Improvement Gifting the orgonite in Somalia

It had been a good move in our nation of Somalia which is having variable climatic change due to the big mass of land which is dry. In fact areas which we gifted sometimes back are having a good climatic change and people are resorting to live in such areas. Really politically we can experience a glimpse of peace for now we can see our people resettling, and I know, if this peace prevails our economy is going to shoot up and we will soon compete other countries in the world for besides oil we will have good agricultural production.
I know that through these our continuous gifting good result is going to be realized within a few days if not months.

Thanks for the encouraging news, Fatuma! Somalia’s got a lot of potential, a brilliant culture and a very ancient history as a peaceful trading civilization so I’m hoping the future will be even brighter than the ancient past was, there.

The plundering of Somalia’s resources by the corporate order has to end in order for peace, vital climate and prosperity to be achieved, of course, but the return of population to that abandoned area is evidence that this is already happening. You’ve been doing excellent work over the years in Somalia.

It had been our wish for our lovely country to recover from the frequencies turmoil, but now am seeing a light through the tunnel for even in our neighboring country where our people had been residing as a refugees, they have started flowing in our nation, and already some of them have got good residing places. And from all these I have just started seeing a good hope of success for our people.

Even our plundering resources will soon come up to its permanent stability and our people will finally enjoy the existence of their lost glory. I know and trust that our continuous gifting now the bilo orgonite will do something that many people may not imagine of. I do appreciate our brothers in Kenya for their consistence work and support, in fact they have made me to go father and its true where I am now is through their continuous encouragement, and still I trust all will go well. Thanks be to Don our consistence associate for the good words that had kept me alive for all these long duration of frustration during the wars.


Thanks a lot Fatuma for the hard work that you are doing in Somalia, I can remember two year down the line when I was there I saw lots of things which need correction. And right now it’s my pleasure to hear and read from your post the highest determination that you have that have worked for a change. I will see if I can manage to reach Garrissa next week to bring you some more Tbs for that mission. I will see if I can even cross the border lets trust in the Lord for the good provision. Be well and keep on doing the good work.


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