Initial gifting run

I think the best place to start is to express my gratitude. To Don for letting me join the board, to Rich for the Cloudbuster, to John for the towerbusters and to absolutely everyone of you that have blazed the trails and taken the heat for the rest of us who are just getting started. It’s been fun and pavement-artist free!

I put in my first order for a CB and 32 TB’s, thinking that would keep me going for quite some time. I was wrong. When you start gifting your local area, it goes quickly. You can bust a tower everytime you go for a lunch break, everytime you go to the shops. I’ve done 9 towers, 5 factories, 3 multi-story buildings and 2 police stations. done a couple of churches too - they put the transmitters inside the spires, apparently.

With the first few, it was difficult to restrict myself to just 1 TB. I just felt the need to over-do it. I’m gifting more economically now - even thinking about digging up some of the early TB’s to go and re-use them elsewhere!

A couple of the towers where quite obviously right on the ley line system and they felt the best to gift. Once I’ve really cleared up my valley it’s the ancient sites that I’m going to get to work on. I’ll use HHG’s for those.

As for the CB - it’s made my honeysuckle grow fast. It took a while before I got any blue sky confirmation (that’s windy, rainy Avalon for you) but now it’s obvious and any chemtrails overhead turn into pathetic spaghetti before vanishing completely whereas before they would just hang there for half the day.

I’m ordering 80 more TB’s and 20 HHG’s. They’ll probably last me 3 or 4 weeks with the plans I’ve got lined up.

Sorry - no adventures! Apart from a bit of a headache at one of the towers (had to walk through a graveyard to get to it…) I don’t seem to have had any hassle.

Thanks for listening. I’’m looking forward to learning everything I can and doing what has to be done.


Christian X