Intimidation? Has someone entered my house?

Last weekend I noticed one of the orgonite devices I bought from DB was broken. It wasn’t broken before.
How do you like those colors?
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Has someone entered my house?

Talking about DB’s offerings, I use to have one of his books “Angels in a harsh world”, but it “disappeared” before I could finish it. With the psi phenomenons I’ve encountered, including teleportation, and my history of gang stalking, I wonder whether I made it disappear or if the MI6 stole it.

That is almost identical to my encounter with these agency people.
They punched a hole in my DVD remote.
They must use some kind of frequency device that lets them literally walk through walls and into your home while at the same time being invisible – sounds unbelievable doesn’t it, but that’s what happened.

When you picked up your piece of damaged orgonite do you remember exactly where it was?
The reason being it looks like considerable force would had to have been used to break off that piece, so the orgonite would probably had to have been placed on a solid surface – my DVD remote was on top of wooden speakers, the speaker cabinet was scratched to hell as clearly someone had held it down hard while trying to force a screwdriver into the remote, the remote slipped around and scratched the speaker.

Have a look and see if you can spot any scratch marks around the area where you found your damaged orgonite.

They have this incredible technology and what do they use it for – to damage your TB and my remote control, it just about sums up the mentality of these cretins doesn’t it.

You guys are weird.No one can walk through walls, and why would they attack your remote or chip your orgonite? I used to drink But really I had ‘them’ in my house too. They turned my pictures upside down ,stole my dog,flattened my tires etc.My wife couldn’t handle it so she left. That was the best part! [Image Can Not Be Found];

I had a similar vandalism experience some weeks ago. I had a dark green candle burning next to my bedside for bringing prosperity. Next to it was a screwdriver. One morning when I woke up I noticed that the candle was stabed deep with the screwdriver, as if someone had picked the screwdriver and pushed it into the candle base. I asked if my mother or my sister had done it as a joke and both said that it wasn’t them. My mother said I was crazy hehehheheh. I wonder how the hell the screwdriver went there! Now I always keep it away from the candle, just in case [Image Can Not Be Found];

If it was intimidation, it didn’t worked.

Yes what we say is weird, but please remember where you are. Read The Adventures of Don and Carol Croft for a reminder, if needed. If what any of us say challenge your credulity, wait and see. There are people who want to read about our experiences no matter how bizarre they might be. Shaun is not the one who came up with the idea of MI6 agents passing through walls to damage his remote control. He learned it from the host. Maybe I am off the mark, but I prefer taking the risk of looking crazy than being right and not reporting the incident as a preventive measure of threat detection and exposure.

I have to say this the last place I’d expect to see my reports ridiculed. I’m not making up what happened, if what happened to me is unbelievable to you purely because you haven’t experienced it for yourself then have a read of Adventures Of Don & Carol Croft – they must also be making it up – right?

I Jeff think/guess Bear Claw’s first three sentences are intended to be ironic.

Yup, I agree. You have to learn how to take a joke. I’m sure Bear Claw has plenty of ‘war wounds’ like the rest of us. You have to laugh at this stuff. When you sit back and think about how stupid it is (from the point of view of the bad guys) its damn funny.

I mean can you see the work order for a field operative? Break into house, find and punch hole in DVD remote and disturb nothing else. Or any of countless other stupid pet tricks (hehe).

C’mon, its sick but its really funny too. And in no way am I disbelieving it. I’ve had my share of weird happenings too. We all have. If you can’t sit back and laugh at it in hindsight, you’ve got your spring wound a little too tightly (wink).

The good news is we’re winning the war.

Yes, it was a joke. I think they do stuff like that as a mental, emotional attack. Makes you feel vulnerable. Not because they don’t want you to watch the news.Good luck in your gifting and never be intimidated by spineless roaches!

I remember a funny sotry that happened to one of my friend… A short while after I introduced him to orgonite, he had a very strange dream. He dreamt that a couple of men dressed in black were telling to stop frequenting me or else he would get trouble from them. He woke up during the dream and told me kind of saw black shape in the corner of his room and that he felt the presence of something. Just wanted to share…I find the story quite funny. Agents telling people not to frequent me! [Image Can Not Be Found]

About the bearclaw comment….after reading it for the first time I tought he was serious but after reading it a second time I really understood that he was joking. It’s like if my mind missed the part where he said “But really”. Maybe it’s the same misunderstanding that happened to the other peoples because I’m sure no one here is harsh enough not to be able to take a joke.

Take car everyone! Love.

Wild and funny, sure, but it didn’t exclude disbelief, of course. I suppose not everybody here believe everything that we say. It’s harder to convey the nuance of irony when you lack the non-verbal cues of face to face communication, and I seam to have a stronger bias for literal meaning than the average person. Are these “laughing matters” worth reporting? I admit to being easily upset (the idea of smoking pot makes me shake in my boots, for instance), but I hardly consider myself a warrior anyway. More a sensitive. I didn’t choose this path. I don’t know why I was chosen in the first place. Sorry for not “getting it”.

Just one tought that came to my mind: If one wishes to know about the “weirdness” the shitbirds are able to do one should certainly read Al Bieleks interviews.