January 5th - Global Moonbusting Event

All the best to everybody in this new calendar year.

On January 5th there’s fullmoon. Anyone who would like to join the global moonbusting effort please aim your CB at the Moon on that day/evening.

Mine in on it now 2:30am saskatchewan

Ever since the global moon busting event got started, I’ve been observing the moon more intently than ever before. And have not until recently, ever realized how one is able with the naked eye see such detail. According to NASA the moon is 400,000 kilometers or 250,000 miles away from Earth. Think about that for a minute. NASA says that is 10 times the circumference of the Earth, away from us. I have a real hard time believing that I could ever see such detail of the moon, being that far away. The reason I bring this up is I have been wanting to understand how a CB is able to effect the moon from 250,000 miles away. Not that I disbelieve the past moonbusting reports being given. I was’nt there to witness. So I can’t comment. But one has to ask the question. Is it because Orgone transcends time and space? Or perhaps travels infinitely? If so why the need for pipe extensions? Or is it more like what it seems and is really much closer than what NASA says? I know they can be trusted as far as you can throw any other lettered agency. And I feel there is definitely much truth yet to be discovered, on this matter.

If you were to point a CB at a 90 degree angle, it would only travel along the Earth for so far before it begins to head out into the atmosphere. Unless the Earth was flat! It could travel a whole continent. Of course that changes all of the questions. I’m looking forward to getting my CB up and running for the next Moonbusting!


maybe the moon is a projected image from that blinking thing down and to the right

Crrow777 has filmed, what he calls, lunar hologram wave 5 times already. And so far some other people have filmed this sort of event as well. The clip below covers all the 5 waves. There’s more interesting footage on his YT channel.

The cb may not be reaching the moon, but working making orgone vortex inside the energy received from the moon?

I have a personal experience of witnessing yogis going to to meditation in graveyards on the full moon and on the new moon, between midnight and before 3 am. (I also have tried, the best fun is to manage to keep the eyes closed when there are noises in the cemetery.)
Following a tradition in India fasting is practiced on purnima (full) and amavasya (black moon), ekadashi (11th) day in between moon phase is also fasting time but only for yogi and yogini which are fasting from food and from water to control liquids.
It is not suggested to do this meditation alone especially in country like Thailand and India.

What are we really doing when we aim a CB at the moon? Years ago lighting rods and there expensive copper webbed cables were a “must have” item on the great plains even if you could not afford them and now you never hear word of them. The advent of AM radio and lighting rods and the “Dirty Thirties” were all the same time and I suspect there is a reason. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1w-1xFl5JEQ

The moon is one of the mysteries for sure. In the Zetetic science book (the science of observation) there is a test you can do about the moon. Apparently the moon is self illuminated and gives off a cooling light. With a digital thermometer measure the temp of the direct moonlight on like a piece of metal, maybe the pipes of a buster. Compare that to the temp of metal that is in the shade, like under an umbrella. Some people have read a lower temp of direct moonlight than shaded moonlight. warmer in the shade. The results can be magnified with a magnifying glass. Maybe that tidbit is covered in the flat earth vid above. Also why does the moon supposedly pull on the oceans but not the lakes? gravity a con?

The old slogan about the bigger the lie, the easier it is to sell is in effect with the spinning balls theory. i feel a lot better knowing i am sitting back on a still plane. There is no proof that any of the lights in the sky are spinning balls. The theory of gravity put forth by Sir Issac Newton, freemason, is bs to explain the assumption that water is sticking to a spinning ball; bigger the lie.

There is stuff flying around up there. NASA can even tell you when the light that is supposed to be the ISS will pass over your head. The idea that you can some how see a piece of metal that size hundreds of miles up doesn’t add up though.

Michelson Morley experiment proved the earth was still, but Einstein claimed it proved there is no ether. We need science that includes the ether in the model, since we know the ether is important and does exist.

i am thinking it was quite an op when they switched to a ball from a plane those 500 years ago. There is an ancient device called an astrolabe which was like a pocket computer. It could tell the time and your location after you lined it up with a certain light in the sky of your choosing. It is very accurate and based on the stars rotating around Polaris, with the sun moon and planets rotating around the north pole. There are hundreds of similar anecdotes and thousands of youtubes on this flat subject.

David you are spot on concerning the flat Earth. I’ve been researching it ever since I found out about it in the first part of this year. About the time I posted the flat earth video above and the evidence is overwhelming. In fact I haven’t been able to find any evidence supporting a spinning ball theory!

There is a lot of amateur balloons and rockets that have gone as far as they can before they hit a possible dome and then fall back to Earth. But while they are up there the footage that they catch shows the Sun and a hot spot directly below it on the clouds proving also that our son is much closer than the supposed 93 million miles away that NASA claims.

There has definitely been a lot of programming going on concerning the flat earth and I suggest if you still believe in a spinning ball and possibly think that this is gibberish do the research! there is a lot of it.

I feel that there is also a connection with gifting and the flat Earth. Can’t put it in words yet but I feel that this new understanding and knowledge could in some way help the gifting movement.

~Bryce Warner

I’ve observed, before, that promoting the flat earth theory or any other divisive doctrine on this forum is counterproductive and quickly degrades the effectiveness of this group effort.

I only delete postings that include slander, backbiting or character assault but I hope that anyone who is intent on promoting divisive doctrines will refrain from doing it here.

Whether something is right or wrong isn’t the issue, in this case. I love all of the religions, for instance, but if one is promoted over another one then that becomes divisive and, in my view, it’s better to do without religion itself if it becomes a divisive force. That’s why I don’t preach my own religion here, for instance.

Knowing whether the Earth is flat or round does not affect anything important in our lives that I can think of. It doesn’t affect the gifting or the blasting sessions. Doesn’t affect our producing of things, traveling or communicating. Meeting, inventing, creating. There’s no reason to have this discussion on a forum which is mainly about gifting orgonite and the effects of this gifting.

Suggesting an idea has its merits. Persisting on it becomes more like preaching which isn’t a very healthy thing to do and should be discouraged, I think. I’m not suggesting anything gets erased either. The information isn’t harmful and anyone visiting who didn’t know of the existence of that theory will now know of it and can choose to pursue it or not. I do wish this kind of speculative discussion would find its place in some other forum, though.

How about we get rid of the New World Order first and then sort out those other bits?

Since nothing is without a meaning, there must be a reason and a scope with the way is every entity and body,

The shape of a body it is important and meaningful for the relations and functions that has with other bodies in the same ambience, in the universe.

The pebbles on the river bed are round, maybe the pebbles will say; I have no relation with that fluid I am solid flat rock… regardless tough, the water movement, makes the rock shape to be round. The rocks in this way contribute to enrich the larger environment with the sand, the minerals, and they minerals will also interact with enrgy and with living cells and life.

Also a magnetic field is like a globe, energy spins is proved that it cam make helix wing to fly, also the sun rays have a spinning motion.

I would respectfully like to point out that the science experts claim there is no ether, which we know is a fallacy. Many of their equations are based on a fallacy. i think it is important to check our source information as step one of the trivium. Try a search on Cavendish and the value for big G the constant used in their equations. I suspect the Science experts and the new world order, as you say, are fingers in the same glove, wings of the same bird.

Also i think it might be right that the moon gives off a cooling light, but i didn’t test it yet. This thread deals with the moon. Forget about my flat earth out burst. It can be a fairly tormenting process. The word universe is now a red flag for me; depending how it is used. Examples of other red flags would be people showing orgonite being made with mostly all crystals, a pinch of metal, and the rest colored resin. They are either badly misguided or agents of some sort. One single chip or small fully formed crystal is all you would need in a piece of orgonite. One brain crystal, one molding of orgonite. “Get as much metal into the mold as possible” is the main rule for a basic tb. Say 50/50 resin to metal as a guideline. Our own Gare shows a picture of a wooden tool used to compress the metal into the mold, and i am sure most of us have a similar technique.

We agree making and distributing orgonite individually all over the world is helping people to think in a positive way overall. People’s thoughts are changing for the better, but it is a subtle process.

March 22, 2016

This topic is perhaps etheric research. That forum is kaput, yet we still have this old thread.

It is super moon now the full moon is super, or something. Point your ogonite, even 108s.

It would be great to get others subjective opinions about what sort of energies they feel from the moon, if they feel the cb is having an effect, elementals up there or dead rock, that sort of thing.

There is also the temperature of moonlight issue. The directional digital thermometers are like $20 at amazon. The other test being that a fire should burn hotter in the direct moonlight.