Internet Access in the House!

I didn’t know where to post this, but since Carol and I have been ‘specific targets’ for the NSA/CIA/FBI chuckleheads for almost nine years it seemed appropriate to put it in this section.

Over the past two and a half years these parasites have been beaming the crap out of our wireless internet connection between the hangar and the house so that I’ve been unable to do my email and chats in the house with Carol. We have so little time together on account of work demands that even this was precious to us, so naturally the techno-parasites invested untold dollars and man hours in disrupting it.

Every time Carol pinpointed a location from which the jamming was taking place I flew over and ‘blessed’ the spot and the jamming ceased for a couple of days. AFter four times I gave up.

Last week, Verizon, due no doubt to market demand, added some beef to the local cell coverage and all of a sudden I was able to get online in the house again, no problems [Image Can Not Be Found] . The wireless setup in the hangar, linked to a satellite dish, is still being jammed but the cellphone internet access that’s built into this cheap computer is not and probably will not be jammed.

It was fun to find and ‘grace’ those targets and our marriage is intact–better than ever.

I’m posting about it becsuse this fits the pattern of how the corporate world order’s demise is taking place. Meanwhile, the sturm und drang of disinformation would have us believing that these paper tigers are actually a menace. I rather believe, by now, that they’ll have dried up and blown away before the Pajama People even noticed that there was a problem in the first place.

Let’s hope the PJ folks will overcome their terminal stupidity and stop digging their graves with their teeth (prescribed corporate diet), so will survive to experience a better world that’s not controlled by parasites, though.


The day after I posted the above, some ‘new patriot’ in the NSA or some other sewer rat agency got into my computer remotely and turned off my wireless device. I’d been online for an hour or so, doing email. If I were computerate, I’d have immediately gone to ‘device manager’ and turned it on again but I gave up looking for it after about ten minutes, then finished email out in the hangar, where I have a satellite modem. I get a strong signal from that modem/transmitter in the house but the pop-up says, ‘little or no conectivity.’ The sewer rats used to block the signal entirely but maybe they eventually found it counterproductive to try that hard. If a tecchie was around he/she could maybe explain how they can prevent all computers in the house from accepting that strong signal.

Next morning, the device in my computer had been turned back on, again. I think that sometimes the sewer rat agencies just like to ‘reach out and touch’ us for no apparent reason other than to try to convince us that they’re powerful and not merely annoying corporate parasites. I assume that the Average Joe would feel pretty intimidated by overt sabotage like this [Image Can Not Be Found] but when enough people know what we know, that ‘the government’ is only there because we constantly allow it, then pretty soon we’ll experience an end to tyranny throughout the world. We’ll just shrug it off and have better lives for it. An species-wide act of will, hopefully the result of plenty of open discussion on the web, internationally.

I’m posting this just to expose the tactic, in case you’ve also experienced it but then were told by some tecchie that ‘There’s NO Such Thing As NSA Hakers!’

Auntie Carol Two Eagle (posts as Pahinh Winh here) pressed the ‘forums’ button on EW after logging on and her computer nearly crashed before she could stop hte process with a few keystrokes. She reads HTML code. She emailed me and I forwarded that to Capt Azti, our site host and guardian. He told us that EW is intact and suggested that Auntie C download Linux for better computer security. He knows something about security because he’s foiled two very concentrated assaults on our foru–one last Xmas, if memory serves. The sewer rats like to destroy websites on that day because the facilities where the servers are can be assumed to be empty. It happened to us when EW was still hosted in Chile, for instance.

I told her I’d post about the episode, since she’s still a little hesitant to go to ‘forums’ for now, until she gets better security. She’s not having a problem with email.

Remember, if your forum or informative website gets assaulted by an army of agency hackers, be proud that their controllers consider you a threat to parasitic, corporate hegemony! [Image Can Not Be Found]


Its not just with wireless either. I have DSL. Recently I’ve been bugged by low connection speed (Vista has a tool called “Relliability and Performance Monitor” that shows you various system statistics). Checked the cabling and its all good. Started looking etherically and found something I didn’t like in the phone junction box down the block (those about 2 feet tall about 9" square green “posts” they put in areas where the wiring is underground as is mine). I took care of it and my connection speed came back up. Gifted that post the same night and when I looked at it the next day, it looked like a gifted cell tower from an energy perspective. Something in that thing must be generating DOR. Really happy I found that one now. Since there was an electric service transformer (those big square green boxes) next to it, I wouldn’t have an issue believing that the DOR was coupling into the electricity. It was definitely the phone box that had the issue and not the transformer. That really shocked me because I was not expecting to see this.

Well, yesterday the connection speed was back down again. They probably figured out I thwarted that prior effort of theirs. We traced it at the beginning of chat to a much larger junction/control box (those large ones that stand about 4 feet tall or more) close by but outside the development. We took care of that. Connection speed has been up to snuff since but nothing is forever (wink).

As Stevo says, like brushing your teeth, its a process – not something you do once and its a done deal. Eventually I’m hoping I push them so far away from me their efforts are going to be useless.

Like Don says though, this and other things they’re doing is good confirmation they view me as a threat.