In the spotlight: Ural

(Pekka) #1

I have come to know that there exists an underground network here in Finland (draconian apparently). As usual, they have portals from which they operate on the ground. Thus, there also exists a pretty simple method an strategy how to fight this war in ethers without violence. Don told me that he did a trick to one of these portals in Africa which required surprisingly small effort in my opinion, and surely we are planning to repeat the manouver here in northern regions of Earth ——————–I have already described our encounter with the brotherhood of paraisites in Lahti, and some intel was also gained from EW chat blast time ago. We have been blasting the place since, and last time could no longer sense this kind of activity there, so apparently, things have changed. The site has also been gifted heavily and more is yet to come. We have not yet even started pouring the EPs. ………….As is thank God understood by now, we must directly blast the main centers of decision making and power which will weaken the smaller parasite communities. ………….After we could not see that much motion in this underground slodge in Lahti, we moved to east, to Russia, and ended up to Ural. If there is any credibility with my remote seeing, the perceptions following were: ………….At least I did not capture any white robed monks that have been spotted closer heregrounds. Instead, I had the feeling of scientists, army generals if that’s the word to describe them, and some different kind of alien presence. Of course we went right away to the master mind. It was not a regular grey, though the color I sensed was somehow silverish. Also very mental like sensations. The cetaceans were with us, guided by the light of Christ and other devotees. ………….I do not know if they have ever had such uninvited guests like us, and did not reach any clear perceptions or intel of in what way we caused disintegrity in their lines. The place itself was rather a scientific research center, or I just did not get any intel conserning rituals. But that facility must be huge so many ‘flowers’ bloom there no doubt… ———-- In near future this place will surely reveal its inner nature, and I will report the observations/experiences then.Unfortunately, the place is quite distant, so it will take time before any of us here get there with orgonite. But miracles happen on a daily basis (wink).……………God bless you all, Pekka