Invisible CBs And Their Inversions

On December 8 I received an e-letter from Manfred, in which he described a discovery he had recently made. Translation:

Although the region in which I live is very well gifted, there are a few places where the qi keeps turning back to negative, even aggressive at times. Improvement only comes to these places when one buries an earth-pipe.

Only today was I able to buy some more copper pipes to make new earth-pipes. However I had a few smaller pipes (18mm in diameter) left over from the construction of an undersized CB, made for charging water and orgonite. I had 6 pipes each about 300mm long.
To make use of these pipes I made an experiment in an area which always kept turning back to negative. (In this region even today one finds many Nazis, and the qi underground is negative.)

I drove into this area, letting myself be guided by the orgonite in my car. When its qi-emanation became strongest, I parked the car, and walked aways into the forest. There I dug up some dirt, and placed over it a standard CB-stabilizer, in which the six holes had been bored just big enough so that I could easily pound the pipes through them, the pipes forming the vertices of a regular hexagon.

Then I removed the stabilizer and hammered the pipes straight down, all the way into the ground, so that they seemed as if they were the pipes of a CB pointed down.Then I placed an ordinary TB on top of each pipe end, so that the six TBs formed a ring.

As soon as I had finished, I felt a strong queasiness, since the apparatus had immediately begun to attract DOR and transform it. I have had similar nauseous feelings before, in places filled with pain or DOR, at the time they were gifted with orgonite. I interpret such symptomatic of the first stage of clearing the place.

It takes a certain amount of time for the pain or queasiness to leave, and the atmosphere to clear itself.

Therefor I went out of the forest somewhere else for awhile. About 15 minutes later I returned and found the feeling of the place to be already better. The air was now free of mist and the atmosphere both clear and pleasant.

This positive change could be felt up to a distance of 15 kilometers away.

I will go back to the place tomorrow to see how it has changed.
If my wife doesn’t need the camera, I will photography the place and send you a picture.
I am astounded how stark an effect this improvised apparatus of copper pipes and TBs seems to have. If the effect persists, I will try it out in other places.

I wrote him back saying that the abbreviated 6-pipe , as he calls it, looked quite strong, and asked him to keep me posted.
On the tenth he wrote back, saying that when he returned, he could feel the positive qi from 5 kilometers away. He said the atmosphere clearly felt good, even though there were high tension electric lines just behind the forest, which also carried microwave-transmitters. When he approached the abbreviated 6-pipe, he was met by a joyful feeling, which he suspected was from the entities of the place greeting him.
Then he told me that he had found some 15mm pipe [color=black:ku88o3px][between 1/2 and 5/8 inches][/color:ku88o3px] which he cut into 300mm pieces which he used to make some other abbreviated 6-pipes in other locations. I will defer to Manfred for comments on these.

I decided to make an abbreviated 6-pipe myself, and for the purpose used six pieces of half-inch pipe, each 14 inches long. I tried using TBs with quarz crystals, and TBs with only rosequarz (which is what Manfred used in his first one). I found that both were good, but that the quarz crystals gave more power.


[color=white:1nm9fht0]aaaa[/color:1nm9fht0]The thought came to me that if the earthpipe combination was so strong, why not try inverting the setup? If it worked, one would have something approaching the strength of a CB that would be invisible, and thus not subject to vandalism. Furthermore it would be much cheaper than a CB.

So I dug out the abbreviated 6-pipe and made sure I had a hole about 16" in diameter and about 16" deep.

I reasoned that the earth would hold the pipes in place well enough, so I cut a stabilizer out of cardboard, 6 holes each a half-inch in diameter, and with a distance of 12" between opposite holes.

I made 6 new TBs, with reasonably good crystals small enough that they would fit easily into a half-inch pipe, and placed vertically upward in the centers of the muffin-shaped orgonite. I made sure that the positive tips of the crystals extended a little out of the tops of the TBs.

I took the TBs and distributed them evenly along the edge at the bottom of the hole. Then I put the stabilizer in over the TBs and made sure that the crystals pointed up through the holes in the stabilizer.

I took the stabilizer out, and placed a little dirt into the hole, so that the level was just up to the upper surfaces of the TBs.

Then I inserted the pipes a little distance into the holes, and set the whole thing down in the hole in the ground such that the points of the crystals were inside the holes of the bottom ends of the copper pipes, and the stabilizer was near the bottom.

Then I carefully put the dirt back in around the pipes, making sure that the pipes remained vertical as the dirt was packed around them. The stabilizer kept the bottoms of the pipes in place in the hole. At the end, only the top tips of the pipes were showing. Almost immediately it began to work as a CB, with the transformation spot just above ground level.

I came back in less than an hour, and there was an elemental just over it above ground, and a sylph high up in the sky above it.

Next day it was still working fine, so I made the experiment of filling the pipes up with dirt as well, pouring it in from the top, and then I added an extra inch of dirt over the top, so that the whole apparatus was hidden. I then left, and when I came back later, found that it was working just as well as it had been when the pipes had been empty.

Yesterday Ryan McGinty came over for a visit, and he took a look at it. He verified that it was working like a CB and quite strong (and he said hello to the sylph).

I will take some photos and post them tomorrow if things work out.


After having felt the strong effect when returning to the site where I had buried the very first device I decided to experiment at other two places.

Concerning the first test site:
I passed near site 1 on christmas eve when we went to a village where last summer we had re-erected the gravestone of our ancestor´s grave at the local cemetery there. The grave had been devastated half a year before (which in my eyes is an etheric criminal act towards our family, btw.) It is in my property now and heavily gifted.

The device was pretty good to feel at a distance of 5 kilometers (app. 3 miles). Its field had a powerful peaceful feeling, that was covering the snowy landscape.

The other two devices mentioned above were buried one at a sacred site (which for centuries is not acknowlegded by the church…hehe) where a sacred fountain can be found and the other one at the top of a hill where I´m passing everyday on the way to or back from work.
All described devices have the pipes down and the TBs above.

The etheric field of the site I´m passing nearly everyday shows some remarkable properties. The field is sometimes very large an reaches out into a distance of about 10 kilometers. Sometimes it is only to feel at adistance of 2 kilomters, but until now never smaller. The average distance where I can feel it is about 5 kilometers.

Until now I cannot explain why this is so. This has probably to do with some energetic dynamics in the earth.

It is also remarkable that the device seems to work in both directions, that means, it is drawing energy from the underground below an then the energy is swirling up into the atmosphere. So both – heaven and earth – get affected in a very positive way.

More to come…


Today I buried another underground CB ( UCB for short). The TBs I already had prepared had crystals too large for half-inch pipes, so I used some 3/4 inch pipes instead, cut to one foot length. are the TBs, the TBs with cardboard stabilizer, and the same with the pipes, all in the shop before burying.
There was a half-foot of snow on the ground. is the undisturbed site. I [scraped the snow off, and then [dug the hole, saving the sod on the side. is the hole with the TBs placed at the bottom. Bolow are the TBs under the stabilizer, arrayed at the bottom of the hole:

Now the pipes are added, before refilling the hole:

As I filled the hole, I rectified the pipes, making sure they were vertical– they are with the hole half filled. Below is the hole filled to the tops of the pipes:

While refilling, some of the dirt went into the pipes, but that was of no import. [Now I placed the sod back over the hole, and the site looked similar to its original appearance, except for the snow having been removed, of course. is the site from a distance. was an unclothed sylph above, and off to the west [one clothed in a cloud After a minute, the one above donned apparel (it is the small cloud inside the yellow oval):

After taking the tools in the shop and cleaning them, I came back out, and there was a tall slender Deva above the UCB:

Went out to take a look at the new UCB this morning, and it was stronger than yesterday. There was an elemental on sight so jolly, that I had to laugh when I looked at him.
This UCB is clearly stronger than the first one I buried. The crystals were smaller and the pipes smaller in diameter (half inch instead of 3/4) than in the new one.

Congratulations Manfred on your initial inspiration and to Kelly for your inspired inversion of the idea to produce what appears to be a very strong device with the significant advantages you outline; a low-cost ‘Tactical CB’ that can be safely buried in areas too insecure for a regular CB.

As I indicated in my email to Kelly recently; the big question for me is whether it is as good at dissolving chem-crud as a regular CB in the absence of the six-foot extension pipes.

There are two spots in Bali that are out of range of any of the CBs on the island and I intend to bury UCBs at each location to see what effect they have on the sky.


Yesterday I went to check out the sacred site where I had installed one of the devices a few weeks ago. It was the first time I went there since. The device could be felt clearly at a distance of 5-7 km.
When I went up to the little chappell in the woods I recognized the powerful joyful and peaceful feeling there, as it had been at the first test site when I had returned the next day to check it out.
Etheric beings really seem to love the devices. It was so peaceful!

Suddenly I had a good laugh as I remembered some old Chicago gangsterfilms where they had called their guns “peacemakers”. So I´d like to call the pipe-downward version peacemaker, if you don´t mind. It really creates peace, and I like the double-sense in the word.

At the moment we cannot say more than stating the fact that the UCB and the Peacemaker are creating unexpectedly powerful orgonefields. The devices until now have been tried out in well busted areas and here as well as at Kelly´s site there are some standard-CBs in the area.
But Kelly will soon make his trip to South America am I just have to get deeper into Hungarian territory where there is very little or no orgonite until now.
So we have the possibility to really check things out under heavy conditions.


Within the last weeks I installed 10 peacemakers within an area of about 50-70 kilometers in diameter.
5 of them are to find at a distance of 10 to 15 kilometers from my home, the other 5 ones are at a distance of 25 to 35 km.

There are some interesting observations I want to share:

1.) After christmas I installed one device at some site and noticed, that there is already a remarkable effect on the energy dynamics between ground and atmosphere when only the pipes are put into the ground. When the six pipes are in place, a flow of orgone from the ground to the atmosphere is starting. When the TBs are put onto the pipes and the whole thing is covered with soil again, a large and strong field of very positive orgone starts to expand. This expansion is not developing uniformly but with some sort of irregular pulse.
When I had returned home I read a posting of Tapier, who is gifting in northern Germany, that he had also tried out the peacemaker and reported on the german forum. He reported similar observations.

2.) After having finished the first ring of devices I started to build another one at a distance from the first devices, going more outward from well gifted towards sparsely gifted areas. The atmosphere was lightening up and a warm feeling was running through my body after a certain time a device was put into the ground. Driving home I had the impression of seeing long, horizontal sparks in the landscape, but surely it was an impression within my mind.

Maybe the earth (soil) carries an orgone charge which is much higher than the atmospheric one, as W. Reich was already supposing and this charge is supporting all the other distributed orgonites and lifting some energetic load off the CBs.

Please consider that these observations are pretty subjective. But the observed dynamics are very surprising, at least to me, so I´d like to offer it here to you, hoping that you can probably contribute your own observations.

When the second ring of peacemakers is completed I will go on to ungifted areas in Hungary and report what is happening there, in (at the time) unorgonized area.


Maybe the “sparks” i was sensing in my mind are just the life-matrix which gets perceptible (at least to me) again as soon as the death-matrix is removed.

I came to think of using tbs that have been cured with a cb underneath them. I made a pour today like this. As it was found out not too long ago curing devices atop CB will give them similar kind of qualities (energising water etc.) This discovery is remarkable though, will try using it myself too when I get to the field again.

Yesterday and the day before, Ale, Javi, and I were in Punta Arenas , the closest to Anartica of any city with population above 200,000.

The ground there was quite negative (DOR), as well as the ground in the island across the bay. We decided it would be a good place to test out one of Manfred´s Peacemakers. Early in the morning yesterday we went just outside the city limits in a little patch of woods, and buried the Peacemaker: six 1 inch pipes, arranged in a circle about the same distance apart as the pipes in a CB, and topped by six TBs, each having crystal with positive end extending out of the TB and into the pipes.

Four hours later, just before we left town, we drove back to take a look at at what, if anything had developed. At the site I felt into the ground and found that, as deep as I could feel, the ground was positive. As we drove away I found that the feeling persisted for about a mile. Consequently I surmise that the effect was in a disk of about 1 mile diameter about the Peacemaker.

Unfortunately we could not stay longer to se how far it eventually would spread.

We plan to do another test when we get back to Santiago, when we will have more time to see the extent of the effect.


In light of recent developments I felt some urgency to post an update in this thread. I’m writring this in NOvember, 2009, a couple of years after this thread was started.

Some fellows in the US and Canada started vigorously promoting the claim that they can get better results with ‘cloudbusters’ that are made of dirt and plastic pipes. These claims haven’t been very successful, I’m happy to say and I think it’s because most of our readers have direct experience with orgonite by now and know at least a little bit about the history of such attempts to undermine this unorganized effort.

The hook these guys are attempting to use is the cost of an orgonite cloudbuster. When they started the campaign last year, by the way, the price of copper had ballooned up but the cost has come back down by now, fortunately.

What came out of the enquiry that revolved around burying six short pipes in the ground is something that evidently relates to earthpipes. When Kelly, Carol and I did the field testing to determine some parameters for earthpipes we found that after we earthpiped areas where underground bases are known to exist, the sky right overhead immediately cleared of bad energy. This is more or less the same as what happens when a cloudbuster is first set up so it’s easy to see how one could assume that putting six short pipes and some orgonite in the ground ‘is the same as erecting a cloudbuster.’

It’s tempting to become mystical about the effects of orgonite, I think, and people who have science training are no more immune to that than Ituri pygmies are. Reich advised people to understand mystical processes without becoming mystics and I appreciate his approach.

Kelly has provided a lot of discoveries to this effort, including orgonite’s ability to energize water and the placement of six towerbusters on a stubbornly unbalanced earth energy path to correct it.

A more recent outgrowth of Kelly’s initial discoveries is the 108, the 114 and other hexagon-based arrangments of orgonite objects. Cesco has worked closely with Kelly on some of this and Kelly has been posting his journal reports on Cesco’s website:

It was during Cesco’s visit in March, 2008, that we witnessed the persistent, big blue hole in the surrounding storm that was centered over Kelly’s property, generated by a 108 or a 114. Cesco went with Carol and I, a few days later, to drop a large 18 into the confluence of the Columbia and Spokane Rivers, where a lot of nasty energy had persisted. The energy in that region has been delightful ever since then. In the past six months, many of us who are in the orgonite business have experienced more protection and prosperity after we set 108s up on our property. Kelly credits Cesco with the 108 arrangement and says that his is the 114. We haven’t yet experimented with a 114 but will get to it on the strength of Kelly’s recommendation. Carol says that every number and geometric form has specific uses and powers.

Another direct outgrowth of this thread was Manfred’s , which has survived in spite of the odds, I think, and which I truly believe will eventually eclipse

A cloudbuster pays for itself by suppressing lightning, violet weather and floods within a 20-40 mile radius. I don’t know of any other device or arrangement of devices that can do that but I hope someone will do the legwork to make that determination. An orgonite cloudbuster’s range in the stratosphere evidently extends to hundreds of miles in a sort of rotating cyclonic pattern, according to Carol, DB and others who see subtle energy. The field has a parabolic funnel shape, centered on the cloudbuster. As the field pokes up through the lower cumulus clouds it often creates a hole that’s a mile to five miles in diameter, just like these fellows were seeing after they planted the short pipes and orgonite.

There are lots of ways to make those blue holes in the lower clouds and, lately, even the Sylphs did it in New Jersey over Gene’s place and the only orgonite he had made was two ounce disc.

I admire Dr Reich and especially his approach to the study of subtle energy. By eschewing mysticism he kept his mind and eyes pretty sharp and he did a LOT of work before making any assumptions; then he invited people to find flaws in his presentations.

I want people to hold our collective feet to the fire on and to challenge our claims. Notice that we make very few claims, by the way and I think this is a function of intellectual honesty rather than humility


Talking of peacemakers, I make them for the trees mostly around here, but I aim to have a few in London afore long, have one there already.

I did look on Manfreds forum for any mention of them but nothing, and I know Kelly and Cesco are very keen on them, and Manfred presumably still.

Kelly is using the small TBs to open vortices now.

Here are one 22mm, and one 15mm pipe. The 15mm pipe is what they like but I made the 22mm one with normal TBs when I didn’t have any small crystals, but presumably the normal TBs will last longer and be more resistant to root or mole attack.

Thanks, John. I never doubted that they’re useful devices. The point I was making was that they were being promoted as cloudbuster substitutes. The psychics didn’t get involved in the research, perhaps due to the labor required to install them. Some folks are still sore at me for holding people’s feet to the fire, insisting that those claims should be backed up properly and that passionate imitation can’t be a substitute for discernment.

If I allowed EW to go down Blind Imitation Highway our readers would lose interest. I’ve made six 108s, given away four of those, and I’m still not ready to make any claims for the device. We’ve been observing the effects for six months in a variety of applications and several others are pooling their observations and impressions, too. This seems more appropriate to me than the way the Peacemaker was being promoted. If anyone is inclined to bring the Peacemaker back to the table I hope he/she will also take a more grounded approach, here. If that seems fair I’ll put one on our property so Carol can study the effects, then if it looks to her like it has a unique applicaiton we’ll extend our research and report on it.

Some noses were put out of joint, a couple of years ago, by my insistence that claims need to be properly backed up with evidence but I think that predicament simply represented one of the many growth stages of this movement. There will be many more stages, hopefully, and each of us are constantly challenged to remain viable in this effort. I hope to stick around.

Human nature dictates that the simplest effective solution will generally be the one that the most people adopt. The more inclusive this work can be, the more people will do it and it’s a numbers game, after all, not a beauty pageant or any other kind of contest. The way that several people in the US and Europe were vigorously promoting the Peacemaker our readers were clearly getting the impression that it was replacing just about every other device. The hell of it was that Kelly and the rest are sincere, genuine folks and this was clearly not their intention.

There had been many intentional strategies to move attention away from simple towerbusters by professional saboteurs in the past. The ‘dirt/plastic-pipe CB’ is a current one and notice that nobody of note is paying attention to that. I was in an extremely uncomfortable position, two years ago with the Peacemaker (it was being called ‘underground cloudbuster,’ then) because it was easy to deal with the saboteurs but I was sort of backed into a corner by the circumstances and had to challenge these reputable people’s hasty assumptions.

Looking ahead a bit (and the evidence for this is already abundant) we can probably see that everyone on the planet is going to have or make orgonite and if any of us get a mention it will be more like a footnote than a headline. Nobody thinks of Henry Ford every time he/she gets into the car, for instance, and we’re less likely to think of Mr Crapper every time we use his invention.

The 108 is an example of something that’s taking on a life of its own, like the clouduster, towerbuster, earthpipe. Succor Punch, etc. It’s a lot harder to make than a Peacemaker but most folks only make one for their home and it doesn’t replace anything else. Notice that this is happening gradually. The really good stuff usually spreads quietly and steadily. The principle of the 108 is perhaps the same basic one as the Peacemaker: the hexagram dynamic.

The professional poison vendors are spreading tales about me being a curmudgeon and cult leader. EW, on the other hand, is the only viable orgonite forum and it’s because a lot of people contribute substantive reports and observations, here. If I were a cult leader this couldn’t happen. If someone showed up today and claimed that he/she had something to replace orgonite I would feel obliged to ask that person for evidence and also obliged to promote it if the claims panned out. Half the stuff I promote was invented by someone else, after all, and even our zapper is an amalgam of the discoveries and inventions of half a dozen people, including Carol. he same can be said of most inventions. Kelly has made a lot of discoveries, as has Carol, Cesco and a few others. Tesla noted that inventions ride on the coattails of discoveries.

Poisonmongers, none of whose names I’ll mention (except DeMento, who tried to get Georg and crew sentenced to prison with his lies), have gotten the confidence of a few of our associates over the years and turned them against us. That’s unfortunate but in the end we’re each only accountable for our own discernment, of course. The poison mills were operating around the clock a couple of years ago and Kelly was caught in the middle, between them and me. Kelly resigned from EW on account of it but we still visit each other and we still experiment with some of his and CEsco’s findings, obviously.

EW is a war-waging collaboration and Kelly is quite clear about his desire not to fight the bad guys, after all. Calling his invention ‘Peacemaker’ still feels fine to me. There’s room for a dozen or ten dozen orgonite forums that specialize in areas that are not connected to opposing tyrants and parasites. is the first viable forum to explore one of those areas. Healing is another broad avenue of enquiry that’s mostly untouched. We sure can’t do it all justice.

The reason there are not more viable orgonite forums is because the level of commitment required to keep the agents and the MOnarch-programmed guided missiles out of the mix is just too daunting for most folks, right now. I absolutely guarantee that if you open a forum on any topic, even orchid growing, you’ll get saboteurs and their Monarch-programmed peanut galleries and Greek choruses lining up to p!$$ in the punchbowl and those people are mandated to push every substantive person out of the picture. If that weren’t so, you’d see a score of viable orgonite forums by now.

I haven’t had to boot a mole from EW in several years because this forum is not about me. It’s got its own life and identity by now. If I croaked it would probably keep going or some other viable forum would show up to take its place. I hope to stick around, of course [Image Can Not Be Found] because this is the most fun I’ve ever had with my clothes on.


Have 5 of these in London now (2 in Manchester as well). Only danger I can see is putting them down instead of Earth pipes but I have 60 of those down in Westminster and the City which are the undergound centres.

the site in Peckham was shown to me I reckon, there is your perfect spot, now get to work, in broad daylight, and I was led down Lizard street