It's October 2020, and the populace has recognized that genetically-modified foods were created to kill as many people as possible

"Very well, we have found them; shall we fight them?"

"Have you good spurs, prince?"

"Why? Will they make us run away?"

"Nenni, en nom de Dieu! These English are ours—they are lost. They will fly. Who overtakes them will need good spurs. Forward—close up!"

By the time we had come up with La Hire the English had discovered our presence. Talbot's force was marching in three bodies. First his advance-guard; then his artillery; then his battle-corps a good way in the rear. He was now out of the bush and in a fair open country. He at once posted his artillery, his advance-guard, and five hundred picked archers along some hedges where the French would be obliged to pass, and hoped to hold this position till his battle-corps could come up. Sir John Fastolfe urged the battle-corps into a gallop. Joan saw her opportunity and ordered La Hire to advance—which La Hire promptly did, launching his wild riders like a storm-wind, his customary fashion.

The duke and the Bastard wanted to follow, but Joan said—

"Not yet—wait."

So they waited—impatiently, and fidgeting in their saddles. But she was ready—gazing straight before her, measuring, weighing, calculating—by shades, minutes, fractions of minutes, seconds—with all her great soul present, in eye, and set of head, and noble pose of body—but patient, steady, master of herself—master of herself and of the situation.

And yonder, receding, receding, plumes lifting and falling, lifting and falling, streamed the thundering charge of La Hire's godless crew, La Hire's great figure dominating it and his sword stretched aloft like a flagstaff.

"Oh, Satan and his Hellions, see them go!" Somebody muttered it in deep admiration.

And now he was closing up—closing up on Fastolfe's rushing corps.

And now he struck it—struck it hard, and broke its order. It lifted the duke and the Bastard in their saddles to see it; and they turned, trembling with excitement, to Joan, saying—


But she put up her hand, still gazing, weighing, calculating, and said again—

"Wait—not yet."

Fastolfe's hard-driven battle-corps raged on like an avalanche toward the waiting advance-guard. Suddenly these conceived the idea that it was flying in panic before Joan; and so in that instant it broke and swarmed away in a mad panic itself, with Talbot storming and cursing after it.

Now was the golden time. Joan drove her spurs home and waved the advance with her sword. "Follow me!" she cried, and bent her head to her horse's neck and sped away like the wind!

We went down into the confusion of that flying rout, and for three long hours we cut and hacked and stabbed. At last the bugles sang "Halt!"

The Battle of Patay was won.

From "Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc", by Mark Twain, 1896

These chapters are in development. I'll first be compiling all my posts and articles into the appropriate chapters, then doing further research to flesh them out, cutting them down to eliminated redundancy, and adding pictures, an introduction, a conclusion, etc.

Many different examples of a repeating propaganda tactic will do nothing to convince a committed Coincidence Theorist that there is, in fact Some Big Conspiracy.

But not everyone has to get that the fox is in the henhouse for the situation to change in a positive way.


Genetically modified foods were first commercialized in 1996.

Awareness that genetically-modified foods were created specifically to kill as many people as possible began to increase in 2013, the year I began writing these articles on the great positive changes that have been underway at every level of our reality since around 2012.

Mexico banned genetically engineered corn in October 2013.

In 2013, the County Council for the island of Kauai passed a law that mandates farms to disclose pesticide use and the presence of genetically modified crops. The bill also requires a 500-foot buffer zone near medical facilities, schools and homes — among other locations.

In 2013, the big island of Hawaii County Council gave preliminary approval to a bill that prohibits open air cultivation, propagation, development or testing of genetically engineered crops or plants. 

In February 2013, Food Navigator said “Campaign pushes Hershey's, Mars to either label GMOs or drop them” and that “Hershey and Mars combined comprise nearly 70 percent of the U.S. chocolate market. The two companies also seem committed to their opposition to GMO labeling requirements if their political contribution patterns are any indication.”

Not all candy companies are led by generational Satanists, just the big ones up at the top of the candy control pyramid.

Food Navigator is an organ of the State, doing what they can to prop up the collapsing GMO confidence game.

Russia completely banned GMO’s in 2014.

China pulled the plug on genetically modified rice and corn in 2014.

Ben and Jerry's stopped using GMO’s in 2014.

The international GMO crop area decreased 1% in 2015, then increased 3 percent in 2016, led by increased sowings in Brazil and the United States,

In February 2015, the deviously-named PolitiFact feigned ignorance and cast doubt by asking “Are GMOs causing monarch butterflies to become extinct?

They’re a State-sponsored progadanda mouthpiece, who substituted “GMO’s” for “Roundup” to protect the confidence game they’re all running.

In 2017, 93% said the federal government should require labels on food saying whether it’s been genetically modified, or “bio-engineered” (this poll used both phrases). Such near-unanimity in public opinion is rare.

In 2017, not one hectare was sown with genetically modified maize in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia. And in Portugal and in Spain, the surfaces [planting area] of transgenic crops decreased. All in all, throughout the European territory, this surface declined from 136,338 to 13,571 hectares, a decrease of 4%.

In March 2017, the UK voted in favor of GMO’s, despite the majority of the European Union voting against them.

In April 2017, “the UK Office of The World Foundation for Natural Science has written a strong letter to every member of the House of Commons – elected Members of Parliament – demanding the complete ban on any commercial or scientific GMO farming or research”. 

This is a controlled-opposition Mouthpiece knowing the game has turned against GMO’s, and at least giving lip service to their ban. The tells that it is propaganda are “strong” and “demanding”. Can you see how the U.K. and the U.S. have locked arms, here?

In April 2016, the New York Times said “Acreage for Genetically Modified Crops Declined in 2015”.

Where they used “declined” because it’s softer than “dropped” or “decreased”, and to echo the word “recline”.

The author attributed the decrease to “low commodity prices, which led farmers to plant less corn, soybeans and canola of all types, both genetically engineered and nonengineered.”

The reason for those low commodity prices goes unexplained, namely that record harvests in all the nations is increasing supply and decreasing prices. You can see how the folks in charge simply started to contract the planted areas, now that the production per acre has reached levels never seen previously.

The article goes on to say “But the figures for the last few years show that the existing market for the crops has nearly been saturated.”

Where “market saturation” is Mil-speak for “the bottom has fallen out of the GMO food market”.

In May 2016, Reuters said “U.S. traders reject GMO crops that lack global approval”, and that “Across the U.S. Farm Belt, top grain handlers have banned genetically modified crops that are not approved in all major overseas markets, shaking up a decades-old system that used the world's biggest exporting country as a launchpad for new seeds from companies like Monsanto Co.”

It’s a back-handed play - they put the onus on a lack of international approval, but are going along to get along, as literally no one will buy their poison product anymore.

In June 2017, a Kansas jury awarded $218M to farmers in a GMO suit against Syngenta.

In August 2017, Face2Face Africa said “Ugandan Civil Society Groups Reject Pro-GMOs Law”, and that “Ugandans are divided over an attempt by some parliamentarians to introduce a pro-GMO law that seeks to improve food production in the country.”

The propaganda Mouthpiece “Face2Face Africa” is putting forward the ruse of “improved food production” as a ruse used to cover up the fact that genetically modified foods were developed specifically to kill as many people as possible. 

In September 2017, the duplicitously-named said “Europe's Anti-GMO Stance Is Killing Africans”.

Well, if that’s true, why does a New York Times article from October 2016 read “Doubts About the Promised Bounty of Genetically Modified Crops”?

Because Genetically-modified crops, while effective at killing people, aren’t any more productive than their natural counterparts, as is falsely alleged. The folks in charge are not your friends, and are lying to you about basically everything, including the productivity and harmlessness of Genetically-modified crops. is a State-sponsored propaganda outlet, doing what it can to defray rapidly increasing awareness that genetically modified foods were developed specifically to kill as many people as possible. They’re using conscious deception with the firmness of purpose that goes with complete honesty.

In January 2017, Forbes said “These Moms Say The Girl Scouts' Newest Cookie Rejects Science” and that “The Girl Scouts have caved to anti-GMO activist pressure with its new s'mores cookie.”

Where “rejecting science” is used to trigger terror in the reader similar to that created by the word “excommunication”. One simply believes Science about everything, in the firm conviction that Science never lies. It’s not scientific, at all, as it it alleged to be, but is rather a Religion, and a false one.

But the truth of the matter is that the populace has recognized that Genetically-modified foods were created specifically to kill as many people as possible.

In July 2016, AgriHQ said “Australia urged to drop GMO ban”. Urged by whom, pray?

AgriHQ is a State-sponsored propaganda outlet, doing what it can to stay in lock-step with the international news blackout that is in place on this subject. They’re using conscious deception with the firmness of purpose that goes with complete honesty.

Jeff Miller, Brooklyn, New York, October 17, 2020

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