Impression From A Funeral

Was at a friend’s mothers funeral today, the priest looked like had red eczema or liver reaction on his forehead skin, anyway I left the church at some point as I was not participating, in the yard i found a fountain with a Mary statue and inside red fish and some plants, I flung a tb there, in the same time outside, on the street a there was passing a Chinese young man, after a minute another young Chinese passed, after few minutes I felt a stab, not deep in the back. Then the undertakers that were smoking cigarettes start look at me, one of them the young one with 3 stars tattooed on the neck, pass near me looking, I am staring at the middle age guy that is checking the fountain and eying back at me. Slowly outside in the sky a blue hole is forming above the church, by the time the service is finished and the people comes out, the sky is now cloudy but there is wind and feels better( i could feel energy was turning), I looked some of the people from the family looked relieved and some smiles. Natural! I hope the butterfly I saw and later on a bumble bee where a good sign that the something positive happened to the woman, and to the place.
(beware of funerals ) [Image Can Not Be Found]