In support of 'Earache' Carlson

Eric made the grade as a fedbuster that evening, I think [Image Can Not Be Found]

This was the first time Carol and I had seen feds all eat at the same table and there was a gaggle of them. Eric caught them in the foyer and started snapping, which is probably what herded them to teh same table. They all gave our party the stinkeye as they walked past us to their table–cool!

We had just finished gifting the intracoastal waterway on the backside of narrow Hutchinson Island, which hosts a big, nasty nuke plant in the middle of its length. We got thru a shallow channel to get close to the nuke, dropping towerbusters like crazy, then found a barrier across the channel when we were a quarter mile from the thing and hte depth was suddenly 30 feet–creepy!

The DOR diminished right away, except for a dark patch out over the ocean just east of the nuke, which sort of drifted off downwind to the souhteast.

We didn’t go out to sea that day because it was pretty rough but we had a nice time and a couple of Canadian ‘visiting firemen,’ Rob and Audrey Campbell from Saskatchewan,’ were along for the ride.

Some black-backed (these aren’t native here) dolphins showed up by the boat at the end of the run in an uncharacteristic place to show their appreciation to us, which is a nice confirmation. So far, all of the dolphins we’ve been encountering are these dark ones. They might even be roughtooth dolphins but we haven’t clearly seen their noses. These are a little smaller than bottlenose dolphins, which are native to these waters. Carol gets that we might be swimming with them this spring but we’ve got a lot of underwater towerbusting to do, perhaps, between Florida and Bahamas first. In a week, Jeff, Eric and I will be out in the roughest part of the Gulf Stream for a couple of days, doing the big towers in the deep water–wish us luck! Carol told us that the dolphins hang out in the shallow water east of Bimini and she’ll probably point it out on the chart for us. Steve Baron, the Etheric Conquistador of Toronto, ‘brought them back’ by gifting that area on his visit there last year. They hadn’t been seen for a year there, before that. Yea, Steve!

My hope is that dolphins will come right up our creek one day, which Eric graciously helped me to thoroughly gift last week. The change was almost immediate and was very dramatic, by the way, and we apparently hurt the sewer rat infrastructure dearly, judging by the immediate helicopter harrassment overhead as we were pulling into the dock after the first sortie. The creek is pretty long and has three branches and some of it was inaccessible to my motorized little inflatable boat (due to underwater obstacles from Wilma’s passing) so I towed him in his kayak and he did the rest in the more obstructed ends…

When we were on our way home from doing the backside of the island we visited a Crackerbarrel restaurant near St Lucie where the photo ops happened. As we were going into the building some Sylphs showed up overhead, as Carol had promised would happen, and a little later, as the sun was setting a massive Sylph showed up just beyond where the nuke plant is and it was bright pink.

By the way, there have been some mafia murders here in the past week and I’m telling this to highlight our visit to a restaurant in Jupiter with Eric and Jeff last week, a couple of days before the Crackerbarrel Fed Photo Shoot. Crackerbarrel makes the best antiques, by the way [Image Can Not Be Found]

Carol and I had planned to go to a local restaurant where Jeff told us the mafia uses some of its hitmen as waiters when it’s time to cool them off from jobs in NY and NJ. Carol was itching to get into their heads because she’d run into some hitmen in a local grocery store and it piqued her curiosity. She says they’re like five year olds, by the way–not fully developed people.

She accidentally locked the keys in the car the first day, so we stayed home and the next morning she said that if we’d gone there one or both of us probably would have been poisoned. The CIA owns the mafia, after all.

Carol reckons that they won’t try that if we showed up in a group, so the next evening Jeff, Eric, Carol and I went to that restaurant. There was an hour wait, so we went to another Italian restaurant that Jeff recommended and it was a reptile freak show in there, since that one, too, is apparently owned and run by the mafia. Carol’s salad apparently had poisoned dressing so she didn’t eat it and I’m happy to say that none of us got sick from eating there adn the food was incredibly good (thanks, Jeff!).

I like the family who run the restaurant and served us. I don’t care if they’re mafia or reptiles. We’ll gift the place before we eat there again. We put orgonite all around the previous one, also some on the roof, before we walked in there. Gifting your favorite restaurant is pretty much a guarantee that federal agents, mafiosi, and other bottom feeders won’t feel comfortable in there any more.

Who can account for some folks look for fun, eh? [Image Can Not Be Found] Isn’t this a little like how Japanese eat blowfish, which is deadly poisonous if not prepared the right way? Powdered blowfish is the drug that voodoo practitioners use to zombifie people in Haiti, by the way, who run afoul of social grace.

We deserve some credit, at least, for not asking them to serve us blowfish.

‘Earache’ Calson deserves a standing ovulation! Ask him to post about how he stopped heads from getting busted at the huge, anti-war protest in Boston, okay? This is somethying YOU can do, too. The reason Jeff anointed him with that name is that the dirty psychics were hammering his left ear mercilessly. Apparently, one of them was the female Chinese national who was with those feds in the restaurant.

The very next evening, another Chinese military psychic (female) showed up with a CIA guy in a cafe that Jeff and Eric were eating in and she didn’t flinch when Eric took her picture. They can adapt but they can’t seize the initiative so it’s our game now. Eric’s ear improved remarkably after he did the Crackerbarrel photo shoot, by the way. Standing up to terrorists is a healing opportunity for anyone.

We blasted the crap out of all of them, of course.


Here’s the pic of the chinese psychic Jeff and I had dinner with .

Trying to pretend she isn’t there following us.