Impact of the Bilo Orgonite

The discovery of the bilo orgonite in Africa has made the African cohort have another added advantage to penetrate their gifting’s to other areas to reach the needs of the unreached people. It had been our goal to see both the Island of Ugingo and Migingo to recover from their long time drought and social instability. Its known from a very long time that these Island which had been a good place for fishing industry , previously they were the most hit areas with HIV and AIDS just because, of their careless life and sexual trade. Besides HIV and AIDS they were also affected by venereal disease. It’s our pride that after our involvement in endless gifting and distribution of Zappers, the living standard in the place have greatly improves and even their mortality have greatly gone down. Being the fact that now we have the bilo orgonite we are going to see great things taking place in those two Islands.

Within the Lake Victoria there is also another Island the big one known as the Pyramid Migingo. In fact for centuries this pyramid Migingo had been a den of demons, and even the fishermen there could not even anchor their fishing boats there because of the high caves and the hanging cliffs all round its shores, but worst of all it had been mostly hit by the rooming demons, but after our inversion with gifting around, it’s in record that currently fishermen could anchor their boats and at east even take there one full hour without being attacked by the demons. Of late even some tourist had thought of building a tourist hotel there as a tourist scenery where people could go and have full refreshment. Even us the kikundi we are having the same dream of at least have a plan of having a good portion and develop for future use.

The while lake victoria which had been mostly affected by the water hyacinth is having a good improvement after we launched a team of gifter starting from Muhuru bay, Mwanza, Tanzania, Mfangano Island, along Kisumu port up to Jinja where there is a source of river Nile , we are seeing a great move beyond what one may think. All these made us to have confidence that all that we have been campaigning has produced a great support with the east Africa great lake and even beyond as Southern Sudan , Uganda, Congo , Rwanda, Burundi, Malawi , Chad, Ethiopia, Somali Land, and even up to Eritrea and Zanzibar.

Previously our vision had been narrowed due to several attempts by the CIAs, the sewer rats, the government agencies by subjecting our fellows under forceful arrest and even murdering some of our people but all these will never stop our operation. Our dream must go beyond this present generation. I can remember in 2000 when Don Croft and Carol visited Kenya under great anxiety, but my happiness is that all the seeds which they planted during those day never failed to germinate, in fact what we are seeing now is as a result of their seed which they planted a decade and some years ago. I want to encourage all our friend both new and old that this is the field where what you plated will not failed to germinate and develop a lasting fruits that even your grandchildren will finally celebrate after you have gone or even during your presence.

Our recent move to Eritrea has created a good move which is liked by almost all the kikundi for we managed to connect the two continental plates, in fact both the Asia and African got united because we managed to get gifters from Asia across the Indian Ocean

I duly appreciate our friends who have been standing with us I good support, right now I can see we are soon going to be independent, we want to make our own bilo orgonite ( the most magical and powerful orgonite) sell and raise funds for our sustainability. Whoever may wish to even order from us is allowed.

Blessed be to all our friends both internationally and nationally.

![Laugh] Good Chris

Thanks for that elegant review, Chris. I can tell you that Bilo (protection) orgonite is in demand, here. I’ve just paid for one of my $150 Rolfing treatments with three pieces of it, which I expect to receive from Dancan in a few weeks.

I’m quite excited about the news from those islands and when I was first told about the problem at Pyramid Migingo I was struck with the hope that the kikundi will turn that haunted island into a paradise with orgonite. The fact that foreign investors hope to build a holiday resort, there, is probably a solid indicator that the energy balance has already become dramatically positive.

For new readers, Migingo and Ugingo, which are far north of Pyramid Migingo, were uninhabited until the kikundi had distributed orgonite in those waters around 2009. Then, it became a base of operations for fishermen from, mainly, Kenya and Uganda. The two countries almost came to blows over possessing it but we believe that the orgonite prevented it. If you look it up on you’ll see that it’s closer to Kenya. The satellite photo shows little Migingo surrounded with those long fishing boats that are used in the region and completely covered with corrugated metal shanties. I think five or six M-Pesa pay stations are shown there, too Wink M-Pesa is the East African version of Western Union but M-Pesa is very inexpensive and efficient, unlike the latter corporate horror story. WU has stolen thousands of dollars from me over the years but I don’t have a social security number, so I can’t use banks until I get set up outside the US in the future. They’ve tried many times to stop me sending money to Africa, too, but not recently.

You might like to also take a peek at Pyramid Migingo on I use that NSA ‘free’ (read: surveillance of your interests) source to track all of the work in Africa.

Pyramid Migingo might be a good test bed for determining whether Bilo Orgonite can be used as field devices for some targets (field orgonite is anything that’s not empowered by being close to 3D people) since the demonic infestation, there, is conceivably an extension of living sorcerers. Max Freedom Long’s 1920s book on Huna magic gives a good account of how Hawaiian sorcerers are able to con many (most?) dying people into believing, after death, that they’re literal slaves to individual sorcerers. This sort of parasitic spiritual tech is quite ancient and Long came to believe that Huna magic (which of course also has positive/healing aspects) originated in the Atlas Mountains of Algeria/Morocco. The reason he assumed that is that an antrhopologist who had spent time among the people in those mountains had gotten to know the last surviving practitioner of traditional magic in those days and when he read Long’s work he saw clear connections. There’s a link to his book PDF on this forum’s homepage, titled: The Science of Magic.

What I have experience in the twine Islands of Migingo and Ugingo is very much encouraging. I was there Yesterday and all that I have experienced there is very much interesting, in fact the breeze and the clear night whether in the night made some fishermen to ask strange questions. They say that always in the month of April and May the climate along the lake is very cold and night cloud very dark but of late in the middle of the rainy season the sky is clear and the cloud crystallized.

Also another remarkable evidence of change is that always the authority of the government of Kenya do abolish the catching of some certain size of fish, something which never happened right now as from March, people have been thinking of their convincing power, but to me I have known of only one power of the orgonite. This brings to my view and trust that our bilo orgonite now is going to create a new environment of hope.

I even visited some of the farmers around there and their testimony are very much positive, one of the old man told me that even ice stones which had been very destructive to their crops and more so during these month. They testify that the rain softly rain without gales and even high tides. So all these give us hope that our bilo orgonite is going to change the states and the situation of many things around our environment.

Thank Don for the good comment indeed our bilo orgonite is a fast reactive element of change. To all our esteem customers we advise all of you to make sure that every day they use the bilo orgonite for their efficient movement and daily operations.

Good Chris.