Indicators of success in somalia

Hi Readers,

Mrs O went back to Kenya to make and send me more of such. We have made good steps and we have gotten quite a very big population of the people interested in the Orgonite as compared to the other time when we made it for the first time. In the few areas where we started with, many people are now doing some little farming. According to the meteorological report, some good rain is expected very soon, and the areas which are talked to likely receive some good rainfall include the areas we visited for the first time and put the Orgonite. The areas that were not gifted are not included in the report, and so we are very sure and confident that it is because of the great work that we have done that is going to cause the great rainfall that is so much talked about.

Early next week, I shall have received the Orgonite that Mrs O told me that are already on the way coming.I had reached Chismayu and am now intending to go to Jilib and finally Baraawe.If we accomplish that before next week Friday, I will reach Merca, which is a place with a very great Islamic history. Moreover, following the fact that the Somalians are Muslims, that would be a place of a very important sacred history that worth being gifted.I will make it back but leave Fatuma to go ahead with gifting so that I can catch up with the goings at home.

I want to salute the Etheric Warriors who assisted in boosting Somalia in the Chat room when I requested for that. The result is attributed to them for this outstanding result that is admirable. From my point of view, Somalia is going to be a place of peaceful co-existence and agricultural production.Just before we went to the place, there was mass movement of population due to frequent warfare and unbearable famine, but the situation now is quite strange. In as much as nobody was staying in a relaxed environment with no worry, imagine of the same people living their good lives and thinking of farming and even business. The Al-Shabaab went away from the place after we gifted their ground and now the rains are also predicted to be heavy.Really, What do people want if not the Orgonite that can change the various situations like the one above?

Benedict, I follow your reports while consulting maps and some history online. I think the specific rainfall in those gifted coastal areas is particularly significant because they are not favored by moist sea winds, as other coastal areas are.

The abundant, new rain over Lake Victoria and the immediate coastal areas is easier to comprehend as a result of the large scale gifting that is being done, there. Somalia had several trading empires in past centuries and an advanced civilization (Punt) contemporary with nearby Sheba (Ethiopia) in more ancient times. Over here, Somalians have a reputation for beauty and refinement and what you’re all doing will probably bring these cultural features to the fore, again and soon.

Russia and Britain made sure that Somalia had the largest army on the continent in the 1980s, then the corporate order used that force to create mayhem in 1991, of course. I wonder if they felt threatened by Somalia, somehow. Mogadishu had always been referred to as ‘The White Pearl of the Indian Ocean’ before that and most of Somalia was not dominated by Europeans until the Brits used air power to subdue the Dervishes in 1920, then the Brits helped Mussolini finish the job throughout the entire country at the same time that they worked with Mussolini to overthrow the new, successful republic in Spain and install a puppet dictator (Franco), there.

The present alleged anarchy in Somalia that is the result of the corporate world order’s vigorous and expensive meddling (including the failed British-sponsored Al Shabaab horror that you and Fatuma ably deflated) might have the potential of allowing the formation of a truly progressive base of agriculture and commerce, all made possible by orgonite. It may be a showcase for what Africans are able to accomplish on their own, as Lake Victoria’s fishing industry is now becoming, which will shortly include some related farming successes. I think real wealth in the region is based on fishing and agriculture, which easily pays for everything else. Orgonite’s peculiar ability to generate rainfall in those arid regions is evidently the key. I don’t think politics matters, compared to that, and Chris and Nicholas are reporting that even politicians are behaving well over the issue of that new ‘money tree,’ Migingo Island in Lake Victoria, which Kenya and Uganda nearly came to blows over after all that orgonite made the island into a thriving, international commercial hub, last year. It was uninhabited, before, because there was no reason to go there until the fish population exploded [Image Can Not Be Found]

I mentioned the lake success issue because I think it directly relates to what’s starting to happen in Somalia. According to what Christine is seeing, the same is happening in Chad, which is another very arid region to the West. Hibrahim in Ethiopia is preparing to post reports about the progress, there. This is all very exciting and it’s utterly bizarre that only one website is reporting it!


Putting orgonite around significant historic and cultural sites, like Merca in Somalia, has been productive in a more subtle way but what some of the psychics are finding is that history is not particularly fixed. I think there are also scientists who know about this but they’re working for the corporate parasites
I think that we’re each being assisted and guided by a finer, uncorrupted source or sources, rather, and it’s up to each individual to commit to following his and her intuitive promptings along this path. I think it’s evident in some of the reports on this forum that one doesn’t need ‘special powers and abilities’ to make significant contributions, this way. Absolutely anyone can succeed phenomenally well. These are ‘the good old days,’ so there’s no excuse for delaying when one feels prompted to act. A lot of people who have more talent and ability than I do seem to be goaded into a stronger commitment to pursue this effort: If Don Croft can do it, then I sure as hell can!

When I learned, in 1998, that orgonite’s energy is usually blue (occasionally violet when some kinds of ‘good stuff’ is added) I had an intuitive hunch that someday it would catch on in a big way in Africa, where the people are considered by the Hopi elders to be ‘the guardians of water.’ My first big confirmation came in 2005, when Mrs Odondi and Billy, the late David Ochieng and his wife, Emmah, Christine and her late husband, Salva, took some of their orgonite out to sea for the dolphins at Mombasa. Nobody had seen dolphins for years, there, but when our friends showed up in that rented boat, there were hundreds of ecstatic dolphins on hand to receive the orgonite from them.

I think most of Somalia’s population are along the coast, immediately north of Mombasa and those coastal towns are mostly where our friends are introducing orgonite. I hope I’m not meandering but it might be that Somalia’s fishing industry is due for a renewal similar to what we’re already seeing, internationally in Lake Victoria and in and around the other major lakes in Kenya, Ethiopia, Southern Sudan and, now, Chad.


Hallo readers,
Am now at Jilib, on my way back to Kenya. Am going early to get enough time to prepare for the agricultural and trade show that is going to take place in Migori this month of the year. We intend to register as appropriate as possible to participate. We shall have chance to participate by explaining the Orgonite, its use and effects. Among other things, we shall give free samples and introduce zappers. This will be one of the greatest show and forum that we can count to possess a great profit generation drive. Many people from various parts of Western Kenya will come, and some from the neighbouring country, Tanzania. The show will be officiated by the minister of agriculture. This means that our explanation will have a national impact. This will be the second time that the agricultural authority will know about Orgonite after when I explained Orgonite in the seminar that took place in Nakuru, Rift Valley province.

Here in Somalia, we have done a lot of gifting with Fatuma by using the Orgonite that Mrs O sent to us when she went back to Kenya. The climatic conditions in the sky is quite promising, and there is a good sign of rainy clouds forming.
However, the Al-Shabaab militant decided to attack the government military officers from the other part of Mogadishu that we have not gifted. Fatuma had planned to take the Orgonite there though, but she has not done that yet. This means that we need to take a lot of Orgonite to Fatuma in our absence for extensive giftings. There is a lot to be done yet in Somalia and we shall dedicate ourselves to ensure that we success. Fatuma will update you with the upcomings in Somalia and I will do my best to translate in English.

Benedict, when I learn about any new phase of your astounding career, such as your presentation about orgonite at the international agricultural conference, I can’t stop smiling–these are giant steps for this entire global movement!

I remind our readers, too, that when you and Fatumah infiltrated the British-sponsored (spiffy British uniforms; expensive gear, as your photos revealed) Al Shabaab terrorist training camp in Somalia, then escaped and gifted all around it right before you were supposed to drink human blood with them as part of your initiation a new standard of courage was set for all of us by you two. I see that Fatuma is carrying that same courage with her into Mogadishu to stop the renewed effort of these butchers to spread more terror in a city where orgonite has reintroduced peace and prosperity after two decades. I’m looking forward to that report and we’re sending Fatuma plenty of good energy, confident that she’s already under a lot of unseen protection.

You’ve suggested that I begin to learn Kiswahili and have even offered to teach me, in spite of the almost superhuman demands of your career, so I’m ordering the premium course from Rosetta Stone and I’ll get started as soon as possible. I only wish I could be there to more directly bear witness to what you’re each doing and to help a little. Carol is also keen to return to Kenya and lend a hand. When she deployed Africa’s first orgonite in 2001 I don’t think that even she could have envisioned what has grown out of that.