Is Orgonite Dying?

I wanted a catchy subject line that captures the spirit of the latest disinformation campaign. In this case I think the claimants are on a forum in Spain (thanks for sending it, Francisco of --rafiki yangu [Image Can Not Be Found]

I’ve been seeing similar rumblings on US disinformation sites and forums and I should probably address that in a separate post.

They’re claiming that orgonite sort of ‘decays’ over time and they strongly hint that the sewer rats have discovered ways to neutralize orgonite’s powerful and perpetual tranmutative force.

Here’s how you know that a disinformant has cleverly caused you to doubt something and you’ll see this dynamic on every one of their websites: the claims are made confidently but without any evidence to back them up. No evidence at all. You can easily contrast that with how reports are posted on EW or any other substantive website or forum that deals with empowering information. In the latter case the facts are presented as subjective data, mostly by people who have established a personal reputation for credibility and integrity. The disinformants may look like they have credibility and integrity but nobody knows who they are. If you’ve read this stuff and are inclined to hold the claimant accountable, as people rightly do in our case, then you didn’t swallow the red pill and your discernment processes are still operating [Image Can Not Be Found]

Everyone holds us accountable and that’s a good thing. We hold each other accountable on EW and it’s part of how such an unorganized movement expands and consolidates, after all.

Carol and I live in a large area where we flipped all of the death towers and weather weaponry over ten years ago. As we drive around Carol likes to keep tabs on the energy and when we see new towers have been thrown up next to some of the gifted ones it’s easy enough to see whether the orgonoite that was tossed, before, is sufficient to flip the new death transmitters. When more orgonite is needed wejust flip another TB or two as we drive by. It’s not a big deal and the Sylphs are almost omnipresent in our skies, which is the best indicator we know that the net energy is decisively positive.

Ever since the start of this movement there have been camp followers (presumably CIA and NSA sponsored) who stridently claimed that towers can be busted with only small amounts of orgonite rather than the recommended 3oz-volume ones that have become the norm. Carol particularly gets frustrated in our travels when we go by many death towers adn weather weapons that were only partly flipped because the gifter had swallowed that baited hook and in the past couple of years some of the fakers have been pushing ‘nano orgonite’ and making the standard, confident claim that this is ‘better than regular orgonite.’
We got some of that from a duped customer in the mail in exchange for a zapper. Even though it’s a cute pyramid shape it’s just a couple of grams of resin with some plastic glitter in it. We wanted to have it so that we could be certain that the claims are horse $#!+ befpre I was ready to mention it publicly. I won’t mention the vendor but he’s in Europe. Some Americans are also pushing this fantasy, which is an illustration of the old adage: They bow the knee to their idle imaginings and call it Truth.

Caveat emptor in these fascinating days when clever, glamorous and charismatic disinformants have proliferated on the internet around this otherwise-empowering global movement. I always feel like I’m swimming against the tide of our natural repugnance as a species to account for ourselves in each moment and it still astonishes me when anyone tells me that they’ve learned something useful from me but I’m deeply gratified that I can expose these liars’ fabrications and deflate their agenda from time to time.

Another new development is that at least two of the more charismatic and subtle disinformants are now damning orgonite with faint praise. One of my friends directed me to one of them because he thought the guy was actually promoting orgonite. I wish I could share these two writers’ alleged names but all disinformants crave to play the lapwing, so I never mention their names unless they’ve done some harm to any of us personally, like that Spanish psychologist on national TV tried to do to Jesus Torres, years ago and ‘Doktor DeMento,’ orgonomy’s academic stuffed shirt, attempted to do publicly to the ‘Kikundi’ (Georg, Carlos, Tino and Prophet: two Europeans and two Africans) of Southern Africa when they were jailed in Mozambique for three months in April, 2008. By the way, it was one year later that the East African Kikundi had their initial commercial success with generating rain and selling orgonite to farmers. A few months before that, most people in that region were facing starvation because a very, very long drought was about to cause a famine.

I suspect that the intense personal sacrifice in the south was one of the causative factors in the success in Kenya. Halfway through that year three of the founding members of the East Africans’ kikundi were murdered: David Ochieng and his wife, Emmah, in Kenya and Salva Kirr in Sudan. Mrs Odondi adopted David and Emmah’s two small children and Salva is survived by his wife, Christine, and their two children. You’re aware of Christine’s incredible successes in Southern Sudan, Ethiopia and Chad since then. She was even an elected delegate at the secession talks that led to Southern Sudan’s recent independence.

As I said, we at EW are happy to be held accountable for the observations we’ve shared with you and we have established good reputations for ourselves over the years so the next time you’re on some slick disinformation website or forum where this movement is being subtly or not-so-subtly undermined please keep this in mind, okay? Frankly, if not for the Africans’ reports over the past few years this global movement might have been destroyed by this busy, inventive little army of naysayers and ‘devil’s advocates’ who toss darts at orgonite’s established reputation from behind veils of anonymity.

Asante sana, mabibi na mabwana katika Afrika ya mashariki! (Thanks a lot, ladies and gentlemen in East Africa!)


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I forgot to mention that a strong evidence that the ancient corporate world order are not working to find ways to neutralize orgonite is that they obviously won’t acknowledge to themselves and each other that orgonite is a problem for them. I think it’s a fatal flaw in the makeup of this global parasite.

‘Corporate’ is synonymous with ‘unaccountable,’ by the way. Think about it [Image Can Not Be Found]

Here it is: you might have noticed that after you bust a bunch of contiguous death towers the $#!+birds turn up the power instead of shutting them off. You’ve flipped them all over from being weapons to become life force generators so if the $#!+birds were actually ‘scientifically observant’ and/or rational their first impulse would be to turn them off so that the weapons would be putting out less positive energy. I love the way they help us turn the energy of a region from negative to positive with a few of our drachmas’ worth of cheap boat resin this way, don’t you? I never get tired of that.

Another evidence is that they rarely hunt for the orgonite and will rather just put up another million-dollar death tower close to the one that has been flipped. If you’re a generous orgonite flinger your orgonite usually takes care of the newer death towers, too. I’ve always been a little bit niggardly with my field orgonite so I’ve been tasked with putting a little more orgonite around the few newer death towers that were thrown up in our region since Carol and I did all that gifting over ten years ago.

niggardly |ˈnigərdlē|
adjective often offensive
not generous; stingy : serving out the rations with a niggardly hand.
• meager; scanty : their share is a niggardly 2.7 percent.
adverb archaic often offensive
in a stingy or meager manner

When Carol and I were gifting in and around Los Angeles with Don Bradley, years ago, I kept trying to persuade him be more conservative with his ammunition but, now, I finally see the advantage of ‘over-gifting.’ I can be trained. We had an insanely good time with him in the field, though he came close to dying on our last sortie together in Devil’s Punchbowl, August 2004. I think it was the next day when Steeve Debellefuile in Montreal helped me set up EW. I got bitten by a rattlesnake that day, so that’s how I know that our zappers cure snakebite [Image Can Not Be Found]

DB has flipped an estimated ten thousand death towers in that region and beyond and he overgifted most of them, I’m now happy to say. I’m going to do that from now on.

The sewer rats only throw up new towers near approximately ten percent of the busted towers, by the way, which is another evidence that their disinformants credit them with too much intelligence and strategy. In terms of good battlefield intel they may be pointing out to us, unwittingly, which of their death towers are the most important to their now-failing agenda, haha.

Maybe the disinformants are trying to earn points by stroking the egos of these hiding, demented but very rich and complacent parasites? Real life is stranger than science fiction and a lot funnier than any comedy and I want more people to recognize that on their own. Each of us were born with the capacity to learn discernment and use it effectively, so there’s no excuse for swallowing those baited hooks. The bait might look delicious but when you get it in your mind’s mouth it makes you feel like crap. You’re reading this, so you obviously found the disinformation pile ‘above us’ in all of the search engines less than satisfying–congrats for making it this far; now make some orgonite and go flip some death towers so you will finally know simple orgonite’s miraculous worth, okay? [Image Can Not Be Found]

Meanwhile, I fondly hope that more of the contributors to EW will get past their shyness and start sharing pesonal information like I’ve been doing. This isn’t bragging; it’s for establishing a good collective reputation for the record. If you’re just too damn shy maybe Thom of will sell you a lapis lazuli orgonite pendant. It’s quite something, according to John Scudamore.


In the first couple of years when all those new death towers looked capable of enabling global genocide a few gifters did a prodigious amount of orgonite flinging. Jesse Zaloudek was the first one in the San Francisco area to do a lot and he first focused on all the weather weapons around the Bay and along the coast north of Frisco. I remember that he revisited one of the mountaintop arrays after an anomalous flash, like a nuclear detonation, happened at that location. He retrieved a piece of orgonite that he’d mostly buried and sent it to us for Carol to examine. The orgonite that was exposed above the ground had degraded quite a bit but the orgonite that was in the dirt was pristine.

If a little nuclear detonation or a particle beam assault from satellites is what’s required to only partly affect orgonite in the field then I think the vast majority of our pieces will remain intact and fully capable. How many nuclear-bright flashes are you seeing? Carol has only ever seen one and that happened when she was attacked while taking a walk. She was wearing her orgonite pendant so she didn’t feel anything but the grass around her was all killed in an instant. The same happened to Don Bradley a couple of months earlier but he wasn’t wearing orgonite so he got pretty sick. There was orgonite near him, which may be why he wasn’t killed. We saw him a couple of weeks after the attack and he showed us the circle of dead, yellow grass in his green yard. The corporate order are loathe to use such weaponry against Americans and Europeans because they know we’ll talk about it on the intenet. These felons still feel safe using them to murder large numbers of innocents abroad during the wars being waged by the terrorist states (US, UK, Israel).


I do my best to know the enemy, though of course if we get too deep into these felons’ heads we’ll be seeing what they do to children and I doubt our sanity could sustain that. So I personally draw the line at knowing how their disinformants operate, instead. These liars are the corporate world order’s interface with humanity so I never underestimate what they’re capable of in terms of mass hypnotism and subtle slander, nor should you. I never go to their sites unless someone has directed me to examine their latest strategies and tactics. The reason I don’t go there as a pastime is that the sites make me feel violated. If you rather feel entertained or titillated then I submit that you need to work on your discernment and sense of etheric smell.


Here in Germany the disinformants claim two things,

First thing is, too much orgonite is harmful. This is one reason more for me to put even more orgonite. It is really funny how they give important informations to us by their false, unproven rubbish.

The other claim is that orgonite containing copper could be switched around to the negative. What I can draw out of this is to use orgonite with a lot of metal, sometimes copper and only few or no aluminium inside. Again they gave me information, thank you! I don’t say that aluminium doesn’t work, but I don’t like it!

When they build towers beside others, already switched ones, I usually toss a lot more, really a lot, to finish the game once and for all - that’s really fun, the funniest thing is that I will always tumble over those important targets, it’s not necessary to search them.


He, he! Needless to say that there is disinformation in Hellas too. A specific greek blog which presents themes regarding the ancient greek civilization published 4 articles within last months attacking to orgonites (although orgonite is obviously out of their interests).
First they claimed that orgonites are blocking the energies from the outer space that move towards earth in order to empower us and that orgonites will allow the orks from the inner earth to get out and eliminate people(!). In another post they informed their readers that the crystals in orgonites capture our vital energy and afterwards the dark entities come to absorb the energy from the orgonites. After their first publication I posted a comment asking them to prove what they say and present evidence. Of course there was no answer and soon they blocked the comments for those who are not members of the blog [Image Can Not Be Found];

this is, i believe, the only time or way orgonite will ‘die’

[Image Can Not Be Found]

i wore this button around my neck for a few years, until it fell off about a month ago. the coil had rusted out from underneath & popped loose.

the reason it degraded was because i mixed tiny bits of iron filings into it; i wore the thing 24/7, including in the shower, & it just eventually rusted. depending on how good your monitor is & how well i scanned the image, you might be able to make out the little pockets & pits in the resin where the iron used to be/kinda is now.

for what its worth, i still think the thing is doing work, perhaps not as well-----i wouldn’t know----but definitely not as pretty. pretty doesn’t mean sxxt, though, when it comes to field-work.

i believe also, that sometimes iron filings might be needed for specific devices/targets. if you use them, you might need to re-up after a few years. they seem to rust.

also, & this should be stated pretty clearly so that no one gets suckered again:

‘NANO’ particles are atom-sized. repeat: ATOM-SIZED, like the particles of metal found in colloidal silver solution. YOU CAN’T SEE THEM WITH THE NAKED EYE.

i was given some ‘nano-orgonite’ by a couple of fakers (dunno what else to call them) from … another forum … & what they were claiming to be nano-material was a powdery-looking black stuff, with obvious particles i could see unaided.

therefore, NOT NANO

…just so its been said.

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There s a guy in Spain who used to do many videos about making orgonite. I saw a couple of them and since i felt repugnant about it i never wasted my time to go back and check all the rubbish he was talking.

Right at the time i was coming back from the Biscay Gulf trip he pulled out a 1 hour video and my blog got deleted completaly.
The video is full of double speech, lies, and many many logical fallacies all over the place. The move was smart cause they positioned him as an ¨orgonite expert¨ beforehand to then put this crap out.

1st he appeals to emotion straight up with background music, imagery and speaking about how he was so wrong before to do those videos and teach about orgonite, that he had best of intentions, bla bla bla… The intention is to feel compassion or empathy for someone who recognises has been wrong about something.

After that he destroys orgonite and speaks ¨humbly¨ that it may be dangerous. All the time he tries to get in the mode of some objetcive documentary about the theme but Obviously he has presented his conclusion in the 1st 30 seconds of the video which doesnt make for a very good worked out thesis, right?

HE also appeals to some authority sources such a ¨very powerful Shaman¨who taught me in Switzerland and some guys who supposedly put the part about Reich and the more ¨scientific¨ talk (disinfo) in the video. We dont know who these guys are, nor the Shaman lol I think better to put out your sources in the open to value the thesis, right?

In the mix, of course we ve got all this Theosophist-New Agie Mambo Jambo, somtimes i had to concenrate really hard to make sense at some of his ¨inspirational talk¨lol Funny thing ´do, he appear to criticise NEw age at some points at the same time manages to promote it and link orgonite with it.

If you watch the video unconscious, unaware and without critical thought, you will end up with fear in your heart, confusion in your mind, a nice feeling for the ¨poor guy¨ lol

His points are:

  • Orgonite may be bad for you, it was good for me, it helped me at a time, but it could be bad, we should be careful lol
  • You are giving your power away to orgonite. He promotes the idea that faith is required for orgonite to work, instead of experience.
  • He equates orgonite to and Orgone accumulator and so he builds his theory around this.
  • He says Orgon comes in 2 forms, hear this one: ORANUR orgon and the oppsite DOR hehe… he never mentions POR in the whole video as well as saying that the ORANUR experiment and the consenquent effect is not Reich theory of Orgone as POR vs DOR but rather the consequence of placing radiactive isotopes in a very strong accumulator, thus increasing that radiation.

While explaining all the disinfo, background music is more mysterious, darker.

The final part of the video, he gets more ¨inspirational¨music and visuals , his talk follows for those final trumpets but at the same time fear is implanted in those who let themselves go with an open heart without critical thinking for good measure.

He deleted all his orgonite making videos right before putting this one out, saying that he was not suportng it anymore. A pity, cause i would have a lauh and a go to all that crap he used to say so that s basically why he deleted them.

He is being promoted as an ¨artist¨ new age guru wanna be and doing the rounds on talks and presentations where the act is the same. First speak wonders about the city, the nice audience, the good happenings since he arrived, maybe i talk about my family or something very personal to show you what a nice guy i am, then i throw all the crap… you get the idea… lol

Hellas artist seem to be very creative about it [Image Can Not Be Found];


With regard to the nano orgonite with glitter in it, a customer sent some to me recently along with several other pieces from the same supplier. It looked like orgonite, some of the larger pieces had a variety of metal and even some crystals in them but they all felt dead. Also included was a charging plate which didn’t seem to weigh enough for it’s size and felt very unpleasant.

I smashed this up with a large hammer and found that not only was it over 90% resin with no metal, but there was no quartz inside and instead buried near the top was a piece of paper with some kind of geometry printed on it. The only word I can use to describe the part of the image still recognisable is ‘satanic’. The arrival of this stuff was the start of 6 weeks of attacks on me and my business, and it wasn’t until half way through the onslaught that I thought about smashing it all up. Wish I had done it sooner.

The customer who sent this stuff to me for my perusal had ordered a variety of other orgonite and a CB. After two weeks she sent me a very odd email complaining about how long it was taking, and demanding to cancel the order for the new orgonite and a refund for the postage costs of sending me the bad stuff. Of course I instantly obliged, anybody who gives the Whale hassle gets an instant refund - you can’t make good energy devices for people you don’t respect.

If orgonite is made without respect for the original recipe or the customer it is going to be rubbish. The glitter stuff is vastly overpriced, and moderately malevolent. It’s vendors like these who support the idea that orgonite is dying. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen [Image Can Not Be Found]

Although there are many enemies of progress and change in the world,people who are doing everything possible to sabotage the spread of orgonite in the world.In Africa countries they have been trying to stop the spread for instance in Namibia where we have been attacked severally,sent to jail because of the zappers Don sent to us
Witchdoctors or sorcerers have been threatening our work,giving us warning messages to stop giving people orgonite especially farmers and fishermen who used to contact them when they’re going to carry out their activities are no longer do that because they are using orgonite.Police officers have also been trying to sabotage the spread of orgonite like in the case of Jane ngugi and many other group members who are always attacked by government security officer’s claiming that orgonite are bombs or chemical weapons for destroying lives but we are doing everything possible orgonise Africa and the world despite their negative objective to sabotage the spread of orgonite.Orgonite have been changing the livelihoods of many farmers and fishermen and even other people in Africa and around the world.
Mrs Nyasnga

I ran into an orgonite guy here in Michigan that was packing his orgonite with sawdust. Basically making junk. I left his store, and dropped a TB or two behind it, an obvious faker…

Zapper cured my poisonous spider bite quite efficiently, as Don mentions snake bites.

I was making orgonite for someone, and they talked to someone else that claimed orgonite would ‘die’ if it didn’t contain a vial of water in the center of the matrix… <sigh>