Jacques Lasselle, our Administrator, is under intense assaul

(Don Croft) #1

Please send him boosts when you think of him because this courageous fellow is under constant attack by the sewer rats, who really, really hate Etheric Warriors right now. They’re hitting him from several directions, including harming his loved ones and causing him physical pain.

The day, last November, that he agreed to administer EW he was fired from his corporate job of 22 years and he’s refused to take any money for doing this valuable work for us all.

Carol and I will go to work for him tonight but any energy you can throw his way will help relieve his situation, of course. EW’s host in Montreal, JP, is also getting hit and had to move us to another server, which Jacques says accounts for our not being able to access the archives. They’re working on that but Jacques is just overwhelmed by the sewer rats right now.

It’s a genuine miracle that EW is even functioning, under the circumstances, and Jacques is the guy who keeps it up and running.




(Anonymous) #2

WOw, I’ve got your back bro !

Why don’t they pick on me ?

Next time one of you pavement artist’s drives down my driveway, I take your picture and post it , ok ? I haven’t posted a photo since I outed Dr. Barry Kosofsky

from Weill Cornell Medical Center in Manhattan for being a black op mind control handler 2 weeks ago.

I repeat myself since I know how keywords work on the internet.

Dr. Barry Kosofsky, Dr. Barry Kosofsky, Dr. Barry Kosofsky,

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Dr. Barry Kosofsky

Nice doo Barry !


(Anonymous) #3

A little saturday morning boost to you Jacque !

I love it when the orgone energy is so well received by the perps .


(AndySchwarm) #4

I’m sending a big boost to Jaques, too! Hang in there, Jaques!


(Ceed) #5

Lot’s of us boosting you and yours Jacques.

Stay well.



(Anonymous) #6

Hello all and thanks for all the good energy …!

Last night around 00:30 got a little visite, i was unable to see the thing but my wife saw it….!

He was standing a side of my bed at my right he was surrounded with white light.

My wife blink her eyes to see it clear but he was gone….!

I ask her what she feel with her presence but told me she was not fear of it….!


Thing is the day I lost conciseness for a brief moment. my wife was going to see her doctor because she was not feelling to good she was with her grandmother because the grandmother was not felling to good to.

And to not forget about my mom and Dad they where and pain to …!

Anyway they just give me more energy and confirmation for my familly now they are listen to me more carefully

That’s the only reason i still gift, BECAUSE EVERY BODY BLOW TO EVIL IS A VICTORY FOR LOVE.

For now I’m fully recovering, And ready to make Orgone……!




(Anonymous) #7

See they Jump for one to another …!

Just when I finish writing the thread her Grandmother Call and ask My wife to comme because her eyes makes pain terribly badly

She is going to the hospital she is 90 years old.




(Don Croft) #8

Thanks for letting us know all this, Jacques. We’ll go to work on you and your family tonight in the ‘MASH’ chatblast session. I’m referring to the popular Amercan TV show, MASH, from the 70s/80s about a frontline military hospital in the Korean Conflict.

As Jeff McKinley said, ‘Wednesday is MASH; Sunday is BASH.’ He originally said, ‘Wednesday is for healing; Sunday is for killing,’ but amended it because we don’t primarily wish to kill predators in our Sunday Predator Safaris.

A few of us have experienced reprisals against family members on account of the healign work we’re doing. Jacques’ work administering this board is essential to the network’s stability and later recognition, so they’ve hit him harder than most.

We were going to break our ‘bash’ rule on Sunday to help him recover from the latest physical assault but shortly before that he passed the thing in his kidney that had gotten him hospitalized on account of severe pain, shortly before he was to go under the knife.

It was obviously not a kidney stone but the attending nurse removed it so fast that he couldn’t get a good look at it and he was told that he couldn’t have it back. Thank God they didn’t cut him!

All the pain was gone after that, of course, and he went home and has felt extremely well. Feeling exceptionally well after overcoming assaults is a sign of personal progress, of course. Everything we do to advance this movement also advances us spiritually, personally and sometimes even economically. This is a good sign that our very proactive approach is viable. If the sewer rats had their way, we’d all be dead by now, or at least shunted into dead end lives. An awful lot of us broke out of artificially-induced dead end lives, in fact, with the help of orgonite.

Please remember that Jacques was fired from his 22-year corporate job the day he agreed to administer EW. That level of sacrifice is unusual, even in this network, and I’m eternally grateful to him.

Yesterday, hackers removed his ability to administer the board. This was probably a reprisal for his recovery from the phsyical attack, which many boosters helped Jacques overcome. Passing that implant was a strong confirmation.

By the way, the three psychics in the Sunday session saw the same sort of implant in one of Igor Cinti’s kidneys, which caused him to be hospitalized last January. That implant was apparently neutralized back then, when we found out about his problem, but the experience left Igor in pretty bad shape. He’s mostly recovered by now but we’ll work on him some more. He’s made some powerful enemies, including some black-robed sewer rats at the well-gifted VAtican, on account of his gifting and networking victories in Italy, where the network is doing extremely well these days. Igor has a popular site, orgoneitalia.com, which is the informal masthead of that network and is quite informative and inspiring for non-English-speaking Italians. He’s aware of 21 cloudbusters in Italy, now, and the ones we are aware of are only the tip of the iceberg. There are several intrepid gifters there, including Igor’s companion, John Leach, who participates in the safaris with us.

We’re expecting the Wednesday MASH sessions to reap huge beneits in the Sunday Predator Safaris because a healthy warrior is a happy and effective warrior [Image Can Not Be Found]

Thanks again, folks, for boosting our heroic Administrator in a timely way!

Remember not to wait until you’re hospitalized to ask for some help, okay? It’s easier to smack down our attackers earlier on, before they damage us. Ask for help as soon as you recognize that your own efforts are not getting it done. We’re each overhwlemed from time to time and there’s no shame in that; in fact it’s an honor when they put that much effort and human resources into harming just one of us and, God forbid, our loved ones. We should never allow them to gain that initiative and the only way to stop that from happening is to respond appropriately and in a timely way. We can do it; we’ve been successful at this for four years.



(Anonymous) #9

Again ….!

My Dad has been taking by ambulance to the hospital last night……!

Sewer RATS:Those slander campaigns will do NOTHING. Because, the more you attack, the more obvious it becomes to everyone that you are only a <strong>TROJAN HORSE</strong>. Period…….!

I will expose these things publicly….!

All is visible, verifyable, and witnessed and recorded.


(Anonymous) #10

Just gave you both a nice boost in the Sunday chat to get you through the latest round of

spook attacks.

On a lighter note, the post I made above with Barry Kosofsky typed out a dozen times is now on the top of googles searches for the mind control doctor.

Guess I was right after all, Barry. Google doesn’t miss nothing that’s posted on the internet.

You’ve got some splain’n to do now .