In answer to expressed concern about chemtrails:

(Don Croft) #1

This was written in response to someone in Germany who disagrees with my claim:

My claim is and was that the chemtrail program in North America is ‘essentially’ defeated, which is to say that people are no longer getting sick from the biological and other weaponry in the chemtrails. The visual confirmation for my claim, on this continent, is quite striking, especially in major cities which had previously been known for having persistent, dense smog and constantly whited-out skies with no clouds.

On many days there are a half dozen chemtrail jets within view wherever Carol and I are, in fact, but the spew disappears immediately or turns into cloud, which gradually dissipates. For years we’ve had more chemtrail jets over our own heads than the norm and it may be that they try all their worst, new stuff out on us, first, since we started this movement.

I particularly like it when they lay the chemspew in sharp curves or even circles. This tends to wake up the Pajama People. Otherwise, I believe that much of the spraying these days is done for psychological effect and that the stuff is no more harmful than skywriting. The harmless stuff lasts longer in the sky, of course.

When you have a lot of chemtrail jets overhead, notice that some trails disappear immediately and others turn into puffy cloud. When it was bad, it never resembled cloud, of course. It’s likely that the stuff that disappears the fastest is the genuine poison and that accounts for only a small percentage now. Clouds won’t form around that stuff because it’s too nasty, I guess.

The whiteout that occurs above the cumulus clouds is apparently a HAARP effect, based on rising moisture content. Chemtrails are often laid in advance of this occurence, perhaps to give the impression that it’s spew that’s whiting out the sky. When you see a whiteout from your seat on a passenger jet it’s obviously not natural: it’s flat and very thin and spreads over a huge area at about 20,000 feet, which is above most spew, by the way.

I remember seeing chemtrails being laid at lower altitude when I was travelling in jets before 2002 and, seen from above, it was brown; not white as seen from below. I didn’t see that any more after mid-2002 in my travels, including to Europe and Africa.

I know that the constant HAARP whiteout effect was giving the gifters in Toronto fits, a year and a half ago, until someone finally travelled out along the highways to disable the HAARP arrays, then the problem vanished. It apparently wasn’t a particularly noxious effect, so the cloudbusters weren’t putting holes in it. There are around 20,000 towerbusters distributed in the Toronto metro area and surrounding towns, by the way.

In that situation a new cloudbuster usually pokes a hole in the persistent HAARP whiteout because it represents a dramatic, if temporary, local energy shift. Some folks get discouraged when the hole closes up but the proper response is to travel out for a hundred miles along all of the primary highways and just disable the HAARP arrays, of course.

Toronto may have the densest concentration of orgonite on the planet and Steve Baron is the guy who facilitates all that. It feels wonderful there and if you haven’t achieved this boost in ambience where you live, by gifting, I hope you’ll just extend your gifting effort until you get this empowering confirmation.

There are still small areas in North America where chemtrails stick longer than most other places, of course, but even those seem to be within the range of someone’s orgonite cloudbuster and the spew still dissipates, only more slowly. There are many thousands of cloudbusters in teh world. Most of the people who make them don’t talk about it.

In Germany, by the way, the first orgonite cloudbuster was made by Gerd Drexhage in Cologne, over three years ago. Until DeMeo went there and campaigned to prevent people from making orgonite cloudbusters two years ago I don’t know if there were were any others. AFter DeMeo’s visit, of course, the number of orgonite cloudbusters fairly exploded there, finally (thankfully).

Gerd and his wife, Radhika, travel to India on business each year and have made and distributed several orgonite cloudbusters there, too. They don’t post on any boards but we’ve corresponded.

Travellers to Eastern Europe have reported characteristic blue holes in the sky where chemtrail spew isn’t sticking and orgonite is discussed on some websites there, though none of these people are represented on orgonite boards, either. I’ve gotten occasional emails from people in those countries and they expressed interest in the information, which I provided. The language barrier is pretty formidable, otherwise, so the English and French language boards aren’t getting a lot of play there.

The boards only represent a tiny percentage of activists in this grassroot network and the disruptive people on the boards have managed to cloud the fact that most activists simply take this information and get busy with it, as is happening in Eastern Europe, Asia and elsewhere.

I’ve been working part of every day for five years to negate the parasitic effects of forum disruptors, in fact, and it’s time that would have been better spent doing my own environmental healing work, unfortunately.

The sickness aspect of the chemtrails is something that I’ve easily tracked in my business correspondence, since people who order our zappers most often tell us about their sicknesses and when they became sick. Before 1999 it was very rare for me to get a report of one of these chronic illnesses, though it’s clear that the chemtrail program started in the late 1980s in some areas.

In the year 2001 the number of reports of these new sicknesses overwhelmed the reports of regular illnesses, such as cancer, arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, infections of all kind, herpes, etc., which are easily cured by any zapper in a short time. All of the new ones are routinely misdiagnosed, even by naturopaths who should know better. The consistently bad diagnoses imply, to me, that health practitioners simply don’t want to look up [Image Can Not Be Found]

Another aspect of the psychological effect of the present chemtrails is that more and more people are waking up and seeing them. They didn’t see them when the chemtrails were characteristically spreading out to white the sky on their way to everyone’s lungs.

The consistent trend, since mid-2002, which is when we reckon that the chemtrail program became ineffective in North America due to cloudbuster distribution, has been that people stopped developing the telltale chronic sicknesses then, rather abruptly. Unfortunately, anyone who has developed one or another of these new chronic illnesses can expect not to recover unless he or she takes some decisive, intelligent action.

Any zapper cures these, quickly, in the early stage, before the vital organs become very depleted. After the liver, kidneys, spleen, pancreas, etc., have been sufficiently damaged by repeated expasure to biological weaponry, though, more is needed to regain one’s health and vitality, which is to say that the vital organs need to be toned to the state where they can resume their function as repair agents. Dr von Peters developed ChemBuster specifically to counteract the effects of the biological weaponry and to tone the vital organs and most people who suffer the new chronic illnesses can completely recover by using any zapper and also taking ChemBuster.

We refer the occasional ‘hard case’ to Dr von Peters, who is adept at curing people who are chronically ill. There are precious few physicians who even know about chemtrails, much less are willing to recognize them as the cause of countless millions of people’s chronic sickness.

Simple reason tells that one has to find the cause of an illness before one can effectively cure it but how many physicians are capable of recognizing even this simple truth?

He uses a proprietary mix of traditional naturopathy and homeopathy. There are very few people, I believe, who actually need to be sick these days. His site is, by the way, and ChemBuster is only $15 from him.

Things are happening a little more slowly in Europe, though I’m no longer getting the typical reports of chemtrail sicknesses from my customers there, either. Reports from people in industrialized Asia indicate that in some of the chemtrail zones there are a lot of cloudbusters, too, and even gifting in some cities, including Tokyo.

According to our correspondents throughout the world the chemtrails have mainly been directed at the population centers of all of the industrialized nations, which only accounts for much less than half of the land mass of the planet. Disinformants would have us believe that chemtrails are a global phenomenon. When someone ‘wakes up’ these days, sees chemtrails and does an internet search he or she is confronted with a massive disinformation campaign, of course. It’s too bad that they didn’t notice chemtrails before 2002, when they looked a great deal more menacing, because they actually were menacing [Image Can Not Be Found]

I’m always happy to answer expressed concerns like this, by the way. This movement would fall on its face if it weren’t for a little intellectual integrity, after all.

Do you remember how chemtrails used to destroy cumulus clouds on the way down, years ago? Contrast that with what you’re seeing now, okay? Also, I hope you’re seeing Sylphs in your sky because this is the best confirmation that the energy balance has shifted to the positive end, finally. We know that Sylphs are being seen in Germany, now, because the pictures are on record. When I was stationed there in 1969/70 I had to go AWOL to France to see blue skies and lovely cumuli because HAARP was already well established in Germany’s skies by then. I bet you guys have made it a whole lot nicer by now.