Improved con artist recognition

“One who never anticipates deceit or expects duplicity, and yet is the first to recognize such things – is that not a sage indeed?”

― From "The Analects", by Confucius, 1533

December 31, 2019 - L.A. crime dropped in 2019, for the 2nd year in a row 

January 12, 2020 - Camden Sees Crime Drop Over Past Decade

Camden tallied 3,305 total crimes in 2019 compared to 10,724, during the first year it has on record in 1974 — 69% less.

March 30,  2020 - Coronavirus Quarantines Spark Drop in Crime – for Now .

April 11, 2020 - Crime falls sharply in even the most violent US cities 

May 4, 2020 - NYC crime rate drops during coronavirus, but commercial break-ins spike

July 20, 2020 - Crime Has Declined Overall During The Pandemic, But Shootings and Killings are Up

July 8, 2020  - Has COVID-19 Changed Crime?

The folks in charge are not your friends, and are lying to you about basically everything, including that social engineering accompanying the international release of a bat virus with four amino acids added for improved transmissibility to humans has led to widespread drop in crime. As seen in the news account above that documents a 69% decrease in crime in Camden, New Jersey from 2010 to 2020. 

"The Covid did it" is a plausible-deniability excuse, put forward because propagandists know that many or most readers will grasp virtually any straw, no matter how thin, to remain off the hook of personal responsibility.

The linguistic root of "Covid" is from the old English "Covin": › covin
COVIN, fraud. A secret contrivance between two or more persons to defraud and prejudice another of his rights. Co. Litt 357, b; Com. Dig. Covin, A; 1 Vin.

They figured the rubes would never notice.

But I digress. They're making up a fake reason for the crime drop because they're desperate to keep you from knowing the real one: that moral and mental health vary directly with that of the Ether. 

As demonstrated in a study from 1990, entitled "Geographical Distribution of Insanity in America", which found that states with a high population density had approximately three times more insanity and schizophrenia than those with a low population density. And that, consistent with previous studies, there is a direct regional correlation of insanity/schizophrenia with urbanization.

Where we can see the higher concentrations of what Wilhelm Reich called "Dead Orgone Radiation" in cities driving a tripling of insanity and schizophrenia there.

The fact that the folks in charge are refusing to discuss the Ether regardless of its context tells me that they're going down. You have to bend to get through political situations, and the folks in charge are rigid, and I believe it will mean their downfall.

I recently asked the I Ching about my current situation, and got hexagram 40, Hsieh, Deliverance. This was the most-crucial changing line:

"Six at the top means:
The prince shoots at a hawk on a high wall.
He kills it. Everything serves to further.

The hawk on a high wall is the symbol of a powerful inferior in a high position who's hindering the deliverance. He withstands the force of inner influences, because he is hardened in his wickedness. He must be forcibly removed, and this requires appropriate means. Kongfu (Confucius) says about this line:

The hawk is the object of the hunt; bow and arrow are the tools and means. The marksman is man (who must make proper use of the means to his end). The superior man contains the means in his own person. He bides his time and then acts. Why then should not everything go well? He acts and is free. Therefore all he has to do is to go forth, and he takes his quarry. This is how a man fares who acts after he has made ready the means."

Most propitious!

The simple truth is that humanity is recovering its sanity as the Etheric environment improves. And, happily, that returning sanity includes improved con artist recognition.

So, watch for unforseen breaks, unhoped-for leaps forward as this process continues. 

Why then should not everything go well?

When the unforseen positive changes come, we'll collectively presume them as self-evident, and all continue on as if nothing had ever happened, and say how we saw them coming all along.

Jeff Miller, Brooklyn, New York, September 4, 2020

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