Information; Facts; Data; Knowledge

Don Croft
24 Sep 2008 17:29
Subject: Information; Facts; Data; Knowledge
What we do with orgonite is hard science. In relation to this stinking, parastic world order, it’s ‘hard, ruthless science,’ I think Cool

The reason gifting can be considered scientific is because, throughout the world, when certain defined procedures are carried out, certain consistent results are produced. One doesn’t need to be energy sensitive or psychics to experience and see these results.

The four words in the header are routinely and even intentionally misused so much that I think their relative significance gets kind of blurry to most people, the way kids in American schools are now taught that ‘2+2 can equal five if it makes you feel good about yourself to say that it does.’ Cool

When Helen Blavatsky began promoting ‘irrationalism’ as the antidote to Cartesian thinking in the West in the late 1800s a whole lot of otherwise intelligent people swallowed that baited hook, so that by the time Alice Bailey had set up the Lucifer Trust around 1939 to publish all of the then-new United Nation’s official literature she was apparently confident that the concept of ‘Lucifer’ had become sufficiently gray that thinking people wouldn’t even notice. It turns out that teh world order jumped the gun a bit on this, because after the managed global conflict she deftly changed the name to ‘Lucis Trust.’

Gutting the West’s educational paradigm by introducing irrationalism as a foundational principle created the conditions for heart-dead Marxist professors to come to the fore by the time the baby-boomers went to college in the mid-60s. These locust-like intellectual militants, at the behest of academia’s corporate and political sponsors (mostly in London at the time) displaced professors who taught philosophy in the context of understanding the finer aspects of human nature: the classicists. I went to college in

Don Croft
28 Sep 2008 07:31
Subject: Re: Information; Facts; Evidence; Knowledge
Oops–I was in a coffee shop, writing the above post, and I inadvertently punched the ‘numbers lock’ key, so got confused when I tried to type ‘1967’ and nothing turned up. When I got home, I saw the ‘numlock’ light on and eventually figured it out. I hope you can pity those of us who are still incomputerate Cool

I meant to express that by 1967 the state-funded colleges in America were all staffed by marxist ‘philosophers’ and materialistic scientists. Student for a Democratic Society was run by agents saboteurs who were communists, hired to foment open revolts on campuses, though LaRouche had apparently started that organization a few years earlier with more honest intentions. It’s still impossible to start any organization in the world that won’t be infiltrated and overtaken by agents saboteurs, which is why we won’t stand for any effort to organize the gifting movement. Reich said, ‘Organization is death.’

My youngest, Cameron, who is now happily in college nearby (commie riot risks have by now been replaced with card locks on all the doors and security cameras, which means SDS were successful, after all), helped me figure some more Mac stuff out, also showed me how to send photos from my phone to my Mac so I’m doing better, now. Next huge leap for me is to finally get photos in posts, which the Mac can probably, finally, help me do in spite of the hacker horde who have stood in my way for the past 8 years. Dooney had showed me how to get photos to her site, last year, but the hackers eventually got in the way, thanks to my PC’s plethora of the NSA’s easy-access ‘Bill’ gates for their hackers.

Good Macs are now available and affordable on E-Bay through a wonderful biz that sells reconditioned ones that had been leased. David Rogers on Maui had kindly traded a more basic one with me for zappers in June, which was my final liberation from the NSA’s and CIA’s sleepless, two-legged data leeches. Felt like I lost another fifty pounds! Georg’s unhappy experience with E-Bay was on account of the sewer rats freaking about about his new, higher profile there, by the way, not on account of E-Bay itself. I think it’s a good sign and that he ought to pursue doing business on E-Bay.

The CIA hackers have never let me log onto E-Bay but I can probably get in there with my Mac if I feel like it. I think folks ought to pay the retail price for our zappers, though, so I’m not keen to auction them off. Georg’s Terminator knockoffs are pretty good and I refer genuinely poor folks to for a zapper that’s better than anything from our Clark/Beck-oriented competitors.

The worst sabotage directed at our zapper biz happened on E-Bay, three years ago, when some fakers in Canada used my name and pages of fake testimonials to sell their ‘Don Croft Style Terminator,’ which was a small plastic box filled with silicone, a few pieces of broken, colored glass and a couple of electronic parts, with a hearing aid battery–kind of funny but they did a lot of damage to my business until David Huddleston, who was selling our Terrminators on E-Bay, helped me expose their scam on his E-Bay site. They just went away after that. Typical MI6 creepiness. I never blamed E-Bay for these agency jerks’ vigorous, sudden onslaught. Thank grid David was there and caught them in the act!

I get a little frustrated when the incredulous on the internet are programmed to send ‘channeled information’ to large email lists because I don’t consider channeled or even ‘considered opinion’ data to be information. Even dictionaries can be ambivalent about distinguishing ‘information’ from ‘data’ and even ‘knowledge.’ So I suggest that a little common ground or a higher academic standard might be practical in terms of sifting through material that has the potential to increase one’s actual knowledge.

Here’s what my Mac’s dictionary (Oxford New American–not too shabby!) says about these words:

1 facts provided or learned about something or someone : a vital piece of information. See note at knowledge .
• Law a formal criminal charge lodged with a court or magistrate by a prosecutor without the aid of a grand jury : the tenant may lay an information against his landlord.
2 what is conveyed or represented by a particular arrangement or sequence of things : genetically transmitted Information:
• Computing data as processed, stored, or transmitted by a computer.
• (in information theory) a mathematical quantity expressing the probability of occurrence of a particular sequence of symbols, impulses, etc., as contrasted with that of alternative sequences.

As we can see, information represents something definite; factual or rationally deduced. Subjective pronouncements, trance transcripts or ‘stream of consciousness’ meanderings can’t be called ‘information.’ One will only ever know if any of that has value after the fact, then the rest of it still has to be kept in the ‘wait and see’ file until after the fact–who’s got time to spend with merely speculative material?

a thing that is indisputably the case : she lacks political experience—a fact that becomes clear when she appears in public | a body of fact.
• ( the fact that) used in discussing the significance of something that is the case : the real problem facing them is the fact that their funds are being cut.
• (usu. facts) a piece of information used as evidence or as part of a report or news article.
• chiefly Law the truth about events as opposed to interpretation : there was a question of fact as to whether they had received the letter.

In the processes of candid consultation and scientific/rational inquiry the only things that we can comment on with authority are facts. Everything else has to be considered subjective. When enough subjective observations by reputable people are collected and are found to be consistent, this takes on a factual aspect but the only application for this stuff is personal, I think; sort of like how we’re confident to act on the advice of someone who has earned our respect.

The only people who can directly comment on the dynamics of subtle energy or interactions/observations of unseen entities are psychics and energy sensitives but we make a case on Etheric Warriors that this can also be considered empirical fact when there is consensus among reputable psychics and sensitives. The psychics we work with are aware that there are some clever saboteurs, posing as flatterers; sycophants who lie in wait for the psychics to make authoritative pronouncements about their own subjective impressions. You might have seen what these jerks can do when they get hold of a psychic’s ego. The way psychics stay safe from these manipulations is to leave their egos in the coatroom, so to speak, when they present their observations to the group. Notice how few posts are from the psychics. It’s still a rough world for people who have this talent.

A sort of mid-level type of information, mostly gotten intuitively, is what we call ‘battlefield intelligence’ and many of us act on these personal promptings and also suggestions from others. There’s nothing authoritative about any of this but we use our discernment to gauge whether or not battlefield intel is worth acting on. We’ve mentioned the Swiss guys’ and Axel’s prompt and appropriate giifting sorties at the CERN complex in May and September of this year, followed by the timely, dramatic failures at that (apparent hyperdimensional deadly weapon) facility, as examples of people acting on the psychics’ consensus in the chatrooms. The frequent defeat of agency assaults on our businesses, immediately followed by restored or even improved livlihoods in every case, are more evidences of the empirical value of successful group efforts based on battlefield intel from the psychics in the chatrooms.

Mainly, gifters are confirmed by the consistent visual evidences of our successes, of course. This is the strength of this global revolution and it provides factual data about orgonite’s raw power to transform nasty energy into good energy. If not for the abundance of physical evidence, who would keep doing this? Many of us have been gifting for years and we don’t intend to stop.

the available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid : the study finds little evidence of overt discrimination.
• Law information given personally, drawn from a document, or in the form of material objects, tending or used to establish facts in a legal investigation or admissible as testimony in court : without evidence, they can’t bring a charge.
• signs; indications : there was no obvious evidence of a break-in.

I’ve been using the word, ‘confirmation’ in the context of ‘evidence,’ because the former is a litttle more compelling, I believe. I’m not shy about trying to persuade people to start gifting because a balanced person (and a whole lot of whackos, too Cool ) will soon start seeing the evidence of orgonite’s dramatically positive effect on the atmosphere and, hoepfully, on his coworkers and inlaws and he can forget about Croft, then, and become enamored of the incredible good work we’re all doing.

1 facts, information, and skills acquired by a person through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject : a thirst for knowledge | her considerable knowledge of antiques.
• what is known in a particular field or in total; facts and information : the transmission of knowledge.
• Philosophy true, justified belief; certain understanding, as opposed to opinion.
2 awareness or familiarity gained by experience of a fact or situation : the program had been developed without his knowledge | he denied all knowledge of the overnight incidents.

The main reason for Etheric Warrior’s continued online existence (against the CIA and MI6 hacker odds) is so that a body of knowledge about orgonite and related subjects will be available for readers. You can hunt the libraries, bookstores and the internet for another reliable, exhaustive source of usable information (in English) about these subjects and won’t likely find any right now except this website and the affiliated websites in the vendor list. The search engines favor the fakes but a litttle bit of discernment and determination guides more and more people beyond those barrriers to these genuinely informative sources. The barriers, themselves, are becoming evidence of corporate interference Cool

I hope my scant comments, bolstered by a pretty good dictionary, have made these grand words seem a little less ambiguous for you. Sometime, maybe I’ll get the sand to again tackle ‘spirituality,’ which has got to be the biggest red herring of the modern age; a sort of hoped-for refuge in the emerging paradigm for chest-pounding pontificators, craving a personal following.

It might shock some to discover that all of the words in the header can and need to be applied to spiritual pursuits as well as to scientific, legal and academic ones. I got dead sick and tired of Theosophists and their cultish clones claiming squatters’ privileges on some of those terms, also on ‘spirituality.’ Like flatworms in the brain excrete toxins in order to consolidate their position and eat the host, Theosophists atomize their acidic intellectual excretions into social mileus in order to shepherd people away from trusting their heart instincts. They’ve figured out that people who are cut off from their own rational processes will probably become addicted to programmed, triggered cranial endorphin squirts at the mention of key words and phrases. I think they’re just following a millennia-old formula developed by the world’s clergy but Theosophy is the world odor’s newest packaging, of course.

I think I’m the first person to challenge these corporate/masonic freaks to a fair fight, though of course Theosophists, for all their high sounding affectations, are dirty fighters; cowards in packs who are only confident in the shadows Cool The only ones I respect are people like Trevor James Constable, who openly say, ‘I’m a Theosophist.’ Notice how few of them there are but how many of them preach this saccharine crap without mentioning the source. Have you noticed how many newagers emphatically say, ‘I’m NOT a newager?’ ‘Newager’ is synonymous with ‘Theosophist,’ in case you didn’t know and I don’t even need to mention how ridiculous newagers are.

I mention this stuff from time to time in order to repeatedly draw a clear distinction between the traditional irrationalists (who want to own this and every other progressive movement) and Etheric Warriors, which is a genuine, rational pursuit by an unorganized group of people. We have a lot of diifferent personal ideologies but we all agree that the work we’re doing is worthwhile and worth sharing publicly.