Is One Towerbuster Really Enough?

Hi Don,

as you may know, i’m used to see Je’s gifting reports, and i always have read things like ‘12 towerbusters for this single antenna’, but as i’ve read at other places, some gifters, like you or George from orgoniseafrica, use a single towerbuster for neutralize the DOR of a huge antenna even bigger than some of the ones gifted by Je.

So here is the question. Can actually a single towerbuster neutralize the DOR of the ‘biggest monster’?
Here is an example of what i want to telll you.……001ed2.jpg

Imagine an antenna even bigger than this one i’ve put. Can actually a single towerbuster have wonderful effects with it?

Tomorrow, i’m going to a city that is PLAGUED of big antennas. I’ll go there without towerbusters, but maybe i’ll go again soon carrying them with me and i don’t want to waste orgonite gifting only 10 antennas.



I generally put one towerbuster per tower and get the requisite observable results, Javi. If Je wants to put a dozen where one would be adequate, there’s sure nothing wrong with that. I think it’s a question of personal preference and/or he’s been guided to do that. Everyone has his/her own style, by the way.

This is something each gifter will hopefully get a feel for. Of course I toss out more than one towerbuster for an exceptionally nasty or huge tower and I assume that if Je used 12 for a particular tower he was guided to do so. We each ought to trust our instincts when we’re out in the field. I think this is how The Operators ‘talk’ to us.

Steve Baron and crew in Toronto didn’t leave anything to chance: they put at least one orgonite device in every city block throughout the area, which has a population of around 20 million. That was tens of thousands of towerbusters, eartthpipes, etc. and most of us don’t have the resources to do that, so we focus mainly on the death towers and weather weapons, first [Image Can Not Be Found]

Busting the death towers and weather weaponry is a first essential step in a city or region, by the way . I think that distributing orgonite more widely in a town produces additional confirmations but in that case one needs to be aware of people’s attitudes and the ambience of the place in order to see the changes/confirmations. This is my favorite aspect of gifting and the positive changes we can make this way are mind-boggling.

Good luck in that deathtower-infested city! It’s good to take on such a grand challenge.


I figure that rules are made to be broken, so I’m not fond of making rules. The reason I experimented so extensively with simple, three-ounce towerbusters in a dozen or so cities in August, 2002, was to determine if one TB per tower is a workable parameter. The incredible visual and other sensory confirmations I got at the end of each gifting run were entirely consistent and have been repeated by a whole lot of other gifters over the years.

I could have used more orgonite but if I had done that, it would be impossible for me to know if the three-ounce simple towerbuster were adequate. This was my most dramatic introduction to the raw power of simple orgonite. Before that, Carol and I did a lot of more specific gifting before the death tower network was thrown up around the planet but I consier the three-ounce towerbuster our biggest contribution to this global unorganized effort–more significant than our orgonite cloudbuster, in my view.

A lot of people don’t care about this, so they’re inclined to make their towerbusters more complicated (and costly) than they need to be but as long as our readers will not assume that the more complex and costly approaches are needed, then I don’t see any harm in individuals’ preference for that approach.

I think that most of the folks who will not consider using simple, basic orgonite are just challenged to consider how something that simple can be so powerful, so they naturally assign the cause of these grand effects to be fancy crystals, exotic coils, shapes, etc. It’s sort of like how people with PhD behind their names can’t reckon how a cheap, simple zapper cures cancer, AIDS, etc., evidently by weak but steady ionization. It’s no mystery to me why I was led to the orgonite work through my zapper career.

This ‘simple is good enough’ subjecy has has been a core issue at since it’s inception and, for three years before that I struggled on the CIA-sponsored faker forums to keep attention directed to the simple, effective solutions. A few charismatic people, years ago, nearly destroyed this movement by getting a vocal personal (blind) following, then insisting that their proprietary approaches were the only ones that worked. I think it’s a miracle that simple orgonite still has the spotllight, under the circumstances. Maybe our success is partly due to my lack of personal charisma, rather. The new paradigm we’ve all fallen into has some odd ‘requirements’ for leadership. Refreshing to some; challenging to others [Image Can Not Be Found]

When folks dwell on fancy crystals, exotic coils/shapes and proprietary additives to ‘field’ orgonite I think they’re likely to miss out on discovering how awesomely powerful simple, unadorned orgonite is. Maybe that’s like the way some guys aren’t attracted to females unless they’re wearing pancake makeup, Texas Big Hair, dark eye shadow silicone parts, high heels and lingerie.

Also, when someone is in touch with that essenial awareness (simple orgonite’s potential), he/she is more likely to determine which additives may produce specific, desired results in personal orgonite creations. Personal orgonite is where the fancy stuff has empowering applications, after all. I’m hoping that my naturally beautiful and brilliant mate will start posting what she knows about this subject on her blogsite pretty soon:

An awful lot of people know how to do this for personal orgonite and are making a living selling their wares, now.

I challenge anyone to match or beat Carol’s skill, mature experience and insights but friendly competition is good for everyone, of course. It also helps prevent this unorganized network from turning into just another crappy personality cult.


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on the subject of one TB per tower, I think this is more than adequate, except maybe if it is a big monster, then I always feel inclined to put more.
Someone on the french forum tested that on the wifi box of the house to see approximately how things change with more TB’s on a small source of DOR.
There were only 3 orgonites in the house so all 3 were used in the test at that time, no other orgonite was anywhere near.

The box was tested without orgonite it was at -6000 UB. (bovis units) (using a pendulum to ask questions)
then one TB on top, it went to +4000 UB
two TBs on top, went to +7000 UB
3 TBs, it went to +11000 UB

So the great point here is that one TB is enough to turn the energy from negative (DOR) to positive (POR). If more orgonites are added, the ‘positiveness’ of the POR becomes just better and better.

Personally I always like to put 2 to 4 TB’s not really because I feel one TB is not enough, it’s just in case one is unearthed the other won’t and near big antennas even more so that I know all TB will never be discovered [Image Can Not Be Found]

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From my own experience, sometimes only one single towerbuster is enough to produce a huge beneficial effect on the immediate environment. Lastly I gifted a big HAARP array with only one towerbuster here on Reunion Island and less that one hour later there was a big circular rainbow around the sun ; For those who would like to see it here is the video link :


This rainbow was seen by the whole island, and people called the radio to describe it [Image Can Not Be Found] I must say that I had already gifted this HAARP array before. Only one towerbuster had this huge effect (in the etheric, physical and… mediatic world hehe). The cause could be the fact that the island is surrounded by water, as Don suggested me once…

Also, sometimes only one towerbuster has been sufficient for a weatherball to occasion a visual effect, and sometimes more towerbusters occasion less visual effect.

So, in my humble opinion, I have the feeling that there may be a link between the current functional state of the deathtower/weartherball(…) and the moment it is being gifted…