Improving Orgonite?

I got a note from someone in Europe who has a website for selling proprietary orgonite objects and he told me that he’s worked very hard over the years to improve orgonite. He wants to post on EW but after a couple of email exchanges (he didn’t share his name) here’s what I told him:

Thanks for the personal info. Did you share your name with me? I don’t see it in your email.

I think anyone ought to be skeptical of any claim so please don’t take my skepticism personally. I do have an open mind but there has been a parade of individuals who claimed to have improved orgonite with proprietary methods. The market supports those among them who have legitimately useful personal orgonite products, which is also my wife’s specialty.

The main purpose of our forum is to demonstrate what ordinary orgonite can do in the environment and in society. If someone says on my forum that he keeps improving basic orgonite then many readers will assume that ordinary orgonite is obsolete. The simplicity of basic orgonite is what enables so many people to participate in such a dramatic way in this effort. I’m really thankful to the Africans who post reports on EW because they’re showing what simple orgonite is accomplishing over a very wide region and they’re reputable people. Building a reputation takes a lot of time and sacrifice. I want people to be skeptical of anyone who attempts to build a reputation based on personal claims and charisma, please understand.

It’s unfortunate that there aren’t more forums where people can share the more specialized pursuits like yours but someday there will be.


I talked at length to the people making ‘orgonium’ who claim outright that ‘orgonite is toxic’ and that I should get rid of all mine….which is impossible as I buried so much in my yard I wouldn’t even be able to find it. I ordered some orgonium….its like very weak orgonite…extremely weak. I always give the enemy the benefit of the doubt. They explained how their geomancer found orgonite initially made negative ions then made positive ions….then later they claimed orgonium was using radionics. The short of it is they are totally confused and don’t really know what orgonite is or what it does….and take regular detox symptoms for toxicity…which are related by the way. But what amazes me is the relentlessness of such people. There is a word for this phenomenon…emotional plague. When a person feels the movement of orgone in them, they clamp down and become resentful…manifesting plague, then they attack that which stirred them.
Well answered Don, “when the answer is simple God is answering” …the simplicity of orgonite is breathtaking!

“The short of it is they are totally confused and don’t really know what orgonite is or what it does….But what amazes me is the relentlessness of such people. There is a word for this phenomenon…emotional plague.”

While I allow that it is possible that the people we’re discussing are unwitting dupes, I think the probability is far higher that they are actors, stooges, spooks, agents. If one were innocent but ‘confused’, then being presented with the actual facts of the situation would quickly ‘unconfuse’ that person, bring them clarity.

Don’s simple request for the person’s actual name kind of shows it up – if that actual name has not been offered back.

I can imagine numbers of others craving Plausible Deniability or Cognitive Dissonance could and would grasp on to such a message – but the ‘relentless’ purveyors of the message (who probably have a fancy website)? They’re relentless because they’re on a mission, because it’s their job . Assets. From my subjective perspective.

No doubt there is a mission….and not denying it. But the thing is though, it is unlikely that every person on this mission to destroy us all understands…like you say yourself they are stooges. Some carry out the destruction just by using their emotional illness, of that there is no doubt. If we deny this one we are plagued ourselves. I have found the enemy doesnt actually have to do much, we burn our own witches with very little prompting…us socalled good people.

You just said “No doubt there is a mission….and not denying it”, whereas you had said just previously “The short of it is they are totally confused.” To me, these are directly conflicting statements. In that those on a mission are by definition not confused .

You said “it is unlikely that every person on this mission to destroy us all understands…like you say yourself they are stooges.”

I am not in support of your statement, you do not speak for me. If a stooge is “an underling, assistant, or accomplice”, I would suggest that underlings, assistants or accomplices are also by definition not confused, but rather lower-ranking – but still very much non-confused - mission members. And they do, indeed, understand.

“we burn our own witches with very little prompting…us socalled good people.” This is a very broad brush statement that seems to me to again to support the Actors, the Assets, those on the mission.

The thesis you are pursuing here seems similar, to me, to your thoughts in a previous post, in which you said (bolds mine):

“If you clear your mind…you will find what bothers you…and it doesn’t even have to be etheric attack or sabotage …the planet will do you in just as easily. I realise now that I know hardly anything about life…a decade ago I knew quite a lot!! But I’m happier now. Many times I think we oveestimate the enemy’s power …I’ve worked in high govt organisations interacting even with US intel etc… many are just regular chaps doing a job . They cannot go after every single computer keystroke from people that believe the whole world is run by a few evil men …there isn’t enough motivation or logistics or personnel for this.”

Re: Don’s pressing for the person’s name and for those following this thread, my name is Jeff Miller.

Ah…there we go. The agression again, the emotion, the I-have-been-watching-you. Thats the plague my man. After I talked extensively with the orgonium people, many of them had used orgonite thgmselves for a very long time actually, I sort of saw that they couldn’t handle a bit of detox that sometimes results from contact with orgonite so resorted to something weaker. If we instantly call anyone that disagrees with us an agent, we make enemies of potential friends. This is part of the reason why many people think we are deluded and psychotic, us that are energy sensitive and know a bit more about reality than someone that doesnt. Sorry to have stoked your anger, I am sure it was there already. Goodluck.

Oh…I am Tino Phuthego. Even after being imprisoned in one of Mozambiques worst prisons for 2 months in 2009 for gifting Orgonite I hold no animosity towards anyone. I look at it as a positive character building exercise.
I admit I would have handled the orgonite improver differently from Don….I would have said lets hear it. Then if it was simplifying orgonite I would have said thanks…if it made it complicated I would have said no thanks…after trying it out. No deal.

“Sorry to have stoked your anger, I am sure it was there already. Goodluck.” Not angry, Tino, and nice to meet you.

“If we instantly call anyone that disagrees with us an agent, we make enemies of potential friends. This is part of the reason why many people think we are deluded and psychotic.”

I wonder what those people you reference think when they see posted photos of actual agents here on the forum? Ah, mirth! That phrase is what came before we started using ‘emoticons’. [Image Can Not Be Found]

But ‘deluded and psychotic’…such strong words! I’m sure many of the people I’ve talked with about orgonite think I’m deluded, but psychotic? No, can’t say I’ve encountered that feedback, or seen that word used in that context on this forum, previously. Re: strong words, in this thread we’ve so far you’ve used the words ‘deluded’, ‘psychotic’, ‘plagued’, and ‘socalled good people’ within the context of orgonite gifters.

For the record, I do not feel that everyone who disagrees with me is an agent – that would, indeed, be deluded, at best. However, I have subjectively concluded that the marketing and selling of proprietary orgonite that is supposedly stronger but actually weaker is a divide-and-conquer/harry-the-opposition tactic being used to ill purpose by, yes, actual agents , within the larger context of the orgonite movement. Because selling people fancy, expensive orgonite that is supposedly strong – but is actually weaker !- makes duped customers spend more money on gifting while making them less effective.

And it’s cheering to me, boundlessly, that it’s the best defensive measure they’ve got. I’m also glad for the opportunity to openly discuss the thesis, because it is exposure that parasites fear the most, after all.

To provide context, at this moment I have a Carol Croft HP in my pocket and one of DB’s ‘Special Creations’ on my desk. Those improved devices actually work – vs. the con-job weak stuff those people sold you. That said, I don’t think Carol or DB would recommend tactical gifting with improved devices, simply from a cost-benefit ratio, nor would they say ‘get rid of all your other orgonite devices and replace them with ours!’ Sidebar: please see Gare’s ‘massive Thai gifting campaign’ thread for hilarious photos of gigantic, stacked up pyramids made out of hundreds of TB’s made from simple, tactical orgonite.

“I admit I would have handled the orgonite improver differently from Don….I would have said lets hear it. Then if it was simplifying orgonite I would have said thanks…if it made it complicated I would have said no thanks…after trying it out. No deal.”

This clarifies that you are seeking simple, not complicated orgonite. However, since the person Don dialogued with clearly referenced “proprietary orgonite objects” from the get-go, and that “he’s worked very hard over the years to improve orgonite” (thus more complicated, less-simple), I’m at a loss as to why you would need to try his wares out before you said no thanks. Given that, as we know, you are seeking simple, not complicated orgonite.

But, that aside, the ‘improved’ folks told you, during long discourse, that it was more complicated…and you ordered it, anyway, despite your clear mission to seek simple, not complicated orgonite. And, upon receipt, you found it was weaker …did you send it back to them and ask for your money back? If someone sold me something they said worked better and it didn’t, I know I sure would.

Tino, please know that I’m not watching for you, particularly, just watching, and providing my subjective assessment of what I see and think.

I hope you guys can correspond and work this out. I’ve been corresponding with Tino for years and we came close to meeting and flying/gifting/filming together last weekend but it didn’t quite work out, unfortunately. He’s one of the four who were jailed in Mozambique in 2009 for tossing orgonite in a reservoir and as you can see, he’s got an active mind and likes to jump into the middle of things, which is usually very productive. I have a similar approach to his, which is to always go to the source, when possible. The internet makes that pretty easy, assuming the source wants to communicate. Hyperion corresponds with the author, Joseph Farrell, for instance, and that’s how I was able to send Farrell a zapper last year after he was evidently poisoned. He’s now got a sequel to Babylon’s Banksters, by the way: The Vipers of Venice

I don’t name the people who slander orgonite or us and when someone publishes critical material I usually post their statements/claims and then ‘answer back.’

A slightly troublesome activity is the sale of orgonite by three or four Google-featured orgonite vendors that makes people feel a little off instead of making them feel better. This is done with a very skillful combination of elements that are disharmonious with each other, evidently. People without the skill who throw all sorts of gems in their orgonite haven’t achieved that effect, I think. These things are probably fine for busting death towers and I assume the purpose is to make the customers severely doubt their own energy sensitivity because ‘orgonite is vitalizing’ after all [Image Can Not Be Found] . Fortuantely for me, many of them have corresponded with some of us over the years and have been set straight. Some are making and tossing proper orgonite, now. One of the vendors is kind of creepy and when a customer has engaged them he/she has to be mindful not to send them any ‘farewell’ correspondence because that has led to strong psychic assault and related activity. This problem is slowly going away, apparently.

Getting into a dialogue with the Google-favored folks, all of whom we used to be associated with, is sort of like wrestling with a pig in the mud: you get exhausted, dirty and frustrated and the pig just has fun.

I suppose the ‘nano-orgonite’ ploy connects with this other thing that Tino mentioned but I can also allow that many of the people who sell poor substitutes for simple orgonite are just filling the ‘chump customers’ niche in the market place, too. This is inevitable and not alarming–it’s flattering to us, ultimately. Getting into the heads of people who miss the boat might be a good educational exercise but also might just be a distraction. It’s more fun than talking to Pajama People, at least. A nice feature of EW is that people who actually did get on the boat can share constructive correspondence and add our bits to the vast body of empirical evidence that is this forum. It’s what draws more and more people to do this work with us.

I know a reputable psychic in Europe who once felt that he’d found a better way to make orgonite: with beeswax instead of catalyzed resin. It just felt nicer to him. I knew he was sincere so I asked him for a sample that we could test on a death tower. At the time (six years ago) the sewer rats had just erected a new death tower in our area (we’d flipped them all in 2002) so when Dooney and Stevo were visiting we all went together and put the thing near the new tower on our way to a restaurant. I wanted more than just Carol’s assessment in this case, out of respect for the fellow who sent it. It generally takes twenty minutes to flip a tower, so when we came back to check the energy there was plenty of time. They’re all psychics and feel and/or see subtle energy and all said that the death tower’s energy was unaffected by the device, which Carol retrieved. When she got back to the car she felt quite sick from holding the thing, which had evidently accumulated the death energy.

There was a charismatic guy in 2001 who was pimping wax orgonite as superior to resin orgonite and in those days someone like this had a fair chance to destroy the orgonite movement. I think we’ve moved well past that, by now, because there are enough people like Jeff and Tino who have a voice on the web and will help us all keep some reasonable standards in the face of an army of disinformants and chump-baiters.

The energy of that ‘accumulator’ quickly transmuted to positive in the presence of the orgonite in the car and Carol felt better very quickly, too. That was enough for us to assume that the use of wax made the combination just an orgone accumulator, which can’t distinguish between positive and negative energy and accumulates whatever is in the environment.

At least the stuff Tino mentioned is harmless. Someone sent me samples of ‘nano-orgonite’ from Britain and it’s also harmless but the energy we expect is kind of abssent. It’s evidently made with resin and glitter [Image Can Not Be Found] but the little pyramid shapes probably mystify chumps enough to cause them to assume it’s doing something useful.

When people are doing a con on the internet they can be pretty persuasive and attractive. I’ve seen some of these artists invent entire lists of convincing personal alleged testimonials, even. This is just a discernment challenge, I think. I’ve always encouraged folks to use their sense of etheric smell rather than their brains for evaluating such things and there has been a parade of fakers, over the years, who have claimed that their proprietary orgonite or orgonite substitute has made everything we do obsolete.

I don’t know whether the fellow I mentioned is legit or not–still corresponding and clarifying with him–but he hasn’t made any bizarre claims on his site, which I think he mainly wants to join EW in order to promote. With the language difference (English isn’t his first language) he may just be talking about improving his personal orgonite, which is mainly what he sells. Lots of vendors on EW, including my wife, constantly look for ways to create orgonite devices for specific purposes and none of them are claiming to have ‘better towerbusters.’ That might be like claiming to have a rounder circle or a staighter line.


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By the way, I don’t mind if people don’t use their own names, here. In some cases, like with Cheetah and Hyperion, there’s some personal risk associated with that. It’s complicated. Doc Kayiwa in Uganda once asked me to remove his name from all the posts on EW where he’s mentioned becuase he was being vetted for some government post and the CIA was trying to sabotage the appointment, based on his EW references. He worked through that in his own way and withdrew the request, which is a good thing for me because I have no clue how to do something like that [Image Can Not Be Found]


Many thanks Don. You are always very far ahead than any of us, it seems. We are all learning still.

“Fortuantely for me, many of them have corresponded with some of us over the years and have been set straight. Some are making and tossing proper orgonite, now.”

I’m glad to hear that a subset of the, er, let’s call it ‘suboptimal orgonite’ vendors have changed course via positive, constructive criticism. To me they’ve proven their innocence, as I alluded earlier: “If one were innocent but ‘confused’, then being presented with the actual facts of the situation would quickly ‘unconfuse’ that person, bringing them clarity.”

I sincerely hope that my perspective (that a subset of those vendors are, however, not innocent, nor confused – as underscored by their being google-favored) is proven too conservative, over time. Tino please know I do not mean personal offense to you by tabling that perspective.

No offence taken. Actually by the end of my conversation with the orgonium chap he admitted that it depended on who made the orgonite. So I got him to sort of take back his initial statement that I should try to remove all of my orgonite to see how I felt. I reckon that was success on my part…whether he was innocent or not. Thats my way of approaching things….if you can make an enemy a friend the success is higher than vanquishing that enemy. I have managed to put orgonite in unbelievably ‘high’ offices like that.

“…if you can make an enemy a friend the success is higher than vanquishing that enemy. I have managed to put orgonite in unbelievably ‘high’ offices like that.”

I need to learn to do that better. The dynamic of ‘bad guys’ changing, morphing into less-bad or actually-good guys during this time of rising energy and awareness is a remarkable subtext. It’s like it was winter, then the frost goes away on a spring morning, the ‘badness’ is disappearing, just like that.

I noticed in my travels and through correspondence over the years that many African cultures, including Cheetah’s, have a very different way of seeing the ‘enemy/friend’ paradigm than we do in the West and I aspire to adopt their attitude, which I think is more progressive than mine. I’ll probably need to go back to Africa and to know Kiswahili before I can really grasp it, though. I wish I could get another passport and that I was better at learning languages

It’s funny that in the chat sessions our objective is usually to find the source of the personal assaults, false flag attacks, corporate parasitic ventures, etc., and then to neutralize them if possible. I’ve assumed to do it directly, bearing in mind that all were doing is sending love through our hearts. The psychics report the participation of others in these exercises, including dolphins, benevolent alien others, departed souls and even Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and in every case these allies perform healing on the aggressors rather than just send ‘raw love.’ It’s elegant, the way that many Africans have been able to coax aggressors into ceasing their assaults. Mrs Odondi passed out orgonite to the judge and policemen who had, the week before, tried to railroad Dancan into prison for receiving metal shavings in the mail a few years ago. They’s paid the hefty fine to get him off the hook by selling everything they owned, including their first motorbike. In that circumstance I’d have been pretty sore at the authorities but since then none of the kikundi have been molested by the government so I’m convinced that their way works better than mine.

Here’s a comment about ‘improved orgonite’ from another prolific gifter I know, who is a psychic and a scientist:

Well to tell you something that sort of bothers me… I always made basic orgonite because frankly -it worked. Why mess with it? Generally as far as I strayed was tossing some tourmaline and pyrite into the mix because I loved the energy feel from pieces made with it, and others enjoyed them as well. Often I would give someone some orgonite, then later they would tell me they found someone that made ‘fancy’ stuff, and it impressed them… Well that’s all good, but it’s no better than the stuff I sent them, and in some cases doesn’t qualify as orgonite (too little metal, etc). So whatever, right?


Here’s how I responded, which also relates to the subject of this thread:

Carol always puts extra stones in her gifting orgonite because it makes her feel good and in those cases she’s doing it to honor and please certain entities and elementals residing at the gifting sites, like Kilauea. I added lapis to TBs tossed around the Washington State Capital, if memory serves. We’ve done other specific mods for specific sites but ordinary orgonite would have been sufficient and if I were to focus attention in my posts on the use of gems too many people would assume that ‘ordinary’ is useless.

When we’re in the field together we almost entirely use simple TBs. If you’re in touch with elementals you might enjoy making special gifts for them. I’m one of those who assumes that nothing in creation works without their endorsement. Our very first field gifting experiment in 2000 was to turn a scary spot on my brother’s property in Idaho into a sweet spot.

Carol saw an unhappy elemental, there, and when we made that one happy this whole thing got started. Before, we were only putting orgonite in our zappers. Within a day or two we put orgonite in a pirated vortex nearby and camped there for the night. The vortex healed and we were visited by a furious ET (tall gray) on his way out–one of the few I’ve actually seen.


Here’s something else from that conversation regarding elementals:

We’re pretty in tune with the elementals. I generally get psychic contact with them, and tend to follow their recommendations.

I recall making a pendant for a lady that had come down with cancer. A leaf from a locust tree fell into the pendant (and it wasn’t fall!). I removed the leaf, and noted the locust tree was over in the next yard, about 20 yards away… I turned away to do some cleanup, turned back and another locust tree leave was in the resin for the pendant! I started to remove it, and then heard a distinct “You know, I am trying to put that in there to help.”. Then an image of a tree spirit popped into my head. I responded with ‘thanks!’… LOL

One night my wife fell asleep on the sofa, then in the middle of the night woke up and yelled. I came down and asked what was going on. She said a tiny little angel thing was sitting on the sofa above her. I asked what it was doing, and she said it was smiling, and looking around our living room. I told her in my opinion it was a house deva, or house elemental, and it was happy about the new plants I bought, and additional orgonite in the living room.

My sister was having issues with an evil ‘thing’ in her home. I dowsed it hiding in her ‘stagnant’ sump area in the basement. I gave her a TB, and later that night she said she tossed the TB in the sump, and heard a distinct ‘You fking bitch!!’… She said the energy shifted quite rapidly, and felt a bad guy was pushed out.

My only experience with the tall greys was many years ago, my daughter woke up and said a tall skinny white thing with long fingers was peeking out of her closet. I sprayed some holy water I made in it, and tossed some camphor blocks in there, and she said it disappeared… None of us ever saw one of those again.

Crazy stuff, but when multiple people have similar experiences, it doesn’t sound so crazy anymore.


Evel Knievel, the motorcycle daredevil, always cautioned his audience to ‘not try this on your own,’ but nobody has done any harm by adding stuff to orgonite, of course.

Most of us lack psi ability or an easy familiarity with gems and other subtle energy elements so it’s kind of stupid and wasteful to just blindly throw stuff in our field orgonite. Anyone who gets a strong urge to add something ought to do it, though, and to consider it a ‘special case’ situation. I follow my hunches and it always pays off in one way or another when I’m paying attention. I’m a pretty good bellweather, due to my average intuitive skill. We all get good hunches in a timely way, especially while we’re engaged in this work, and it’s only another step to follow trough with them.


I completely agree with all that you wrote Don. The African Kikundi are the living proof of what can be done using just river quartz pebbles as orgonite crystal. People have used everything from pebbles to breakages and even aquarium little stones. I think no one can contest the results of plain quartz orgonite, already presented by several members of this board.

On the other hand I always have been inclined to add some colouring crystals to my TBs, even though half of my gifting was done with plain quartz orgonite. I do this because it simply won’t impair my gifting capacity nor will make me expend a lot with fancy stuff. I can’t pour a lot of orgonite because the place I live most part of the year simply doesn’t allow me to use hazardous substances (I live in a small apartment). I have to go back home, every month or so to make more TBs. So this it won’t change the amount of TBs I do in the end.

The idea is not to randomly dump a lot of expensive gems into TBs, just add a little bit of ONE colouring crystal into each TB. The way I do is placing a little shard, about the size a grain of rice, TOUCHING THE QUARTZ CRYSTAL/BREAKAGE, in the botton of the mould. Them finish the TB as usual. The clear quartz will amplify the colour of the little shard. Both me and my sister noticed that this changes the color of the energy cloud or stream that exits the TB when you gaze it, from the usual golden/violet [Image Can Not Be Found] [Image Can Not Be Found] to the colour of the colouring crystal, like bluish indigo in the case of lapis lazuli [Image Can Not Be Found] , for instance. A average tumbled stone or crude piece of mineral (cheaper) can give enough material for 20 to 50 TBs if used efficiently in this way. Coloured quartz (amethyst, aventurine, etc) can be used alone, just like plain quartz. So there is no need to expend fortunes on this [Image Can Not Be Found] . And off course you wont dump rare expensive minerals. One needs not to be psychic for doing this, just avoid yellow, orange and red (lower chakra stones) and use only one colouring mineral in each TB and there is no way to do harm with it. The properties of the most commonly available minerals are well known and easy to find in most gemstone books (Like Michael Gienger’s “Crystal Power, Crystal Healing”) and websites ( see ). Just filter any new agey BS that might come along with the practical knowledge.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

I do this because:

  1. I really like it [Image Can Not Be Found]

  2. It allows to direct the energy for an specific purpose. Like lapis lazuli. It makes people sharp in catching lies and deception (very good to place at work [Image Can Not Be Found] and in public buildings). Amethyst help with addictions, good to be placed in bars and drug selling points. Rose quartz makes people more gentle and repel dark entities, etc, etc, etc…


EDIT: Cassandrias forum was done exactly for such kind of discussion! See: … ne9CEOp2Bs

I think the following thread is adequated for the discussion, specially because it has all the necessary disclaimers against proprietary and overly fancy stuff in field orgonite that might disencourage new comers or people without acces to other gemstones. The effort of this forum is to be INCLUSIVE, so I understand that this kind of discussion may be distracting here if given too much effort.

By the way, I remember reading that Don Bradley usually used rose quartz with kyanite for busting evil entities like reptoids.

EDIT: Cassandrias forum was done exactly for such kind of discussion! See:…te#.Une9CEOp2Bs

Edu this is EXCELLENT!
I’ll add to your post over at ES soon [Image Can Not Be Found]
(it’s a pity that site and Etheric Research don’t get much contributions these days)


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