Irish Free Energy Device?

Hi Don,

I came across this online and thought you might be interested:

Apparently they have a working device that has been and is being tested by 300 engineers, and they started a public speaking campaign in early 2009 in the Middle East, then are moving to Europe in the summer and the USA this fall.


I’d been following these guys a couple of years ago, as they were apparently ready to go public, with a robust model for demonstration.

They were to display their engine in London, and a chap I sold some orgonite to was going to take a piece along, but the demonstration device failed to work so they called it off, which was a shame.

Like with all these devices, I hope it is simple and/or affordable so we can all buy/make one.

two years ago I registered on their mailing list but since nothing happened.

Rather have a look at this KML stuff again:

Maybe a combination with orgonite could boost the thing.

My best boost to Georg and relatives.