Implants, abductions by aliens or someone else

About 30 years ago my ex-husband and his then wife were driving east at night along the northern part of the Navajo Reservation in Arizona, USA. They stopped and got out of the car to take a photograph of 4 lights flying parallel, looked light space ships. The next thing they knew they were back in the car driving with a time lapse, not remembering getting back into the car. I’ve seen the photo…He said that he discovered an indentation in his leg about a quarter inch wide and about 5/8 inch deep. He said he’d called his ex-wife and asked her what she remembered and especially about a similar hole that she had on her shoulder. She refused to talk about it. He told me that another time when he was driving on I-40 all the traffic stopped, no cars were anywhere near him, and then he was driving again. (He is not psychotic, never used drugs, and did not drink) --However he had been an officer in the Marines with top secret clearance, and had worked at Quantico. Hmm
My son was married to a woman who showed him an implant that she had in her arm. He began researching implants, what they do, and a way to neutralize them with super strong magnets, ie neodymium. So I took a magnet out of an old computer’s reader arm and taped it over the hole in his leg for 5 days. When the tape was removed the hole was not as deep, and he no longer set off alarms going through airport security. At that time, I knew Travis Walton, verified alien abductee and his wife Dana. Dana told me about the horrible ordeal, including the polygraphs that Travis and his crew passed several times.
Further research turned up probable coalition between reptilian aliens and our military, as well as a doctor in

(continued from my typing error) a doctor in California who was surgically removing alien implants. The doctor was not interested in our case, but I was happy that the implant in his leg was neutralized. (I discovered later he had more than one implant in other parts of his body.) The next question was: is the first implant from aliens, and the others from military/coalition? And… could these and other experiences he had in the military been a contributing cause to his early-onset Alzheimer’s?
The mystery doesn’t stop here. A close friend of my son’s, a PhD also with military experience, had his own multiple over-powering alien encounters… and implant(s).
Speculation about functions of implants includes an obvious means of tracking, but also inducing diseases and mind control.
For myself, two dreams several years ago of aliens flipping me over onto my stomach and pushing implants into my shoulder and back revealed new lumps that had not been there before. I remember trying to fight them off. Taped a piece of super magnet over lump in my back, and it’s gone. (Remember I’ve been gifting with orgonite for 20+ years.)
Recently I’ve had excruciating and crippling back pain, and pain in my neck… oh hell no! I taped magnet over lump in back, and felt immediate relief. Neck feels much better too. Tape will stay on for next 5 days. Don’t know why I didn’t think to do this much earlier, but you know, their agenda is to disable Warriors any way they can

wow, great thread! read this for x-classified gnosis of why int’l mic joint abductions/MILABs occur.

it is most likely all of you have specific rhesus negative blood types/genes that intelligence agencies are interested in. sensei dennis of warrior matrix was very outspoken about what secret gov’t do/was super psychic/did obe/astral training for energy sensitive matrix warriors as he loved to refer to. many doctors esp. in federal gov’t labs are asked to sign NDA because of security breaches/national security implications. there is a famous implant remover who is like the ancient aliens of whistleblowing that the lab results mysteriously contain periodic elements/radioisotopes/metallic alloys ‘from a meteorite.’

i am reassuring that your implant/alien/military/MILAB experiences are 1000% real. stay strong! you will be just fine! :innocent:

“In a letter to Greenewald, the CIA said that one document on ESP must remain classified.”
“The DIA letter, first shared on Bragalia’s blog, reveals that the testing was carried out by Bigelow Aerospace, one of the Department of Defense’s private contractors based in LV, NV”
“In June 2020, he founded the ‘Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies’ to support investigations into the unsolved mystery ‘life after death.’”
“Janet is a super secret airline run by the United States Government. The only thing we really know about Janet is that we don’t know much at all.”
“So the truth is out there, I guess. But only for those job applicants who have the right security clearance.”

this is 1000% real!