Incontrovertible Evidence Of Current Pole Shift!

Don Croft
10 Dec 2008 15:50
Subject: Incontrovertible Evidence of Current Pole Shift!!!
Finally, after I gave up on finding clear evidence of the current pole shift, which became evident to some of us about five years ago, Ismail has sent the following to me:

Hi Don!,

Ay Caramba!

Great to hear your supporting words, many thanks, always…

Its been quite a roller coaster ride over here (good thing I like roller coasters, hehehe)…

It is interesting that orgonite has a quick effect on the atmosphere here, and precisely for the last three days, curiously, the sylphs have been showing their presence in the skies above, interestinly enough (And I haven’t done any gifting lately)

I’ve had some quite revelations here in Mexico and I’ve noticed also that the pole shift too, is very prominent here in this latitude, for example in the ancient city of Chichennitza in the Yucatan Penninsula, the shadow that use to cast during the equinox of the serpent going down the earth, (I don’t know if you heard of that effect on the pyramid of the Feather Serpent?) people say that have gone to experience it, that it hasn’t happend for the last 3 years now! Interesting I think, this little piece of news. I noticed and noted with a compass that during this past spring and summer, the sunrise was around 20-25 degrees to the North East and during this fall the sun started rising around 20-25 degrees to the South East. Some facts for the pojima people who still think this climate changes are due to the fake global warming ruse. That’s what I tell them and to prove for themselves with a compass, when they say that is because of that damn global warming propaganda they here on the WTTN.

I sure appriciate your boosts, it has help, much love to ya’ll. Mil Gracias!

And when you can sure, put me in touch with Frode, it would be refreshing to get some support down here in the frontlines…


Don Croft
10 Dec 2008 15:55
Subject: Re: Incontrovertible Evidence of Current Pole Shift!!!
Frode, I tried to connect you and Ixma, just now, but my email to you bounced, again, even though I sent it to your new email address. Let’s keep working at this until we leave the hackers in our wake, okay? Persistence always seems to pay off sooner than later.

The reason Ixma’s data is so good is because he used an ancient solar ‘meter.’ If we can get similar data from one or two other places in the world (old solar sites are better, I think, than government data) then we can find out where the new North Pole is at the moment, also whether it’s still shifting.

Some psyhchics who aren’t Theosophy drones have told us that the current pole shift is not going to be sudden or violent. It seems to be wobbling, now.

This is incredibly useful data!


Don Croft
14 Dec 2008 17:20
Subject: Re: Incontrovertible Evidence of Current Pole Shift!!!
Heheh, I wonder why the $#!+birds have been trying so hard to prevent Frode and Ixma from connecting Wink but they’re in touch with each other now. Thanks for your persistence, compadres!

I got the following from Ray and I think you’ll find it interesting. My comments to him will follow:

Hi Don and Carol,

It’s been about six or more years that I have followed your work and silently stayed in the woods from Alaska to not as good Iowa. I started gifting shortly after the recipe for HHG came out. I first did my house in AK and all the folks bent on bad news never seemed to hang around much on my front porch. I was involved with a meditation group, intent on healing this planet and others who wanted our help. I was blessed with meeting a Choctaw Indian healer, felt a portion of his loving power as I pealed myself from the wall in tears when I asked about his power during a healing—wow. Later, during a clearing of an infested soul I saw my respected teachers arms glowing neon green and wondered if I was really goin over the edge. Somedays I wish it was only I that saw that, but —No—a couple other friends and fellow meditators/healers—“Yeah, Ray, I see it too.â€?

I made and placed HHG in Oklahoma and left them with an old girl friend who later threw them as far as she could from her evil house and ways. Lol

But what has prompted me to write is your comment today about a polar shift and some sun differences. I noticed a difference too… I’m pretty much tuned to variables in Earths energy levels and correlate a lot of it to the suns ebb and flow. I back it up with the solar graphs (sometimes manipulated) provided by our gov. Lately there has been a great spike in the electron flux levels during a slow to return solar max, following what I would call a ‘’super solar max’ that took place about four years ago. The ‘max’ was off the graph by a very large margin—X-33 sunflares—give me a break— please notice this graph and the extreme stuff— It is surprising to see a flat line x-ray plot too. Seven years of watching these things says we are entering some heavy space which our government has no control over. Then there is the large increase of ‘potentially hazardous rocks’ the last few weeks has shown a major uptick. So I think we be entering the soup and problems like the economy, wars, and who’s in charge will boil to the surface before a major change comes forth of universe proportions.

Personally, I’ve fought the battle the best I can—TB’s right outside the police station death tower—disarming some other really bad stuff—won’t mention my method…even wrote a couple books that went nowhere ‘The Weather Angels’ and ‘A Vision in Time’ but I’m still happy I did it—I may be a disabled vet, but I’m still a warrior at heart and in action—even if I have to crawl.

Sincerely and thanks for all that you both do


Ps—Don I’m a retired helicopter/airplane pilot, but I really want a Challenger—took a test fly last fall—I think you’d like it—the clipped wing version.

Carol—have faith in the old mans flyin—and thanks


Thx, Ray–Carol also read your note but says she’s going to need to think about it some more before commenting. She’s still recovering from the last poison attack so isn’t completely back in the psi saddle for now. I’ll share her comments, or she will, but we both enjoyed reading your email.

The solar info is probably crucial to this discussion, also the idea that we’re monving into an energy field that will make it even harder for the corporate parasites to hide from the PJ folks. This is a concept that the Theosophy-based fakers have been trying to pirate and vitiate for years but even their fakery will probably get more fully exposed as we move deeper into the energy field, perhaps. Their more recent efffort to coopt the Sylph phenomenon certainly failed, for instance, because their would-be prophetic asset posted photos of wraiths and called them sylphs Wink

The magic of Indian traditionalists is quite earthy and unique and our psychics are constantly advising people to get more grounded, so maybe the Indians are finally getting their place in the sun, so to speak. The corporate world order is heavily vested in preventing people from connecting with the earth (their own hearts) and the kind of work you’re doing is probably undermining that ancient effort. In the emerging paradigm, magic is finally understood as hard science, of course, and that’s yet another nail in the corporate coffin Wink

I really appreciate your contribution and I’m posting it in the thread for the record. Experience has shown me that simply repeating a timely observation enough times will eventually generate open discussion and that’s how we make progress, after all.

I used to give tgeh corporate world order and their $#!+bird agencies a lot more credit than they deserve. In 1996, for instance, after I saw my simple zappers cure several cases of severe and ‘untreatable’ cancer I was certain that the feds would prevent the sale of capacitors, resistors and 555 chips (cheap, plentiful zapper components) in the open market because I mistakenly assumed that this good news would spread very fast. Those were teh days when I became painfully aware of how thoroughly Pajama People (the vaaaast msjority of white folks–where the money is) are well programmed not to be curious or rational.

By the time we figured out, years ago, that grassroot distribution of simple orgonite is probably going to bring down the corporate world order pretty soon Carol and I were already aware that these freaks are not in complete control of the market place, after all, and certainly can’t disable the internet, in spite of all the ‘Bill’ gates that are in most people’s computers and in spite of uncounted millions of hard core, effective CIA and MI5/6 sociopaths & untold thousands of their handlers.

The Challenger is fantastic: you can dive at the ground and land like a feather with one of those Wink but I’m almost done buying half interest in an old Phantom, which is simlar, and we’re adding flaps to it so we’ll see that will measure up to a Challenger. By summer I expect to have three aircraft, including an Affordaplane powered by a VW half motor with Joe Cell. I should be back to busting mountaintop death ray arrays by February with my Doodlebug. I started running to get in shape for the rest of my hang glider training, then.

I’d love to know how to fly a helicopter!

Inuit seek answers to Arctic sun quirks
Last Updated: Friday, March 9, 2007 | 5:21 PM CT
CBC News
Some Inuit say they hope scientists coming to Nunavut for research as part of International Polar Year can help shed light on changes they’re seeing in the sun — particularly, how it’s been showing up more often in the usually always-dark winters.

For the past several years, residents in the High Arctic have observed that the winter dark season is ending earlier than usual, with the sun coming up at a different place than what people are used to seeing.

“The people [are] talking about earlier sunrise, more light in the dark season, instead of being more total darkness than before,” Grise Fiord resident Larry Audlaluk said Thursday, adding that he has heard similar observations from people in other Far North communities.

“There are notices of more daylight earlier, and the dark season is not the real dark season that we used to know.”

A bit further south, Igloolik Mayor Paul Quassa said hunters have noticed the same phenomenon.

“This year, the sun started coming up so fast that it’s almost like April when it’s mid-February,” he said.

Both Audlaluk and Quassa were part of an International Polar Year planning workshop Thursday in Iqaluit.

Wayne Davidson, who is the resident meteorologist in Resolute Bay, said the likely cause of this “rising sun” mystery is a temperature difference between the very cold air over the snow and the air above, which has been warmer than usual.

Glaciologist Dr. Roy Koerner, with the Geological Survey of Canada, agreed, comparing it to sticking a fork into a glass of water: the fork appears to bend where it enters the water, he said.

“So you get the same effect: you get this bent effect. Except in this case, the sun, which is just below the horizon, looks as if it’s above the horizon, just a bit of it,” he said.

Both Koerner and Davidson said they believe a warming climate is responsible. They said they hope Inuit and scientists working during International Polar Year can work together on more in-depth analysis of the observations.