Impending CIA Assault On Our Zapper Business

Don Croft
17 Mar 2008 22:35
Subject: Impending CIA Assault on our Zapper Business
Something significant happened, last week, that led me to enquire, during tonight’s self-defense and initiative chat session (Dooney, STevo, Carol and I have been working, for the past two weeks, in evening chat sessions to disable the current CIA radionics assault on our respective businesses) and the psychics confirmed, for me, that my hunch that a new attack on our zapper biz is on the offing.

I’m only posting it, here, so that the sewer rats will know that we know Cool and so that the upcoming damage will be lessened on account of this, also on account of the efforts we’re making to neutralize (I mean this in a loving way, of course) some of the CIA and Vryal players that have surfaced.

No need for anyone but us to ‘do anything’ about this, of course—I just need to get it in the public record before their campaign gets launched Cool

Another part of the plan is apparetly some IRS molestations but it’s easy enough for us to take our portable business to another country, if necessary in the event that the criminals at the IRS invite us to dance.

The last time the feloious feds started molesting zapper makers, Carol and I took our biz on the road for a year. That was in late 2000.


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