Irresistible Orgonite

Perhaps the way to gift places like Saudi Arabia is to make it irresistible to the hosts, bank managers, shop keepers, street stands, police, military, etc and give the orgonite directly to these people and institutions.

How to make it irresistable? By having the orgonite in the shape and colors of a respected symbol or just with a picture of said symbol. I’ve seen some vendors listed on EW marking orgonite with really nice embedded pictures - perhaps they can elaborate on the more technical aspects of mixing resin with images.

Here are some suggestions for images:

(current Saudi Arabia Ayatollah)

When I have to describe on postal service forms what orgonite is, I always write down “decorative objects”. It can’t be argued
This is of course a bit speculative and perhaps an idea for the future - suggestions are welcome.
Meanwhile let’s keep on boosting Jane Ngugi and help her however we can.


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HI Carlos,
Thanks for the new idea really i m very much encouraged in the new model of propagating the orgonite even to the nations where some laws and regulations are against some kinds of foreign support products like the orgonite. You made me to have a wide perspective in handling things which can geared to the spread of the orgonites in some ares without their knowledge.

In fact communities like ornament,belts plus some domestic materials like utensil when we cote them with the orgonite they can easily find market even to areas where the laws are very tough and in return enable the orgonite to easily penetrate without their knowledge.
So your idea is very good, even the emblems like the one that you put on the photo when we use the orgonite in making them will help too in propagating the orgonite without much of the difficulties.
Thx Dancan

Thanks Dancan,

I see you are taking it a bit further and thinking of every day items which include orgonite in their construction.
That sounds good and an idea perhaps to make experiments with. Hopefully it can also be done with objects large enough that the orgonite in them is sufficient to affect the death towers.

I’ve done a bit of experimenting myself and tried to find an cheap and easy way to include images in simple TBs with the purpose of making it more easy to distribute in places like Saudi Arabia.

These 4 symbols had different physical properties:
*the Cross was only normal printing paper - amazingly it survived the resin quite well
*the Chinese flag was normal printing paper with transparent tape over it - I didn’t tape it too well and the result is some obvious resin infiltration
*the 6 pointed Star was 260 gram photo paper - this paper, on its own, is not wholly imprevious to resin, apparently
*the Star and Crescent was 260 gram photo paper with transparent tape over it - it produced the best results, but it was also better “taped”

I think 180 gram paper with tape well placed over it should be enough to consistently turn out good results. I still have plenty of 260 gram paper so I’ll continue experimenting with that.


Frankly I think the cheap and easy! way is to actually contact a professional printer of transparent labels, you can get thousands of them for around 5 to 10 cents of euro a label.
I think you’ll actually spend much more money in ink, paper, tape etc. (and a lot of time!) by yourself if you start to make a lot of those, than if you get a printing factory to make them.

I love the idea of using emblems on orgonites for some hard to reach countries

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Thanks Braikar, I never tried it with labels and if such a company exists with easy reach it sounds like that is the solution for long term, cheap and easy image production.
Of course that is for when you already know what images to print because you’ll be doing thousands. For the moment I am merely experimenting with “household items”


With polyester resin you have to use an inkjet printer. Laser prints , zerox prints, and sharpie pens will bleed and become blurry. Water based ink/paint is what you want to use.
If you want the paper to turn clear in the resin, use rice paper or shoji paper to print or draw on. regular printer paper will work, but it stays white in the resin.
i occasionally sell prints to surfboard builders, so i have some experience with this.

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Thank you David - that’s very useful information!


Wonderful idea Carlos, you may just be the one who helps us to break the communication barrier between nations.

The way I imbed images is as follows:

step 1 -I use clear resin and pour what I call the permanent viewing “lens” first (about 1/8 inch deep) and let it cure
step 2 -next I put the image in (ontop of the lens facing outward) and add 1/16 of an inch of resin to seal the image in place and make it permanent then let it cure
step 3 -add metal, crystals, coil etc. and the rest of the resin and let it cure
step 4 -the permanent finished component is produced and ready to deploy


Thanks Louis, for your comments and also your suggestion!

I think we are all just sharing ideas with each other here. Some places in this Earth seem very unsuitable for the usual gifting ways and in that case it is perhaps better to be very charming with witchever hosts happen to be in those places, and straight give the orgonite to them. for instance, has some wonderfully shaped orgonite which I’m sure reaches buddhist people very easily. I’m not saying that approach works everywhere, specially not in countries where people frown on little “idol” sculptures.
The idea is there, though: to bridge the gap with a great number of people, through the usage of respected or desired forms in the visual (decorative) characteristics of orgonite.

This can be made as simple as adding a 2D image during the process of making ordinary TBs.


Thanx for the suggestion on placing labels in Gifts Guys, We’ve been doing this for years
And could never get it right but confident We can now, will experiment more, time is only limiting factor [Image Can Not Be Found] started making labels in Gifts when silver was under $10/oz, telling not to trust BANKSTERS and do saving in real money= silver, made thousands but gave them all away to plant customers so no pic sorry…

Next label was this and the most appropriate message iMho…
In English and thai…,

rather than labels any 3d mold can be created out of 2 part silicone rubber mixed together, made all 12 horoscope hp’s for that…

Pisces hp

Bucket hp’s



Differant dolphin hp’s

In Thailand over 50% of males where a Buddah necklace of some sort, when Mine is worn outside My shirt I am constantly stopped by Thais wanting a closer look…