Interesting Thoughts on What Orgonite is Doing

I correspond a bit with someone who is perhaps a retired scientist or academic from Europe who is new to this subject but reads EW postings. This note from him was intriguing, so I’m sharing it:


Again I wnat to express my thanks to you and your agents.
You have your own Army, Navy, and Air Corps! (SuperSpecOps)

here is the flip of that pic:

[This refers the photo I posted–90 degrees tilted–of Nicholas’ and Chris’ boat on Lake Victoria]

Butterflyclan is doing great, and although have noticed some chemtrails (mostly at dusk) the winds have pushed them mostly southwest.
But the sky is truly “blue” with real clouds. And we have had sun and mostly normal rain. This is good for the woodlands, as dry
woods keep down the fires.

Did study more on W. Reich. He also says a lot about blue. History says that he was part of the Frankfurt School, but they
did not like him( and he them) because he was a true MD healer, and believed in the physical sciences as well as the physic.
The sewer rats tried to get at him also (like R. Rife, Tesla, and some of the other guys, but they kept on as warriors,
and their discoveries have survived.

Butterflies have the right idea. Energy is quite a subject, and you must approach it mathematically, as I do.
I studied astro-gravity way back, along with the old true gravity attraction-repulsion using vector/scalar mathematics,
and studied the Hamburg school approach to Cosmobiology (Astrology). Another german named Ebertin
and his family came up with mid-point sum/difference of the attractions of the planets.

Using vectors and scalar physics. I came up with a theory on the orgone and what it may be actually
doing with Or and Dor. Energy is basically a force(s) going in a 4 dem. direction. This causes Harmonics (Accidently or on purpose)
to the (power) frequencies. Some are out of phase ( like musical scale notes, ) and can be detected by ears as sounds.
Sort of out of tune. Orgon acts (I believe) as a filter and cancels out the bad harmonics of the energy. When
this happens, the good energy appears to amplify as it has not obstruction. I believe this applies to any energy,
whether it is physical, mental, or spiritual (phychic-different deminsion energy).

Therefore orgonite must be successful at all the dor targets, namely, schools (especially mega-ones).
gov’t buildings, churches, all energy producing locations, plants, etc, (not just nuclear,) animals, and people.
Finding out that all these places are allowing some wireless devices (as cell phone xcievers.) to make extra funds.

I wish I cuold be more of a help, but am a bit handicapped older, and in my twilite yrs.
Maybe the younger folks coming along, (and some at a higher level then me) can really come up with scientific/mathematical
reasons for why this happens, and come up with devices using Orogonics to make as a part of the energy initiating devices.
I just want to pass on any encourgement that I can. BTW I did pass on Dr von Peters to some folks I know, but did not get any detailed feed back.

I still have your zapper, and use it. Changed the btry a few times.

Have you in my thoughts and prayers, too.




The following is what I wrote back to him, though I forgot to mention to him that I’m not anyone’s boss or commander, obviously. Even the folks who sell us their labor in the zapper trade are their own bosses. ~D

Thanks a lot for your thoughts and observations, **. I’m going to post that for our readers and the record, sans personal info.
Thx, too, for flipping the photo but i’m not very computerate so someone would need to show me how to move that one onto my computer from the body of an email. I could do it if it were an attachment, I think.

Dr Reich seemed to always regret that he was blackballed from psychiatry but I think it was the best thing to happen to him, considering how messed up and petty that discipline was, even then. It’s gotten a hundred times worse, in my opinion, which is why most of the talent work for Tavistock and Langley and the rest of them pimp pharmaceuticals to the masses. There are good energy workers who carried on Reich’s psych. healing work and no endorsement or education is needed for them, since they (too) are energy sensitive and gifted. I don’t think most of them even know that Reich pioneered the use of breath for psych. healing. We often see that when an idea is timely it also becomes fairly common and accessible.

The gravity problem was solved in the 50s or early (30s in Germany?), I think, but since it was all black ops academia was never in the loop, even if they wanted to be (I’m sure they didn’t). There’s an awful lot of good documentation to support that and Carol and I have seen obviously-manmade antigrav craft pretty close up, back when the shitbirds were trying to frighten us with all that [Image Can Not Be Found] and I miss seeing them.

Meanwhile, academia still has Einstein on a pedestal which is resting on the official denial of the ether. Too bad that real science is being conducted in secret for bad people but that can change pretty fast when it’s time, perhaps.

A friend in Europe sent me a disc that has some of Dr Reich’s paintings on it. He obviously saw energy, if I’m not mistaken, and tried to convey his observations in his paintings.

Let me know if you get around to experimenting with orgonite, okay? I’m glad you like our zapper.

His ‘butterfly’ reference is regarding the work that Happy Butterfly is reporting, here. He reckons that HB’s distributed orgonite has produced the positive effects in the atmosphere and they live in teh same area. Well done, HB and friend!


they are interesting thoughts that seem correct.
sometimes a right click on an email photo will allow you to save it to your drive.
The Keshe foundation seems to be doing “real science” Keshe seems to have figured out a modern physics. On the redicecreations interview he said Einstein’s theories are primitive or words to that effect.
here is a link to their intro vid on youtube. there are lots of interviews with him on the net too.

i also wear a D.C. zapper daily and think he has really come up with a brilliant device beyond the original plain circuit. thanks