Improving TB's

Hi there,

I’ve been experimenting recently with info that I found in a book on domotherapy by roberto Zamperini (domos= house, home). The author invented an orgone transmutator unlike orgonite, working with two or more superposed designs.

In his book, you can find these designs – 1 inch by 1 inch big in the book, perfectly sized [Image Can Not Be Found]- , copy them and make your own (paper). I will try to put it on the site soon (when I find my way to a scanner) so you all can go to work (especially the psychics): I feel incorporating it in the orgonite matrix above and below the crystal in the same orientation improves orgonite a lot. I’m a little bit energy sensitive, but would like to have more feedback. The better part is, of course, that apart from some copying, cutting and glueing, it’s completly free!

In the meantime, read his website and comment please.

Maybe ‘JohnL’ can give us even more info, as the author lives in italy?


Yesterday I went back to a huge tower (at least 20-25 death transmitters plus other NWO surprises) downtown that I had previously gifted with two TB’s to good effect. Upon passing by, lately, I didn’t feel they were there anymore, although the energy had not returned to its previous state (yet?). Indeed, there had been some work where I had planted the TB’s in the ground.

So I left one of my next generation TB’s, and this morning I could feel the energy from very far, in fact I was riding my way to the railway station (bike) to go to work, and simply had to make a little detour to see wether it was really coming from the gifted spot.

There is now a big cloud of POR, and the nearby police station, that I had not yet gifted, no longer will need my visit [Image Can Not Be Found]

Hope this little report will inspire some of you to try out making STB’s for yourself. I really want some psychics to take a look at it, and maybe this weekend Satish will be able to post some pics.

I don’t have a scanner, have been looking in vain for someone that has, but am thinking that it might not be a wise idea to put the design here, as it is copyright protected. The author OK’s personal experiments with it in his book, and since that’s what we are doing, you might get a little further PM’ing me.

Bye for now

Don told me he’ll put the design on the site soon. You will have to wait a little longer, unless you pm me, in which case I mail you the design asap.

Here is some extra:

  • adding more layers makes for more power, all depends on how much time you’ve got for cutting and glueing

  • Ideal for your putting on your cellphone, under your coffee cup, in your shoesoles and other strange places.

  • Pump up all your personal devices (PW, HHG) by simply adding a paper generator on the outside, the ‘1’ facing towards the orgonite, it’s free!

  • The blacker the print, the more powerfull it becomes

  • print it bigger for bigger results.

  • I added a few paper generators in my CB, ‘1’ pointing downwards in the middle of the copper tubes, on the spacers

  • the original design includes a copper plate/foil on the ‘1’ side also. I put in a coin (eurocents) as an equivalent. That way we get , from the bottom of the muffin cup: first aluminium of course, paper generator ‘1’ side facing up, a coin, a crystal, a paper generator, ‘1’ facing up, a coin. All this mixed with aluminium needless to say.

I know in last years people have tried to sabotage the basic orgonite by suggesting other ideas corrupting the basic design. However, that should not keep us from looking for improvements. If this does what it hope it does, it can save us all a lot of resin. If it does not (as much as to justify the extra work for field devices), I hope it leaves behind a message of hope that by looking, sooner or later we will be able to improve on the great stuff we allready got and make another leap forwards.

Till soon