Ike Bounces Off A Texas Gifter's Sylphish Area

Don Croft
20 Sep 2008 20:02

Subject: Ike Bounces Off a Texas Gifter’s Sylphish Area
Hi Don,

I’m pleased to have the opportunity to report what I believe is a confirmation, sort of on a grand scale… Ike headed at a NW direction until just south of Tyler, TX, where it turned north, then NNE after passing Tyler. The red squares indicate saturation of gifted [email protected] towers, a weatherball at a private airport near us (where I’ve seen the white planes with red tails on low approach) and death towers with TBs, HHGs, plus I have an 18 and a CB in the yard. I say saturation because the dor clouds no longer stick and I personally witness sylph activity daily. The blue circle indicates a lake (Lake Grapevine) north of DFW airport where we gifted 2 very large [email protected] structures.

I also understand there are other gifters in the Dallas area. It’s like Ike was repelled from DFW and I think gifting is the reason. Weather.com kept ramping down their hourly forecasts for wind speed and rain accumulation for the western-northwestern DFW area-fun to watch! Bravo Louis Onder for use of the Internet for confirmations. It is a recurring story I’m happy to report.

I’ve been gifting since a poisonous chemtrail attack by a low altitude Armageddon military prop transport duster (c-xxx?) on Oct. 8, 2007 at 2:30 AM that sickened my family until we got Chembuster, activated charcoal and the Terminator Zapper.

Kind regards,

No. Texas gifter

P.S. We’ve not had a tornado within 20 miles since I setup the CB, whereas before they came as close as 3.5 miles. Nor have there been any very violent thunderstorms like there were previously.

Don Croft
20 Sep 2008 20:28
Subject: Re: Ike Bounces Off a Texas Gifter’s Sylphish Area
I stopped in Dallas to meet some of the gifters in March, 2003, after they’d gifted every tower and array in the Dallas metro area. Nothing much had been done in Ft Worth at the time, though I think I heard from one fellow, there, not long after who at least put up a cloudbuster. Some other folks, north and east of Dallas, had set up a half dozen or so cloudbusters but didn’t express any interest in gifting. Tyler is some distance northwest of Ft Worth, so is probably outside the Dallas gifters’ purview. That low-flying poison spewing US Air Force C-130 was a rude way to inspire this guy to start waging war back on the freaks but I’m happy to know that his family survived that attack and were able to heal themselves. Imagine what any of us would be doing, by now, if not for zappers–lots and lots of us have been regularly poisoned with stuff that apparently should have killed us.

In August, 2003, I quietly exited Stuart Jackson’s forum after an attempted, orchestrated gangbang on me by the ‘professionals’ and their MKid Greek Chorus. None of them laid a glove on me and it was kind of fun, thanks to the able support of John Kilroy, but these Texans mostly seemed to feel like I’d jumped ship–they were kind of mad at me and stopped corresponding, especially the retired-cop gifter, whom I particularly enjoyed visiting with.

If any of those guys are reading this, I hope they were able to follow the decline adn eventual diisappearance of Stuart’s forum on April Fool’s Day, 2004–cancelled for lack of interest and support. Apparently, the forum’s raison d’etre was to slowly roast me on a spit in an effort to get me to lash out at the freaks who were trying to ruin this network from the inside. Most of the dart throwers retreated to the original Yahoo cloudbuster forum and it’s quite a show. The $#!+slingers yhou see on other English language forums, other than donebydooney and donebydonny, are a newer crew with a much slicker m.o.

I’m sorry to admit that it took one more (slicker, of course, to get my confidence) open-membership forum for me to finally recognize that the only way a genuine activist can participate in a forum is if all of the agency pros and their weak-charactered peanut gallery are diligently prevented from participating. I think that in a few years this won’t be a problem any more because the world order’s demise will have progressed far enough that the agencies who field these freaks will have lost their cohesion,. mainly through exposure.

Note the lack of flakes and shifty folks on EW. That’s not an accident.

The Texan’s report (above) is a real prize for the public record becuase it shows what one person has accomplished with just the information he or she acquired on the internet. Nobody held his hand or ran interference for him, though we’re happy to continue do both in order to help people get started, of course.

Kingman, Arizona is one of the other places we’ve seen chemtrail jets at an airport. In late 1998 I saw a dozen or so of them at the Miami airport and anyhone can see them, any time, easily seen near to the west from I-15 at Evergrreen (CIA) Airfield (private) north of Tucson. If you’ll go to Mojave Airfield you’ll proabably still see the massive chemtrail jet assembly line, which is outside and shows American and British passenger jets being turned into unmarked, white chemtrail jets. Apparently, after the painting is done they’re taken into that huge hangar and fitted with spray equipment and tanks. I think they started painting some of the tails red because too many people were starting to notice chemtrails, several years ago.


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