Is This Tesla's Free Energy Device?

Michael Ellis emailed this to me:

Big surprise, Nikola Tesla invented the first fusion reactor. #FreeEnergy

— Michael C Ellis (@DeadJack57) August 11, 2015

I challenged him to make one, of course.

I think that giving away the tech guarantees an inventor’s survival and whoever introduces it can probably be assured of a good living just because people will want that person to make it for them.

If you’re not familiar with the story of Tesla’s demonstration of a free energy device in a Pierce Arrow auto, powered by A/C electricity, it’s a very good one. His brother (I think) who was a Serbian army officer on a visit at the time, was the driver if memory serves. Tesla attached the motor’s wires to a small wooden box that had a bunch of vacuum tubes in it, according to the report, and the car went extremely fast after that.

Al Bielek said that Tesla originally caused a small ship to disappear as a demonstration of his stealth tech to then-Secretary of the Navy, Franklin Roosevelt, in the mid-1930s. Bielek said he walked off Project Rainbow (same tech; bigger ship) during WWII because it wasn’t safe enough. Einstein took over & it turned into a horror show.