Japan Update from Ayumi

Ayumi Sasake in Sapporo (northern Japan) has been working extensively with Tetsuzi Moriwake (Southern Japan) over the past few years to prevent earthquakes in that country and they’ve been very successful, especially since official forecasts called for worse and worse quakes when they began their effort.

She’s having some difficulty getting my email and also hasn’t been able to connect with Alejandro, our webmaster in Chile, to get registerd to post, here, so I"m going to try to post the initial report tha she sent to me (with Nora’s help). Hopefully, getting some of this in the public record will cause the federal hackers to back off [Image Can Not Be Found]


Hi Don,
Here is the beginning of Ayumi’s report which will have to be sent in stages, as I make it readable by deleting the question marks after every word.
Many gifters here at EW can definitely relate to the dramatic and inspiring account she describes.
Here is the first quarter of her report.

Prepared by Ayumi Sasaki, Quantum Symphony, Sapporo Japan

Quantum Symphony and our cooperators made it our mission to install ATREORS
and other devices throughout Japan where they are needed to stop major Earthquakes.
The atreor is an etheric device whose function, one of many, is to restore order or organization to the atmosphere and the earth. It was invented by a global environmental activist, Don Croft, who calls his invention ‘CLOUD BUSTER’.

The ‘Environ the Earth Orgonised Water’ project was started on April 7th, 2007, when two psychics in Sapporo informed me of the coming danger of earthquakes and urged me to install 27 atreors in Tokyo and 9 atreors around Mt.Fuji. Listed below are the dates and places of atreor installations throughout Japan.

Date Place

4 28 2007 Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo
4 28 2007 Ohta Ward, Tokyo
4 28 2007 Minato Ward, Tokyo

There was a great thundershower in Tokyo after the installation of 3 atreors

4 29 2007 Nerima?Ward?Tokyo
4 29 2007 Kounan?Ward?Yokohama
4 30 2007 Suginami?Ward?Tokyo
4 30 2007 Itabashi?Ward?Tokyo
4 30 2007 Kita?Ward?Tokyo
5 01 2007 Fujiyoshida?Yamanashi

An atreor was set up in a Shinto priest’s residence. The priest‘s ancestors first started praying around 1200 AD and the family has been observing the rituals ever since. We did not know it was going to be a priest‘s place until we got to the place and we were even more surprised to know there was a shrine inside the house. We prayed to the gods for peace of Mt Fuji, Japan, and the world.

May 2007 Shibuya?Ward?Tokyo
May 2007 Edogawa?Ward?Tokyo
May 2007 Saitama?City?Saitama
May 2007 Sakura?Chiba

5 21 2007

Another atreor was installed at the foot of Mt Fuji in Fujinomiya Shizuoka. The custodian is also a prayer for peace.

5 21 2007 Aokigahara Wild Forest Yamanashi

Another device called a Broadcaster was installed at the same place on 5 19.

The Sapporo psychic S told me to put up a broadcaster in the wild forest of Aoki-Gahara. My friend in Hokkaido reserved a place to stay in Yamanashi Prefecture. It was not until we arrived at the sleeping hut that we found out we were in the very place of Aokigahara.
Aokigahara Forest has been notorious for people’s suicidal place So my friend and I were really hesitant to go into the forest After all we did not need to go into the thick forest because the owner of the hut accepted our gifts and let us install the two devices in her garden.
The installation was to be started at 7 o’clock in the morning and to be finished within 45 minutes as directed by Sapporo psychic Y.
On the morning of 4 19 at 7 o’clock we started in a very strong thundershower.
A few problems occurred and we thought we could not make it in time .
When the installation was completed, I asked my friend what time it was and she said it was exactly 7:45 The moment we finished the last step of our procedure the sky flashed white and the hard rain stopped As we gaped, a very thick mist surrounded the forest, but the mist was soon blown away by a sudden wind. Al of this happened in a very short time.
Some time later the sky cleared and it became a beautiful sunny day We believe we witnessed a miracle on that day
Our intention was to uplift the unrestful spirits and souls that were floating around the forest and to subside seismic activities there.

Here´s the rest of Ayumi’s report:

June/2007 Sumida Ward,Tokyo
June/2007 Minato Ward,Tokyo
*Two atreors were needed in Minato Ward.

6/07/2007 Susono,Shizuoka
*At the foot of Mt.Fuji

6/17/2007 Shinjuku Ward,Tokyo
6/17/2007 Shinjuku Ward,Tokyo
*2nd atreor in Shinjuku

6/20/2007 Taitou Ward,Tokyo
6/28/2007 Nakano Ward,Tokyo
6/29/2007 Itoigawa,Niigata
6/29/2007 Itoigawa,Niigata
*2nd atreor in Itoigawa

In Niigata, my co-worker/ instrument-manufacturer (a Sapporo citizen) and I put up two atreors
according to Y‘s advice. She had forseen the places where we were to install
the devices.We found out later that the Fossa Magna lay between the two points
of installlation.

Adachi Ward,Tokyo
7/06/2007 Arakawa Ward,Tokyo

A Shinto shrine priest allowed us to put up an atreor in the ground of the
But unluckily,there was no suitable place for that. Right after we gave up the
idea of installing at the shrine,I found out my old-time friend had moved to
Arakawa Ward and lived in a house with a garden.So,the atreor is at my
friend‘s place now.

7/06/2007 Bunkyo Ward,Tokyo
7/06/2007 Chuo Ward,Tokyo

I used
Atreor installation place of Chuo Ward.I feel I am connected to the place in
inexplicable way.

7/09/2007 Shinjuku Ward,Tokyo
*Three atreors were needed in Shinjuku.

7/11/2007 Katsushika Ward,Tokyo
7/13/2007 Mutsu,Aomori

Mt.Osore was in Y‘s mind as the predestined place.We wanted to improve
the area-coverage of the atreor,and just when the design for the new atreor was
drafted,Y called me to congratulate.We wondered greatly because we had not told
Y about our plan to make a new model.

7/26/2007 Miyako Is.,Okinawa
*Two atreors for Miyako Is.

When Y was traveling by air,the word Okinawa occurred to her.We started
looking for the predetermined place in Okinawa.One night we decided to present
someone on Miyako Island with an atreor and a broadcaster because we felt both
of the devices were desperately needed there.We felt Miyako Island was patiently
waiting t o be gifted with those orgonisers.The following morning,I got a telephone
call from a woman in Saitama Prefecture.She called to tell me that she had a farmer
friend on Miyako Island and requested me to send her friend some literature about
broadcaster and atreor! I almost thought she eavesdropped on my conversation with
my co-worker of the previous night! The Miyako friend of hers started using the
instruments and she is very happy with the outcome of it now.She phoned me
several times to inform me of the favorable weather patterns that were set in
after the installaion of the devices and of the positive effects on her soils and
crops(and other farmers’ crops,too,for that matter).Now that the instruments have
been put
the sun rises. More surprisingly,she says the typhoons never hit the island in 2007
after she started using the instruments but deviated from their usual courses only
bringing them rain.I am happy the islanders are happy.
Note: NO typhoons hit the island in 2007, 2008, and 2009, which amazed all the islanders. And
they haven’t had any typhoon attacks so far this year (2010).

7/28/2007 Chuo Ward,Tokyo
*2nd atreor in Chuo Ward

7/30/2007 Kouto Ward,Tokyo

It was quite difficult to find a second place in Chuo(central)Ward because the
ground is covered with asphalt everywhere.You see only office buildings and other
tall architecture in Chuo Ward. Mr.H(a member of the project team)’s assistant
had found a very narrow space between certain two tall buildings and showed me
the place.It was a suitable spot because there was no blocking objects between
the ground and the sky.An atreor was put up the same day and we had a
powerful thundershower with bright lightning in Tokyo that night and the next

seemed probable all turned out to be unavailable for various reasons.I decided to
fly to Tokyo myself and walk around in Kouto Ward to find a place. I arrived
in Tokyo and phoned one Shinto shrine and asked them if they were willing
to accept our gift. The priest was not in and they suggested that I visit them
around 4:30 pm that same day. So I took a JR train and got off at Kameido
Station.The shrine was only about 10 minutes on foot from the station.Suddenly,
I found myself wanting to walk in the very opposite direction. So I did(I was
with my friend)and walked for about 10 minutes and found another Shinto shrine.
We walked into the precincts of the shrine and we knew we were led there.
Everything went smooth and they accepted our offer.

During our earthquake-preventive activities, there were so many coincidences (intended by certain
good beings, of course) that I got convinced that I was doing right things.

Here is one of those coincidences:
On the following day (July 29th), I was having trouble finding somebody who could put up
an atreor at the shrine in Kouto Ward on the next day(June 30th). The shrine priest had wanted the
installation to be done by the 30th of July because the shrine’s most important
and festivals were just about to begin. I was in the middle of Tokyo, and I ran into Ms. F(a Tokyo
citizen)who was the very person that put up the first atreor for Tokyo, in her house yard in Toshima-
She volunteered to install the atreor at the shrine in Kouto Ward. I was happy to
have her do the job because she knew how to install the device and because
she was a very nice person. I think I was gazing into the woman’s face for
some seconds and next moment a question popped out of my own mouth,‘May
I ask where your ancestors are from?’ I do not think she and I look alike, by
the way. It was her answer that almost made me jump. She said she did not
know about
a Buddhist temple in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture. She said the psychic told
her to go to the temple and pay her respects to her ancestors there. She said she

did go there and prayed for her ancestors. I asked her if the name of the
temple was Shougyou-ji. She was really surprised and said yes! It was the temple my (and
her) ancestor founded about 800 years ago! Our ancestor’s spirit goes on in us.
Our life is our ancestors’ life, too. We are all connected.

7/30/2007 Meguro Ward, Tokyo
7/31/2007 Setagaya Ward, Tokyo

Another woman in Tokyo asked a Shinto shrine priest in Setagaya Ward and got
permission to set an atreor in the grounds of the shrine. The gods worshipped at
shrine appear many times in this project. I am certain that these gods play a
very important role of purifying and energizing water. Orgonised water can subside
the raging fire energies(e.g.Volcanic and seismic activities, negative energies from
nuclear power plants).

8/06/2007 Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo

Just as I expected, the installation of the last (the 27th) atreor in Tokyo turned
out to be in Chiyoda Ward. It was not our intention but our installations for Tokyo
started from the outermost wards and gradually moved inwards to the heart
of Tokyo. Chiyoda Ward is the most important ward in every respect. There
was a time limit for the installation of the last atreor for Tokyo and we just barely made it in time.

August /2007 Omaezaki, Shizuoka

It was imperative that an atreor should be placed near Hamaoka Nuclear Power
Plants in Shizuoka. The plants are said to be the most dangerous and prone to

8/22/2007 Omaezaki, Shizuoka
*We set up a new model
broadcaster and two atreors.

‐ the combination of a

Certain vision was given to Y as the place for the installation of the new device.
Y gave me a few key objects from her vision ‐ a torii(shinto shrine gate), a
service station without an office, an irrigation canal with water running in it, a grove,
a small community center. These things must be clustered together in one specific place.
My friend in Omaezaki City looked and looked for the designated place. A day before
we set out on our trip to Shizuoka, my friend finally found the place. It was
a shrine(one of
music teacher of her elementary school! The new device for Omaezaki was big
and complicated, so it took us a long time to install it. We thought we would miss our

plane back home but we barely made it.My friend told us there was a great thunder
and lightning that night and the air felt exceptionally good the following morning.

9/04/2007 Sapporo, Hokkaido
*The combination model was installed.

We had no time to relax after the trip to Shizuoka because we had to get to
new work. Y got the vision of Sapporo being totally destroyed by a major
earthquake and she was devastated. For a long time (for several years) she had been
convinced of when she was going to die. It was 9/18 of 2007. She had long
thought she was going to die of disease that day. But she was wrong. She
was only one of so many people who were going to die. The earthquake, she
said, would cause death of most citizens of Sapporo(and its adjacent cities and
towns if nothing was done to stop it. She said the earthquake would even
induce an eruption of a certain volcanic mountain in Hiyama District. I contacted S
(another psychic in Sapporo) and asked her if she knew of the coming catastrophe.
She did not know but she found it out right away through her channeling. She
gave us specific instructions and we followed them at once. We needed to install
6 small devices in the city of Sapporo with a big combination model placed in
the center(at or near the epicenter).The big device was going to function as a
command post. We also had to place 3 more small devices in certain distant
places. There is always a time limit in our work and in this case it was 9/9.
When we were looking for the right place for the comand post on the internet
map, we came across a shrine that seemed(felt)to be inviting us. We visited
the shrine the next day and the priest kindly accepted our gift. In great hastiness,
we managed to make the devices in time and all was successfully done by 9/9.
The priest invited
festival with food stands, but I was shown into the main shrine where a solemn
shinto ritual was being observed.I was the only one in casual clothing and felt
bad about it. I felt the existence of the gods in the shrine. I was so moved
that I kept crying throughout the ritual. At the end of the ritual, the priest
handed me a letter of appreciation in a big frame in front of everyone! And it
was the priest’s own handwriting. .I will treasure the letter of appreciation all my life.

10/19/2007 Fuji City, Shizuoka

From this day onwards, Mr. H and his assistant did
atreor‐installing(they had already done many in and around Tokyo).

10/25/2007 Nagaoka, Niigata

Some local people in Nagaoka informed us that for a few weeks prior to the

of the

installation of the atreor, animals in and around Nagaoka seemed like they were
feeling uneasy.They said the animals became noisy and acted strangely. We
suspected the animals sensed some nearing danger

10/26 and 27/2007 Nagasaki, Kyushu

Y felt something was needed to be done In Nagasaki as soon as possible. So
we had someone in Kyushu place four small devices in the prefecture of Nagasaki
over 10/26 and 10/27. As a suitable place, we chose a shrine where water
gods were enshrined. The next day my mother visited me with an old postcard
the postcard in her house and for some reason she thought the place in the
Nagasaki. Amazing things never seem to stop happening in our project. Nagasaki
has a

10/27/2007 Hiroshima City, Hiroshima

In Hiroshima, many people are still suffering from all the negative effects the atomic
bomb brought them. Two atreors needed to be backed up by 8 small devices.
A lady (a Hiroshima citizen) volunteered to do most of the small devices. Mysterious things
happened one after another on her installing tour, but those mysterious happenings all led to a
successful installation for her. I asked Mr. M ( a Hiroshima resident also) to set up our atreor in
his garden. *He became my working partner in 2009.

11/16/2007 Funabashi, Chiba

Mr. Jucelino Nobrega da Luz of Brazil had foreseen an earthquake of magnitude
7.5 hitting the city of Funabashi on 11/25 and a consequent death roll of
124. The time limit Y gave us(of the atreor installation for Funabashi)was 11/

11/16/2007 Chiryu, Aichi

Both Funabashi, Chiba and Chiryu, Aichi were covered by Mr. H’s assistant on
and did Chiryu in the afternoon.

On 11/16, four groups of people worked to orgonise different areas. We drove to
Kushiro, Hokkaido and placed 3 devices there. Two Hiroshima people did their part
and gifted Hiroshima with 7(plus one some days before that)small orgonisers.

12/11/2007 Nagaoka, Niigata

We wanted to remedy the situations in the devastated areas of Niigata after a
major earthquake shook the Kashiwazaki Kariwa nuclear power plants(the world’s
biggest)and radioactive contamination was a serious problem. A broadcaster was put
up in the city of Nagaoka. I did not know Mr. H ’s hometown was Nagaoka
but on a map I found a very inviting spot and showed it to him. We were all
amazed again because at the spot lies Mr. H’s old house(it is still his house
but is unoccupied at present)He placed the broadcaster in his own land(next to
which stands a shrine of water gods!).

More pages to follow…

Thanks, Ed!

Ayumi has been having a lot of trouble getting logged on to EW, as I reported before. She wants to post her own reports but your help has been very timely! These are historical documents and the obvious lack of the predicted violent earthquakes in Japan since these two pioneers committed to this large-scale project is obviously part of the evidence of their ongoing success.

Ayumi was working with Dr Hugh Lovel, whom I visited in Georgia in 2003, a year or so before he moved to Australia. I saw what he did with his radionics broadcasts on that farm, where the soil had been depleted from cotton farming several generations before. I’d read about his work in SECRETS OF THE SOIL, by Tompkins and Bird, but witnessing his success was the ‘next level’ for me. I’d taken him a miniature orgonite cloudbuster to play around with. He was so taken with it that he eventually began manufacturing and selling his own version after he got to Australia. Like Dr Reich, he had been a psychologist before getting interested in subtle energy research. I believe Atreor is the term he’s using for his product and, if memory serves, Ayumi was referred to us by him some years ago. I think that orgonite enhances radionics considerably. That’s been Karl Welz’ edge in the radionics market and it’s how I indirectly found out about orgonite.

Tetsuzi, who has posted here in the past and whose ongoing southern effort Ayumi joined from the north, was hit pretty hard last year and experienced near paralysis in one arm. We worked on him in the chatroom after we found out and he quickly recovered after that–almost completely if I’m not mistaken. He and I have done our best to communicate using Babelfish, which is kind of inadequate for conversations between a Japanese and an American. I understand Google now has a better translation program.

I’m particularly touched by the way some Shinto priests and monks have taken to orgonite. This religion seems to be intimately connected to the elementals, who adore orgonite, of course. I think it will be fun and enlightening to see what comes from this.

I’ve been wanting to post about some of the difficulty Ayumi’s been having, trying to log on to EW. Alejandro, our site administrator in Chile, had to register her four times before she was finally able to log on and even then she was unable to post anything. This is good evidence of very overt hacker interference and I’m hoping that by my mentioning it you’ll appreciate the importance of her reports even more [Image Can Not Be Found]

Also, by posting about the hacking it’s very likely that the sewer rat agency responsible for trying to prevent your reading of this report will bsck off and let her post freely. The psychics have been seeing more fear of exposure in the sewer rat agencies–a cause for our celebration [Image Can Not Be Found] and we really need to press this advantage if we want to speed up the demise of this ruinous old world order some more. We’re the powerful ones, after all; they’re just parasites.