Isle Of Wight Gifting Excursion

Isle Of Wight Gifting April 9th and 10th

At 4.30am I woke and got up, put my bag in the car and set off for Southampton for my 6am ferry. The ferry reached East Cowes at around 7am so I immediately started looking for tower1!

After driving backwards and forth along the road the tower was supposed to be, I decided to leave this one and get it on my way back, this had left me frustrated as I had approximately 90 to find in a little over a day spread across the entire island.

As the road I was on was heading to Newport, that was my next destination. Arriving there was a relief as what I thought was to be three towers centrally, turned out to be several panels across the roof of ‘town hall’ which I saw upon driving into the town, these were quickly covered as were all the others on the map shown below;

The tower by clissord road happened to be on the edge of Parkhurst Prison, so I threw a few extra TB’s around there and a HHg.

Next I drove across to Carisbrooke where there was a very large array, which again took several passes along the road before I eventually found the road (in the loosest possible description of the word! As I was to find would be a recurring theme to my trip!), as this was a big one I used a few TB’s and a HHg.

Next back up to Cowes (the estuary you can see above splits Cowes from East Cowes). Here there were several arrays on rooftops, and one big one in a housing estate, gifted. Also here nearby was BAE headquarters with lots of radar, and a couple of small domes, so they got several TB’s and a HHg for good measure.

From Cowes I then began my trip anti-clockwise around the perimeter of the island with brief diversions inland (as it is a resort island, the majority of the population is coastal, meaning also, most of the towers were near the coast).

Shalfleet 1 tower gifted.

Between Yarmouth and Norton 1 Tower, South of Norton 1 Tower Gifted.

Freshwater to Totland Bay 5 Towers Gifted.

Brook (West of) 1 Tower Gifted

Brighstone 1 Tower Gifted, big array south east of there also gifted (HHg + Tb’s)

Blackgang 1 Big Tower (HHg + Tbs, and a heck of a climb to it!)

Ventor 4 Towers Gifted (grabbed some crisps and chocolate for lunch, not recommended, however I needed some fuel to run, and was behind schedule by some distance due to pesky geographics!)

Bonchurch 1 huge array on hillside Gifted (couldn’t get very close so may not be enough)

Godshill 2 Towers gifted

Wroxall 3 Big Towers Gifted (the second and third were perhaps too far again, so amped up the gifts as close as I could get due to time constraints)

Luccombe 1 Tower gifted, and another south of Shanklin.

Shanklin 10 Towers Gifted.

Brading 1 Tower Gifted

East of St Helens 1 Tower Gifted

Bembridge 4 Towers Gifted

Nettlestone 1 Tower Gifted (as close as possible)

Ryde 2 Southern most towers gifted

At this stage it was 7.30pm, so I checked into my B&B with the intention of getting some food after a brief lye down, then to gift some more that evening. But, you guessed it, I awoke around 4am! So set my alarm ready for breakfast.

After breakfast I drove around for another 45minutes, or so, and gifted the other three towers in central Ryde.

Then I called Pamela Icke who I have been corresponding with, and she gave me directions to their Flat.

Somewhat nervous, I made my way there, where I met Pamela and David who both seemed very friendly and hospitable. Both were very interested in orgonite, so over the next hour and a half I described what it is about and the work we do as best I could. I gave them 10 interactive HHg’s as a gift and Dennis also gave me a dowsing pendulum for Pamela which I passed on.

The conversation was friendly and quickly flowed, which meant after 10minutes or so my nerves had thankfully dissipated. It seemed that David absorbed how orgonite is off such use, and even intimated that he would like some to gift a significant place he had in mind (he did say where, but I wont publically repeat it for obvious reasons!). Though David has rather bad arthritis, so I doubt he will become a prolific gifter.

After an hour or so had passed, I asked if I could bring my car around to give them the CB’s I had brought over, one for their residence and another for a friend of theirs.

So I assembled the first and dug a hole with some issue as the soil was very rock and slate laden, and the only tool I had was my (usually) trusty trowel! Anyway after some toil the CB was placed in it’s current resting place (although it may be moved to another area as they were both a little worried about it being vandalised etc).

Pamela then kindly made me a packed lunch (after offering me some food there, which I declined as I still had several areas left to gift before catching the ferry back).

I put together the other CB for their friend to ensure the pipes where placed correctly. With which I left, asking that they let me know their experiences with their orgonite (as I had said to place some by their bed), be it good, bad, or indifferent. I also left about 3 field HHg’s and a few TB’s for David, should he feel inclined to gift the previously mentioned target.

From theirs I drove to the outskirts of Ryde and found the last remaining tower to gift there, and as I couldn’t get very close I scattered several TB’s and a HHg.

Next I drove to Wootton, and gifted the 4 towers to the north with several TBs each and a HHg for the largest, then another tower just to the west of wootton.

As I had quite a few TB’s etc left, next I drove to my second last tower via Newport, as I was passing I tossed another half a dozen TBs near to Parkhurst Prison.

The next Tower was between Chillerton and Billingham, which turned out to be probably the largest (definitely the tallest), and as I couldn’t get anywhere close to it I gifted as near as I could with several TBs and a few HHgs.

From here I drove back to East Cowes and attempted to find the final tower which was also the first I attempted in vain to find upon arrival. However, again I couldn’t locate it by sight, so, just contented myself by scattering TB’s all around the area my map suggested it was.

300 odd TB’s (some were also scattered randomly around the island), 25 HHg’s, 2CB’s later;

Job Done! J

After this I drove back to the ferry port in East Cowes, and, although an hour early, the ferry chap graciously let me on the earlier crossing.

Back home now, cream crackered!

If there is a moral to this report, it quite probably is, don’t forget about the diner you had cooking in the oven when writing up a long gifting report!

Many thanks to John, Eric and Dennis for their assistance.

Best wishes,


Funny, I was just thinking about you and your planned excursion to deliver a CB to David and Pam Icke
earlier today, coincidence ?

Congratulations, I hope you let on with David to be observant of the new energy around his house and the SO OBVIOUS trolls who will be tracking it’s energy output from wherever.

Thanks for the thanks, Did you put any tb’s in the drink while crossing the channel ?

Way to go David, if you’re reading this !

I’m glad to hear David Icke has his confirmed Cloudbuster now. You should send hm a zapper for the Arthritis. Anger or no anger. Zappers help in sich cases.


(No text was found in this post)

Cheers Chaps.

The ferry was unfortunately a no-no, upon my return I only had a few TB’s left and I have promised some to an interested person north of here. But some other gifters are planning a trip to this area soon, so hopefully they will get this stretch done.

Georg the Zapper was covered, but only in what it does to Parasites (which David said was up his street), but I didn’t have the knowledge to make such claims, so if you want to send one over to him I can pass on his address to you, or if anybody else wants to sponsor one, PM Georg or something and we’ll make it happen.

Be Well


Rich, thanks for taking the initiative to respond to the Ickes’ expressed interest in this material. Thanks also for the detailed gifting report. It’s all helped to demonstrate that this is a grassroot movement, dependent on the initiative and creative effort of the participants, not on personalities.

If David will use a zapper he’ll surely cure his arthritis in a short time. I hope Georg will get some business out of the deal, too, because more money and attention for Georg means faster progress in AFrica’s empowerment and prosperity.

I can make the arthritis claim because I’ve got plenty of confirmations–it’s as routine as curing cancer, in fact. We’re prudent not to advance any claim which we can’t personally substantiate but it’s always okay to say that ‘some claim zappers cure arthritis,’ and leave it up to the hearer to decide whether to pursue it farther.

I think arthtritis is easy to cure because it’s caused by parasites–usually widespread, systemic fungus in the bloodstream–the same thing that causes atherosclerosis. The pain comes from opportunistic bacteria and sometimes little worms in the joints. All of that is destroyed in the first few minutes of zapping but reversing the damage takes awhile. When the fungus has been destroyed (it takes longer, since fungi create layers) the body starts putting mineral nutrients in the joint and bone cells instead of precipitating it out elsewhere (bone spurs, for instance). The precipitation of nutrients out of the bloodstream is from the acid produced by the fungi. Otherwise, nutrients are delivered in a colloidal, vital state in slightly alkaline blood.

My most supportive customers are old timers who got rid of their body pains in a few minutes (no more inflammation) the first time they put a zapper on. The funny thing is that they’re rarely able to interest their own grown children (my generation) in zapping due to their progeny’s calcified thinking [Image Can Not Be Found] and my generation are the most parasite-ridden in human history, I think.

It’s important to know that skilled physicians can help one create a body environment that is so vital and balanced that all parasites will simply be unable to survive there but in the shorter term I think everyone should have a zapper just tp remain entirely free of opportunistic diseases and to at least be disease-free as long as we’re alive…

If you get a chance to return to the Isle of Wight I hope you can provide a report on the visible and ambient changes you’ve registered on account of your very extensive gifting effort. It’s helpful to take note of how bad things are before the gifting effort, in that case. It might also be helpful to see whether the Ickes have noticed an improvement in the environment there. The more details, the better and it doesn’t matter how subjective all of that is. When we all pool our subjective impressions there’s a phenomenal amount of consistency in that and it becomes de facto objective–much better than lab evidence, in fact.

I think they’re going to provide some good personal observations about the effects of the orgonite you left with them, at least, and perhaps something about the cloudbusters’ effects. I don’t know whether that island already has a CB. I get the impression that they’d enjoy a followup visit from you, Rich.

Thanks, again!


Thanks Don,

They ran the Reich quote you have on worldwithoutparasites on their news section thursday, with a picture of Reich, I had emailed Pamela with your site address and Georg’s in relation to the Zapper, before Georg graciously offered to send David one.

Also, I’ve just got this email from Pamela;

Hi Rich,

Just to let you know [Image Can Not Be Found]
David and I both mentioned this morning (3 days after putting the orgone devices in our home) that the energy was much lighter.
Very noticable! I am impressed and thankfully so, seeing as we sit just a stones throw from a Tetra mast.
Will keep you informed of any further progress. I am wanting to have more in our flat. I mean, you can't have too many can you?
Love *´¨)
¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ *Pamela*
Be Well