Isengard (Isenburg)

Hi Chris,

The war is still going on. They sent us a warm south-west stream loaded with humidity, and with HAARP and chemtrails they prevented rain. They learned – too much chemtrails only
produce clouds, then rain, and this cools. Instead, they spray only for short periods just to prevent rain and let the summersun heat up the already warm athmosphere.

The result – heavy thunderstorms with hail of over 10 cm big. They come like bombs. Many cars have broken glasses, many houses destroyed and a lot of people are injured.
In our house there are only two broken windows, everyone is well.

I’m confident that the heroic effort of Francesco and his friend and my ongoing efforts in the region ( More than 10.000 mbolea in the region, but there are still unbusted antennas) and of many others will stop this.
Always inbetween you can see the nicest sky you can imagine with gorgeous colours, sylphs, nice and healthy clouds…
The change to the positive is amazing and the evil desperately try to prevent it. this is why we suffered this strange hail now for the third time. They throw all treir shit, rubbish and the sinkhole
onto us and still they fail.

I want to tell you about one special antenna which is on my list. It’s the last one unbusted in a huge region. those who read “lord of the ring”, which is about the fight good against bad at the
end of times, know that sauron (the devil) sits in “isengard”. Well, this unbusted antenna sits in “isenburg”. the meaning of the word “burg” is fortress and is not really far away from the meaning of “gard”. “garder” is a french word and meand to keep, to protect like in a fortress and “guard” or “guardia civil” are all words of the same origin.
The reason why I couldn’t reach this antenna yet is that it is too well guarded! But I’ll grap it soon and hopefully it will make a difference again. Sauron on the run! A place close to this antenna is gifted and I know this place from my dreams, which are in fact instructions from the operators.

I decided to post this openly give everyone the chance to decide whom to worship. God the creator, or those who are just parasitic creatures who are failing every minute and loosing power
everywhere? Everybody can change course to the better.

Chris, all is well with me and my family, don’t worry. I will bring this in the forum because it might be interesting for the public.

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Look at the pictures.

Amazing, especially the cristalline hail. Normally hail will form round structures. This is an indication for a very, very strong positive environment in south-west Germany,
where most of the heavy thunderstorms occured.

Keep in mind that the cristalline hail is already partly melted, the structures must have been very clear and distinct when the ice was created.


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