a group of modern souless witches who are being a bad influence on someone close to Fran.
The highest puppetmaster of these two problems happened to appear as a chinese tower. This one looked etherically like an all-metal (no glass) lantern.
After we blasted/boosted it, it cracked and a dragon came out and we dispatched that as well. Underneath the chinese tower was a soul well with a seal underneath (the seal itself looked like a milling stone). A big whale came in and broke the seal itself.
At this point I don’t think I need to add but: everytime we do chat sessions we call for the help of cetaceans and they come in and help, making everything much easier (thanks guys!)
Afterwards we helped bring the souls to the light and off they went to wherever they had to go [Image Can Not Be Found]
We cleaned up the place etherically and wrapped up for the day.

15 March
On this day Fran finds out around his 12.30 that he needed to be in court in 45 minutes to answer to some charges. What happened was that, the day before, someone close to Fran and badly influenced had been persuaded to charge him with an offense.
Thankfully the Operators saw fitting that we would meet the day before so that this person, right in the morning, went to the judge and dropped the charges.
The court still called for Fran mostly because they are assholes and like to rile people up and show just how big their “balloons” are before they completely deflate of power.

This day we went after a supposed therapist who is being a bad influence on this person mentioned before. This “therapist” is big on theosofism and we found her to be, at best, incredibly misguided and mostly ego-driven. Besides blasting/boosting her we worked on her house (first time I saw etheric traps, promptly brushed off) and more interestingly the cave where she does most of her “work”. In this cave we found some spirit which we believe had been the biggest influence on this therapist so we worked on it too.

16 March
on this day Michele joined us for the first time.

We went after the ones harassing Fran and causing trouble for him and his family, including legal charges.
We found more than 1 team of psycorps one his “case” and boosted/blasted them and their facilities which also houses military types in gray-colored uniforms and some sort of half-human half-machine breed.
From this I got the impression that was one way they tried to “survive” the coming changes. Fran then called it transhumanism and he’s probably right on the money.
After some searching, I believe this base to be in a mountain or mountain range, possibly the Pyrenees. Most of it was underground.
We still don’t have a location but Fran mentioned Jaca as a possibility.

So, as a kind of recap [Image Can Not Be Found]
*There are Jesuits in Menorca (and pretty much all over the peninsula) In Portugal one of our ministers has recently admitted to being raised by Jesuits (and very proud of it!)
*Menorca is infested: besides Jesuits there are military bases and reptilians (our subjective impression). What a nest of vipers!
*NATO hates our guts and regularly sends psycorps against us
*The Chinese are in the background, pulling the strings

One thing I don’t get is the Chinese. They are probably the most patient of people (making 400 year long contracts with the British etc) and they are very smart too, so… they must know the Old Paradigm will eventually go out of the window. What do they plan to do about it? So far and in my limited impressions it seems that even though they have other methods, their objective remains to “follow the script” of one world goverment.


Ok so this Monday the 15th me and Francisco went on a retaliatory blasting mission after the ones who had taken his site down.

First, it seems the Spanish secret service (or is it unintelligence agency?) got the keys from the company that hosted (not anymore) Francisco’s site. Some lower “company man” did the job, quite unwittingly it seemed, while immediately above him his husk of a boss sat down next to a standing “man” who had a red skull for a face – this second individual was identified as belonging to the triads. For some reason the chinese psy corps have a habit of hiding under layers of imagery.

So we dealt with these two good and propper by “putting them in the blender” [Image Can Not Be Found] The confirmation then came that this massive interference with Francisco’s site had to do with his visit to the Canary islands. So we “moved” there and quite soon a base, which I’m assuming now to be underwater, came to picture.

The picture of a pagode was superimposed on the base, which was interpreted as “the Chinese own this”. The base was very big and at its bottom were facilities for harboring submarines or some kind of underwater vehicles that worked in setting up and repairing underwater HAARP equipment.
I don’t need to tell you lots of cetaceans showed up to etherically beat the crap out of it!

At this point I was constantly loosing internet connection and it kept like that till the end of the session. Francisco said he was seeing the shape of the base as being in concentric circles and to me it seemed like a hive – eventually we both sensed there were non-humans further down in what seemed to be a cave system and that these were reptilian so we proceeded blasting them and specially their queen. It’s somehow puzzling to me how there are any non-humans still in cahoots with the failing and flailing world parasitic dung heap.

Right, the end of this great session was in a temple in China where we tracked down some male witch types chanting on us, lead by a quiet looking old man who hid the energy of a reptilian. We worked on the leader, which prompted the others to stop chanting and watch, and after dispatching of him the others wanted to leave – they still got blasted of course!

May I remind once more of 2 things: first, that these are the subjective impressions of regular people. We are not saying it is exactly like this what happens and we believe what we see are images that we can understand, representing what actually happens. Furthermore, nobody’s perfect and we admit our egos may sometimes distort what we see. Without peer review it’s sometimes difficult to figure when that happens.
Secondly, anyone who wants can learn how to help themselves and each other in the etheric, through the exercises available at Dooney’s site.
Doing a “session” is easy, all it takes is a bit of practice grounding and boosting and getting at least 2 reasonably open-minded and resonably clear-hearted people together, whether physically or in a chat room!


Here’s a little map with locations of important places that we want to gift, over time. These locations were all discussed in chat sessions, some of them actually blasted – blasting an ungifted underground military base is a bit like cutting weeds and leaving the roots in. Every time we do it, big bells start sounding so we remember the job isn’t done yet!

[Image Can Not Be Found]

There’s a bigger version of this image [here/url:r8rdpcde

  1. This base is somewhere in the mountains of Pyrenees, acording to what I “saw”, and contained some gray uniformed half-man half-machine types. Francisco suggested near Jaca and it’s a possibility. Officially it doesn’t even exist and there are no confirmations from any other psiquicos either.

  2. Menorca, Francisco’s “backyard”, has a military base. Duly gifted, we think.

  3. Rota naval base, near Cadiz. Very big. Contains in our impressions a whole contingent of psy corps.

  4. Canary Islands military bases, specially the Gran Canaria installations. We don’t know for sure where the last base we blasted was, my impressions is – it’s in or not far from this archipelago. The island of Gran Canaria has one air base, one naval base and one “abandoned” fort built into the volcano hill.

  5. Also in the Canary Islands is the island of El Hierro (Iron) where an undersea vulcano, west of it, has been “making noises”. We believe there will be an attempt to provoke an eruption somewhere in the Canary Islands in the future and this is a likely candidate.

  6. The American air base in the Azores is a no brainer of a target for gifting.