Interesting weather warfare data from Carolien in The Nether

Hi Don,

Carolien asked me to send this to you. She’s been unable to email it.


Dear Don,

Thursday 18th January a very severe storm hit Europe… Over forty people
were killed.
During this storm I kept record of data from the KNMI (, the
main Royal Dutch Weather Institute. The data concern wind velocities in
meters per second, recorded approximately every 10 minutes by their 33 (!)
weather stations all over Holland. The lines pictured show the Dutch
province boundaries, as well as the wind speed areas above land.


The first thing that struck me about these pictures, were the concentric
wind speed areas right above various weather stations themselves! No such
circles appeared in between weather stations ever, during the three hours
I kept record. In today’s data, concentric wind speed areas seemingly do
appear in between stations. Seemingly, for two-third of their locations
are hidden now…. Wouldn’t you expect radar to measure circular areas of
declining or increasing wind in between?

In some circles the wind declines, in others the wind increases towards
the station itself. All the time the stations happen to be right in the
middle of the action. Strange coincidence, huh? The storm front went from
west to east over Holland. Could it be “radar” waves pushed or pulled the
wind here and there? To create maybe the cyclone this Atlantic storm named
Kyrill was forecasted to be?

Various stations showed this action on and off. Whereas some – like the
declining wind area in the middle of our country (station at De Bilt), or
the increasing one 20 km more south (station at Herwijnen) – remained
steady all day. Our CB is somewhere in the middle, btw. Maybe they thought
it’s spinning vortex would make momentum for a cyclone? Aiming my homemade
half-scale CB didn’t seem to stop the wind, but boosting did better! It
was great practice for gaining self-confidence.

The UN is planning on a climate warming report, coming February 2nd ,
claiming proof for human activity to blame the extreme weather changes.
Human activity indeed, if my report is anything near substantial!

INTERVIEW-U.N. climate report will shock the world -chairman
“There are a lot of signs and evidence in this report which clearly
establish not only the fact that climate change is taking place, but also
that it really is human activity that is influencing that change,” R.K.
Pachauri, the IPCC chairman, told Reuters. The IPCC will say it is at
least 90 percent sure than human activities, led by the burning of fossil
fuels, are to blame for global warming over the past 50 years, sources

I had a hacking hard time to mail you this report. Got an anonymous
phone call from 0418 (Herwijnen station?) after my first attempt to
you failed. Yesterday evening (24 January) a thick fog, smelling
chemically, closed in on our village only (I could hear several low
flying planes) and made me ill within hours. If it weren’t for my
paranoia, I would say it’s getting personal.

What do you think of all this, Don?
Regards, Carolien

hi carolein,

this is jeff mckinley. i am a friend of don and carol’s and also everyone else on this board.

your observations were quite on the money as regards the storm you experienced. the weatherstation concentrations you noticed were the same thing i noticed a while back. it was found here in america, specifically south florida that the weather stations have hardware installed that does indeed ramp up the storms via the nexrad system of radar. further, we have detirmined that most, if not all towers have a concerted haarp function that is computer controlled. your report reminds me distinctly of the weather wars two years ago when wilma swept through florida. we had knocked out a great deal of the land-based haarp and were actually battling the storm with the help of elementals and in particular, a very potent and large land-water elemental who helped spread out the eye of that haarpicane.

i was unaware that the coast of europe had hurricane-like storms ever.

your account and observations clearly show an electronic-type enhancement that is related to the very stations touted as the hardware for tracking such storms.

bravo for you in your realization… and take heart now you can be sure what your next targets should be.

to continue….

if i were over there i would gift each of the weather stations heavily. i would also check all the towers around you all and do what was necessary.

the final step is to lay lines of orgonite in the ocean out where the underwater stuff is.

we found that if all the negative hardware is gifted, then the energy dynamic shifts back to natural and you will have no storms , or minor ones. such was the case in the caribbean and west atlantic basins this year after the dire predicti0ons for massive damage on the u.s. east coast…

they are apparently kicking up haarp stuff all over the world, after the attempts in our gifted zone failed so miserably and so visibly on international t.v.

we also found that when you dunk orgonite into the ocean, dolphins or others move it around as needed to work with us and have it where it needs to be at the right time. i hope you guys over there take this storm you reported as a specific

guideline that shows exactly where orgonite is needed. they have telegraphed their spots, right?

we noticed also that since they could not get storms going artificially in our region this year that they concentrated their efforts on the west coast of mexico to send storms to the pacific nations…. cute, huh? you can guess where we will be gifting before long. actually, if you think about it there is an equatorial band that circumscribes the earth that is the source of all tropical weather. this also probably has a concentration of haarp around it as well as any populated area.

i guess you all wiil be busy, being on the coastal european front haarp line . congratulations on your astute and accurate observations! very inspiring!

Great report, Carolien, very observative, although it is very clear to see. This is going to open te eyes of quite some people perhaps.

We will soon start (I live in Holland too) gifting all those stations, their doomsday is approaching, haha.

for our dutch speaking readers: “We zullen dat varkentje eens even wassen” of in 't vloms “we zullen ons eigen daar eens mee bezig houden”

(we’ll take care of that)

No such thing as a nice target… do you realize how powerfull we are?


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