Interesting Happening At Dooney's Chat Today

12 Apr 2008 16:06
Subject: Interesting Happening At Dooney’s Chat Today
Hello everyone,

today’s chat was really powerful. We worked with joined forces and even brandnew members were getting great intel. Needless to say that our chat sessions are only subjective. Nevertheless, many members were getting the same picture or feeling of a human sacrifice taking place lead by a reptile disguised as human at first. We decided to boost this scene using dodecs and boosts. Dooney had reminded us to stay neutral while boosting- that was a good call and I tried to let the energy flow through me without my feelings messing in. Boosting this center creature through our new chatblast member was making it stumble and stop the ritual. Still, I had the intuitive feeling that somehow it was “bound” to earth. Meanwhile, dolphins had shown up to assist us. I heard the dolphins say: “Can we neutralize the creature’s DNA?” I replied: “If it helps and serves mankind, sure”. The dolphins did something. Then I saw the picture of the reptile fading. This kind of question never came up on chats before as I know. I think that somehow this creature had “incarnated” into a human and bound itself to earth with some sort of black magic. Only when the human DNA was neutralized, the creature could go. Of course, this is only my explanation for this. I am putting this up for other people to resonate about it. It would be interesting to see if this procedure is a reproduceable tool for further chats.

Thank you to all people at the chat again.


Don Croft
19 Apr 2008 14:30
Subject: Re: Interesting Happening At Dooney’s Chat Today
Thx, Katia, and good work!

The best part about the international chatroom efforts, I think, is that the participants are entirely free to exercise imagination and to experiment with new ideas and approaches. This is quite rare in the world, for now, but every progressive movement in history has had this creative component.

I should qualify the ‘best’ aspect with the observation that without several very skilled and reputable psychics to keep track of the dynamics we’d probably all just be p!$$!ing in the wind in terms of getting confirmations Cool though with the techniques outlined on anyone can go against even the top-of-the-dungheap predators of the world order and can be confident that he/she is doing some respectable damage to that hierarchy.

One can also get immediate confirmations that fighting back with these techniques, when one is under psi or electronic assault, is effective.


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