Javiera's Gifting Reports: Chile's Coast, Etc

Hey Don, we wanted to let you know that today we part up north… our gifting trip begins… actually, it begun a while ago since we’ve been doing some heavy gifting in the area as well… as ale told you, we have climbed many hills to deactivate microwave transmitters, all theones in this area, we are training our bodies and making them fitter [Image Can Not Be Found] Also, the sea coast line is gifted, about 40km, by boat and by foot… we can already observe changes, for instance the climate has become cooler (a lot more pleasant than it was last week, very hot very hot), and yesterday when we were coming down, right after planting some orgonite on top of a big hill with two antennas, the big mass of clouds that had been stuck up there, trapped by an invisible electric line, a barrier, began to slowly get loose and come down the hillside… it was awesome…there are lots of sylphs too, it seems they arrive to gifted places…we saw how they ate the chemtrails that were sprayed right above our house, as well as in that hill/mountain we climbed yesterday… we were amused by the plane that kept on spaying a single chemtrail in the same place that the previous one had been, soon devoured by the sylphs… how stubborn! We are strong and healthy now… today ale noticed a bruise in my back, right were the pains were located last week… I think that the last bit of bad energy emerged in the visible form of a bruise, whichis rapidly fading…wish us luck, we’ll report when we get back best regards to you and Carol,javiera and alejandro… +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Thanks for the excellent report, Javiera, and I’m looking forward to you two being able to directly post on EW.Pretty soon I think we’ll get past the hacker interference. For now, Jacques has been blocked from accessingthe Aministration Panel, though he still manages to fix a lot of the hacker sabotage so that more members canpost. When we’re etherically attacked by world odor operatives as savagely as you were, last week, we genuine warriors become even more focused and determined and the weak ones among us fall away, which should be considered another blessing for now, I think. After awhile, everyone will have orgonite and the sewer rats will be gone but, for now, we need to focus on keeping each other out of harm’s way, with The Operators’ generous help.There aren’t a lot of couples gifting together so I think your and Alejandro’s reports will especially inspire and encourage a lot of people. It’s summer in Chile and Santiago’s latitude corresponds with Los Angeles’ latitude on the other side of the equator,so to say that you’re experiencing some cooling after your gifting efforts is pretty astonishing and significant—very useful evidence of orgonite’s phenomenal power and I’m sure you’ll be providing more and more! ~Don

We are writing from the town of Vicuña, Valle de Elqui… wanted to share with you some pictures of our experience gifting the dolphins in Punta Choros… you know, there were so many of them, it was amazing, the skipper (tío dogui) said there were about 150, which means that the entire herd came to meet us… and even though we couldn’t count them, at some moments we looked around and saw at least ten in each direction… it was nice because tio dogui went singing some songs to call them, and each time we threw a TBin the water he yelled “blessings!”… also, when we spotted them and went to meet them, he repeated “with respect, with respect…”… all theskippers in that harbor follow tio dogui since he has the gift of always finding them, or letting them find him, they even call him on the cell phone to ask him where he is, but he doesn’t answer;) when other two boats came near to appreciate the spectacle he said that there were too many of us there now and parted. We had already given them all of our gifts… great experience. Laughing alejandro and I were wandering if sylphs tend to appear in places that have been gifted with orgonite… this, because we are seeing sylphs all the time… when you said to keep an eye out for sylphs we thought it was prettyfunny since now it is strange not to see them… we will gift Vicuña today, when the sun is going down, and tomorrow they will probably be here too. It is easy to identify artificial clouds since these are the ones thatsylphs are “eating”… we’ve noticed that sylphs are more efficient or faster when places have been gifted… for example after we gifted several neighborhoods in the capital and built another CB the sky was absolutely filled with sylphs and we had some pretty amazing days, mid summer and cool, lots of clouds and wind (I even had trouble with my orgonite since I used the same amount of hardener and it cooked so much slower!)… People in general have been very receptive with our pendants, they always ask what it is or comment that they are pretty and look special [Image Can Not Be Found] I made one for each friend we have over here. We haven’t visited Nancho yet, but plan to do so tomorrow, to check on the CB… the weather here has been more humid and with more clouds, but this could be attributed to a phenomenon called “invierno boliviano” (bolivian winter) when moisture from Bolivia creeps over the Andes and produces “abnormal” weather on the western slopes of the Andes. This happens duringFebruary, which is the Bolivian wet season. So it could just be a coincidence. By the way, Nancho, who owns a lot of land here, recently had another “Jajambo” episode, which is his violent alter-ego that is activated when he drinks a lot of alcohol Frown
Well, as I said, we are going to gift this town today, and will keep an eye on the sky… we are going with the guy who took those cell phone pictures of chemtrails that I sent you…
Javi and Ale ******************************************************************************

[Don, writing:]

Javi and Ale,

We were lately hoping for a good dolphin-gifting report from someone, thanks, and Carol and I sure do miss interacting with them, which we did a lot of in Florida last year. I’m going to ask her to look at where your orgonite went after they received it. That might give us an idea of where some trouble spots are in the Southern Pacific region near Chile. By the way, she told me that when dolphins and whales don’t take the sea-tossed orgonite, undines, who may be similar to the Sylphs, often do and some gifters have seen this happen. Even I have witnessed the physical characteristics in the sea and even in a large lake that indicate the presence and activity of undines.

I think all of us are a little sheepish when talking about Sylphs, undines, elementals, etc., but I have confidence that the more visible aspects of these etheric creatures will eventually enable us to talk about this stuff as casually as we talk about electricity or ogone. Somebody needs to start discussing it rationally, after all. People are largely conditioned to abandon rational thought in pursuit of etheric truths but of course that’s counterproductive.

Everyone should have an uncle like Tio Dogui! Next time you see him, maybe he’ll ask you for some orgonite Wink. The photos you sent are priceless and I’m hoping that, before long, you and Alejandro can post them yourself, here.

You two are fortunate that Sylphs show up so readily where you are. We don’t know, for sure, what the conditions are that enable this to happen but it surely is tied to gifting, at least. I rarely saw them when I was gifting in Africa but maybe that’s changed. Africa’s atmosphere and especially its people respond especially fast and positively to orgonite. We’ll find out from the AFrican gifters, I think. Grampa Kelly, Eddie and Tetsuzi-san enabled Sylphs to appear over Hiroshima with just a little bit of ‘surgical’ gifting one day (guided by Kelly) even though that sky was the most DOR-degraded that Kelly had ever witnessed.

Clearly, Sylphs are sentient and strategists; perhaps they’re among The Operators. There’s an awful lot of stuff we don’t and perhaps can’t know, yet, but what’s the rush, eh? People are learning to steer clear of charismatic folks who don’t actually do anything but claim to have all the answers, at least Undecided. We’re all very fortunate that the Sylphs often show up to confirm our gifting successes and we know they love to receive good energy as well as give it, also that they do battle in our skies with the world odor’s minions. Our heart connection to the Sylphs is strong enough that we don’t need a lot of mental constructs around the concept, of course. I guess that’s one of the aspects of true love, after all.

Also, they seem to take a particular liking to some individuals, apparently including you and Ale. The same is true of dolphins and that can teach us to be more tolerant: I’ve noticed, for instance, that dolphins adore even some individuals who are way too prickly for Carol and I to get close to Cool.

When we moved back here (Northern Idaho, USA) from Florida in October the sky was ‘indifferent’ though the chemtrails were disappearing fast enough. AFter swinging our little, enhanced cloudbuster around the sky in increments the Sylphs started showing up in force. Since gifting the two big lakes in this long, wide valley, soon after that, the sky has been absolutely gorgeous and ‘busy’ with Sylph activity and chemtrails never stick more than a few moments, even above the big city to our west. Of course, we busted all of the death towers adn HAARP arrays around here before four years ago, and the world odor never since regained the ground they lost.

Watch, too, for lenticular clouds, okay? the white, very distinct ones, are generated by the energy fields of the ‘good guys’ spaceships and the dark ones are bad. When you see them, watch what the Sylphs do. One can chase a bad ship away with just one’s mind and will, which shows their parasitic nature, but I favor just watching them get defeated by The Operators over areas that have been gifted.

Carol and I watched a pretty big silver disc (presumably reptilian) get DOR ‘fuel’ from high tension powerlines outside of Los Angeles, yuears ago, and Jesse Zaloudek of San Francisco, California, sent us a good photo of a bigger disc ship sitting atop an enormous death tower, presumably ‘refueling.’ Cool So, we’re quite sure that there are functions for the new, nuclear-powered death transmitters (why call them ‘cell’ towers, by the way? Their tech is all a military secret) that are in addition to just degrading the atmosphere and sickening & dumbing down the populace.


Hi Don,

Thanks for the information about the high tension power lines. Around my area they are numerous and even close to my house. There are more than you can count and they are in all directions where ever you look. I have gifted all the ones that are close to my house. But what you said gives me a new sense of urgency to get out and do as many more as I can possibly get to. I did not realize they are a fuel source for the bad guys ships.


William, it was quite near where you are, one day about five years ago, that Carol and I saw a large, silver disc craft moving quickly and silently along, right above some high tension wires. Carol said it was aborbing DOR to use as fuel Cool.
In areas that we’ve gifted but where smog/DOR persists in the atmosphere it’s likely that the source is a very big underground base and it always astonishes me to see how fast that DOR disappears after a few earthpipes are knocked into the ground. Didier in Hong Kong is being challenged this way, now, since there’s still smog there, even after quite a lot of intelligent gifting has been done. YOu can see on TV and in movies that most of the smog is gone from New York City and that was accomplished with more or less sporadic, uncoordinated gifting by several people, though I can’t say for sure that a massive effort wasn’t done there. Most of the thorough gifters of large urban areas never contact us, which is marvellous but isn’t helpful for the record, of course.
Here’s Javiera’s next report. One will probably follow from her partner, Alejandro.

wow, nice to know about undines… are they water elementals? it would be
great if Carol could look where our orgonite went, that way we can identify
which places of our country are more damaged… I have a few spots in
you know, Chile has 4000 kilometers of coast line, it is a long and narrow
country… as we were driving back today we were thinking how doing a
highway gifting trip is basically like doing the whole country, since the
main one (called “Norte-Sur”) runs all along the cities, with a few
We drove through Aconcagua valley today, which is at about an hour away of
Santiago, and it was heavily charged with DOR… it was visible, maybe in
the form of smog, air contamination, the mountains could be barely seen,
including Aconcagua, which is the highest peak in South America, which also
serves to mark the frontier between Chile and Argentina at that latitude.
The valley is plagued with microwave transmitters, high tension towers
(electricity), and we are very much inclined to believe that some towers are
HAARP, since they look alike with the ones on top of Cerro San Cristóbal. So
all that nasty DOR is static and dense over there… you know, even the
Santiago valley was cleaner! We have decided to gift Aconcagua valley, since
if we see changes it will be valuable empirical info… I will tell
alejandro to send you the pictures we took today, so we can compare the
“before and afters” in the future…
Going back to the sea good entities, in what form have you witnessed the
physical characteristics in the sea? does it look similar to what sylphs do
up in the sky?
You are right when you say that we are lucky to be able to share all this,
since we can talk freely about “crazy” things, such as sylphs… people who
live away fron cities and all this NWO technology also seem to be more open
to these kind of subjects… that is another confirmation for us… but you
are right, at the same time many of these people are attached to a belief
system that can be just as rigid as the one we observe in the city, only
that from another angle, that is the etheric one… there is much dogma in
that side too, and it is, as you say, counterproductive… a combination of
the two sounds better to me, because if we use science and technology in a
good way, a technology that instead of being friendly with our social values
is friendly with our natural values, very much connected with natural law,
we can really “save the world”, from pollution and tyranny. We cannot turn
our backs to these, since in the times we are living it is precise that we
use them as tools, because we cannot ignore the complexity of our times, in
all respects… Terrence McKenna presents a very lucid panorama of the times
to come (as he believes them), saying we will grow the conscience to step
into the change from a social state of machinery into a natural state of
machinery… for this to happen, traditional scientific orthodoxy as well as
etheric orthodoxy, are both enemies…
Oh, we left tio Dogui a few TB’s… alejandro’s maid and her family will be
traveling to Punta Choros soon, and we gave them his card… they will ask
him if he has seen anything unusual, so maybe we’ll have feedback from there
[Image Can Not Be Found]
Do you know if airplane agencies and airports are trouble when travelling
with orgonite? the thing is that I am urging alejandro to take TB’s to
Tahiti with him, since that zone was shaken by some pretty nasty DOR
(nuclear)… what do you think? Easter Island shouldn’t be a problem since
it is part of our country and the control is not so severe…
you talk about charismatic but passive folks, that claim to have all the
answers… we tell you about one in another mail we wrote, hope you got
every time I see a sylph I truly thank them, I smile, and I feel content…
it is a very nice feeling… I don’t mind a lot that we can’t really
“define” them or talk to all people about them, or even if we can’t “prove”
their existence, because when I look up and see how they brush the skies my
heart is activated and POR is generated… even if they didn’t exist, it
would be a good thing anyway…
did you gift those lakes by boat?
I’m looking forward to seeing lenticular clouds… yuck! they refuel with
DOR? wow!
tomorrow we are going to buy Dooney some nice stuff… we’ll pick a nice
alpaca sweater, good quality perfect for winter… and some lapis lazuli
too… i’m looking forward for a session with her…
I used your zapper for an hour today… I will do it regularly… could you
send me another instructions sheet? I was looking for it in world without
parasites but didn’t find it… it was so kind of you to send them, thank
you so so much, really…
hey, that whole thing about Dr. Lisa Blakemore Brown is crazy! but you know?
today my sister (16 years old) was talking to a friend about it and I was
amazed since I had not mentioned it to her (and I was reading the last post
on it just a while ago on EW!)… her friend read about it in Rolling Stones
magazine! I’m not sure if the article mentioned Dr. Lisa, but the girls told
me that it was about how vaccines can cause autism… so I guess the word is
out, and that conscious is growing… even in mainstream media… ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Javiera,As far as we know, Undines are elementals and the bigger an elemental is perceived to be, generally the older it/he/sheis. Size also seems to denote responsibility. Nobody seem sure how to classify Sylphs, though. Carol calls them ‘angels,’ andshe’s not one of those folks who overuse that word. It’s good to go gifting with energy sensitives or psychics because it expands our awareness and appreciation for what’s happening around us when we gift, but of course you and/or Alejandro may be getting good psi impressions but might be mistaking them for ‘just imagination.’ One reason I’m urging all posters, here, toreport all of their subjective impressions during gifting expeditions is that we soon see that most of what we always thought was just childish imagination is actually real, objective seeing. For now, we’re having so much fun with theseexperiences and realizations that we don’t much care whether anyone believes us. When enough of us on the planet have independently reported confirming experiences with etheric beings, of course, their existence will be no more debatable than the existence of pygmies and Watusis. We’re obviously not trying to sell anything when we tell of these things, so most readers don’t feel threatened by it. Also, we focus on visual confirmations, which is a long shot better than acceptinganything on blind faith. I’ve seen the physical effects of the presence or passing of undines as standing waves in the water, purple water and felt a generally improved and enhanced ambience in the moment. Carol sees them as towering, happy and ‘approving’ entities.Gifting with D Bradley was always a hoot because he’s so closely connected to the elementals and got really excitedwhen they joined us. When Dr Stevo and I gifted in Lake Pondereille (the inland lake that has at least one US Navy submarine) an undine or several of them created some very long and slow waves from the shoreline. Stevo, who is one of the psychics,got pretty excited and drew my attention to it and we rode diagonally in the trough of a couple of waves in the middle for a couple of kilometers until the waves flattened. There was no breeze that day, no boat traffic in our vicinity and no earth tremors, as far as we could tell. It felt very, very nice while we were riding along in those foot-high waves. After you’ve busted the death towers and HAARP arrays in Aconcaqua Valley, take note whether the smog has been dis-sipated by the end of the day, okay? If the smog persists, after gifting, there may be a big underground base there, which you can later neutralize with a few earthpipes. We’ve never known this to fail to get rid of residual smog in these cases. Thereare many thousands of underground bases around the planet, including some under the seabed. As you say, our interest in dogma and blind imitation falls away when we start to genuinely empower ourselves with this new
technology, which is essentially spiritual and even artistic. When all those free energy devices that are ready to market willget past the CIA and MI6 extortionists, then science adn spirituality will clearly be seen by all as inseparable, especially sincethe power base for free energy tech is orgone. We can assume that if Dr Reich were alive, today, he’d be safe from the predatory agencies which murdered him and attempted to erase him from history. Things have changed in the world that muchin just fifty years. Some folks talk about this, even eloquently, but we few, along with some others who are less public, are actually doing something substsantial to bring about a revolution in science and spirituality. The Vaccination Liberation Movement is gaining a lot of momentum, as you say, and the What To Think Network, at least the ‘fringe’ part as represented by Rolling STone, is being challenged to pay lip service to the dangerous effects of vaccines. Thismay give us a preview of how the What To Think Network might approach orgonite and gifting before long. If we all focus on substantive reporting, which you and Alejandro are exemplifying, it will surely accelerate the arrival of orgonite into public awareness.By the way, when it becomes general knowledge that any zapper will neutralize the poisons (except perhaps mercury) and biologicalweapons that asre routinely added to vaccines, the end of the predatory, global Pharmaceutical/Medical cartel will be in sight Cool
A big pharmacy in our town lost the ‘p’ on it’s sign on the building, so it says, ‘HARMACY’ now. I call that ‘honesty in advertising.’ I showed Carol a map of your region and she told me that the orgonite you guys tossed from Tio Dogui’s boat had already been taken out to sea by the dolphins and undines for several hundred miles in every direction, where needed, though they alwaysseem to be mindful to leave enough in the area we drop the stuff. I’ve been encouraging people to toss a lot of orgonite in oneplace, even if only from a pier. We use a very seaworthy, trailored boat to do most of our water gifting. 150HP, so we can get out back in the same day in most cases. I’ve got my eye on the underwater volcano, 50 miles off Oregon’s coast Wink though if the Pacific gifters will be diligent about tossing orgonite off the North American West Coast the dolphins and undines will probably beat us to it. Steve Jackson, who lives in Campbell River, British Columbia (it’s waaaay up on the east coast of Vancouver Island) gifted 80 miles coastline from boats, also did a lot from ferries, and he throws a lot from a pier in his town when he doesn’t have access to a boatHe told me that the biggest salmon run in history occured recently, there. This happened during a time when doomsayers were predicting the demise of salmon altogether. Most of the environmental doomsayers are especially unhappy these days, due to the collective and spontaneous efforts of gifters around the planet, I’m happy to report. Around our region, salmon are consideredthe ‘canary in the coal mine,’ and, thanks to gifting, salmon are more plentiful than they’ve been since the corporate white men first started exploiting this area’s resources. When you met those dolphins (Carol says there are two pods in your photos: spinner dolphins and perhaps spotted dolphins) they weregiving you and Alejandro information and energy. I’m pretty sure that Tio Dogui understands all of this, so it will be fun for youto get some feedback from him. It’s likely that the dolphins were thanking you both. To understand them better, we need to lose allof our preconceptions and just stay open when they’re around. We consider them our coaches and teachers right now, so I was really heartened by your report. The Africans were apparently prevented from meeting the dolphins, again, off the coast near Mombassa, 'Kenya in December, because young David Ochieng, who was the informal group’s facilitator, was severely attacked and sickened on their first day there. We helped him recover and we also took care of the Vryal freak who assaulted and poisoned him in Mombassa. In the summer we’ll get backto the sea so we can perhaps start working directly with cetaceans again. In the spring we’ll likely do Puget Sound, which now has more orcas, thanks to some preliminary, medium scale gifting from ferries, bridges and the shoreline, a couple of years ago.

As you can see, the dolphins got pretty close to our boat…

dolphin jumping

again, dolphin jumping

dolphin's face they were bottle-nosed, although there might have been two types…

another dolphin

three dolphins Here you can see three dolphins in the same shot, though there were many many more…

tio dogui This is Tio Dogui… blessings!

In an email message to Don, that was posted at this thread, Javiera mentioned gifting some hilltop towers at the coast near Santiago. We also gifted a strech of ocean of about 40km. I wanted to post a follow-up report on that, and some pictures of what Javiera was describing. Lately, the central region of Chile, which includes Santiago of course, has had a spell of wintery weather, un-characteristic of the summertime. Last friday it rained heavily for about 9 hours. The climate has remained cool and overcast, the clouds uncharacteristically numerous and low for the summer. At the coast the results of our gifting were quite immediate. There had been a heat wave like I had never felt before at the coast, a constant 30° C and higher, when the temperature at the coast rarely exedes 27°. Everyone was commenting the heat wave, “Global Warming” was in the mouths of lots of people, especially after the media-campaign in the Chilean newspapers in the past weeks, coincidence? I don’t think so. We gifted mostly by foot, 1 TB every 1Km. about 45 TBs. The day before I had gifted a very large and nasty set of towers on a high hill-top with a friend since Javiera was still weak from a strong attack(witchcraft) to her lower-back.

Nasty tower, bottom drum about 5m diameter.

Before the ocean gifting the sky was clear, except for haarp-clouds and the occasional chemtrail. There were some pretty intense sky battles before the gifting took place. After the gifting, the battles were more one-sided.Wink

Chemtrail sprayed directly on top of sylphs disovling haarp-clouds. Needless to say, the chemtrail didn’t last a very long time.

Before Gifting

The costal area we were vistiting has a characteristic micro-climate that is more overcast and humid than the surrounding areas. There are beautiful cloud-forests on the hills in this area; these forests are “watered” almost exclusively by clouds, especially during the morning hours, before they are dissipated by the sun. During this heat-wave, the micro-climate mentioned above was completely absent. A few hours after the gifting by foot, the sky above us started to fill with low, healthy clouds. The temperature decreased substantially and the heat-wave was gone and never returned.

2 hours after gifting the ocean

4 hours after gifting the ocean

Javi mentioned how it seemed that an electric barrier was preventing a wall of clouds from decending into the area where we were at that time (Papudo). This was after gifting the ocean, so the cloudy microclimate was in full splendor at the valley to the south; where the photos above were taken. Here is a picture of the wall of clouds being contained, and a sylph helping out.

After gifting the hill towers, these clouds started to move downhill, being freed from their “electric/DOR cage”. These confirmations were a result of just partial gifting. More extensive gifting will be done to make sure these changes are permanent…

Busted towers, clouds rolling by.


The day after gifting the sea coast in the area of Zapallar to Maitencillo, as described in the posts above. The sylphs were very efficient in trasmuting the world odor’s clouds into healthy rain clouds; which nurish the cloud forrests on the hills in this area. These sequence of photos was taken over a 15minute period or a bit more….

The sylphs are visible as wispy elongated formations.

Notice the fluffy rain cloud starting to form in the bottom

It seems that after the sylphs trasformed the initial band of haarp-clouds, the sewer rats created some more… this was quickly dealt with as well. The sylphs seem tireless in an orgonized area…… Notice the sylphs re-deploying towards the haarp-clouds.

Haarp cloud starting to disappear. I stoped taking pictures at this point and went to have some lunch….

Ale, I think that’s the most explicit photo evidence I’ve seen of the effects of sea gifting, thanks!

The onset of the winter rains after that HAARP-induced heatwave is probably on account of the earth itself making

balance for the world odor’s atmospheric molestations. I bet there was no flooding from all that rain, which is to be expected when rain has been sufficiently

ionized by cloudbusters in the region; the rain rather tends to soak into the ground rather than run over the surface in this case.

I bet you two are getting more confirmations than you can comfortably assimilate, these days Cool and that’s

a nice problem to have. I can tell you from experience that the more arcan visual confirmations, like evidence of the

interactions of undines with gifters, is something we’re likely only to acknowledge after we see them a few times but it’s helpful to

have reports like that so that others who see them and have read the reports won’t assume that they’re 'just making it up.

I wonder if the newspapers already had all the copy about ‘global warming’ on hand before the heatwave occured. Dan posted that

in Java the What To Think Network ‘predicted’ that there would be cyclonic winds on that HAARP-savaged island on March 12 but I think that was

before he set up a cloudbuster there, last week.

I think that in coming months we’ll find out that ocean gifting has more potential to destroy the HAARP agenda than perhaps even disabling the

coastal HAARP arrays might accomplish, though those have to be busted, too. In yesterday’s chat the psychics saw apparently new HAARP

facilities on the seabed off the Indian Ocean coast of South Africa that are getting some limited results in Southern Africa. Three years ago, Georg

and TRevor disabled scores of coastal HAARP arrays from Mozambique to Cape Town, ending a very, very long drought across the continent and

even the Kalahari Desert region has been reversing since then, remaining quite green. Right before they did that, the gov’t news service was advising people to get ready for a famine but all the resulting rain actually caused an economic boom in the region, which is sitll going on.

I think it will be easier to do the sea’s HAARP weaponry than it was for them to gift along that very long, rough stretch of coastline.

I don’t know if there’s HAARP on the seabed off Chjle’s coast but if you see a lot of brown smog over the ocean it’s likely that those facilities are

in place. We don’t know much about what it does but it might be doing double duty, at least: wholesale slaughter of cetaceans and the creation

of destructive storms. In the two worst offshore areas near South Florida (50 miles off the Gulf Coast and LIttle Bahama Bank, north of Grand Bahama Island) where weather radar showed perpetual, enormous storms in an anti-clockwise swirl pattern, we saw very little HAARP infrastructure when we gifted the areas. In fact, the Grand Bahama Bank is quite shallow, with clear water, indicating that the source of the HAARP swirl is underground, there, or even hyperdimensional. There’s no limit to how weird this stuff gets, unfortunatly.

If there’s smog over the Pacific where you are, you may be able to track the disappearance of that smog as local dolphins distribute the orgonite you toss into the ocean. ALL of the good guys appreciate having orgonite in the sea.

We all continue to find new confirmations and inspired approaches and when we report those, here, it sparks others’ creative efforts, too. I’m awfully

glad that you and Javi are finally able to post, here. The amount of hacker interference we encountered in the process of getting you both registered ought to be a little flatteringCool


The day after busting the nasty towers on the hilltops over Zapallar, as posted above, Javi and I with some friends paid a local fisherman to take us on his boat around the bay. We took some TBs to throw into the sea. When we were coming back into the harbour, I noticed that right above the death towers that we had gifted on the hills above, there were some nice clouds forming. The death tower had indeed become an life-force transmiter!

No, Javi and I are not rastas….jejejeje

The haze is due to the humidity Smile

This is Alvaro’s (our gifting buddy) hand ready to drop a TB in the water. We like our tactical TBs extra funky (this is a pretty one). Notice the smog out to sea. There is also a thick DOR fog bank right above the water line. Definately some nasty underwater facilites there.

All this occured at Zapallar, at the same place where some of the photos of the above posts were taken. This happened two days after gifting the ocean.

The HAARP clouds in this photo are quite obvious, they have a regular pattern. At the top right corner are sylphs taking care of the problem with ease.

Out of desperation, a lonely spew-plane attacks a group of sylphs head on. You can imagine how little time that chemtrail lasted…

Angels in the sky…

Later on that evening, a group of sylphs dispersing artificial clouds.

As you can see these sky battles were quite intense and dramatic and lasted the whole day. Over the gifted areas the sylphs were unbeatable.Cool

Hi Alejandro.

On more than one occasion I’ve been struck by the remarkable similarities between the skies in your posts and those on Bali recently; the level of chem-spraying and the Sylph-activity.

(Your funky TBs are so like mine too).

Great posts.

Dan (edostar).

Hi everyone! Ale and I came to the beach this weekend. We found a very pleasant surprise. Turns out that from the day we left, the climate has been cloudy and VERY humid. Cecilia, our friend here, tells us that when the sun comes out, at three in the afternoon, it is a placid autumnal shine, very different to the exhausting burn that is usual for February and March. Now, even though people are comenting how weird this is this time of the year, it is actually normal for this zone. As it is posted above, there is a natural micro climate over here, and there are forests very similar to the ones we see further south, where it rains a lot more (Chile has many climates, going from the Antartida down south, coming up through the Patagoia and rain forests, template landscapes, up until the Atacama dessert in the north).

So the vegetation here is having a party, happy trees, quillayes, boldos, peumos, filling their square cells with nice pure water from the sea’s generous humidity…

It is an awesome scenarioSmile

This weekend we went to the beach again, and Cecilia told us that a herd of dolphins was seen all along the coast line, which we had gifted previously. It is important to mention that they were bottle nosed dolphins, which is rare to see in that area (when locals do see dolphins there, they are “toninas” or “purpoise”). They were jumping and doing flips, very happy, just in front of Ale’s houseLaughing.

We also encountered some heavy HAARP activity, which motivates us to combat it as soon as possible… we also saw a few chemtrails, but they weren’t sticking for very long, remember that area is partially gifted.

I would like to congratulate you and encourage you for this gifting effort ! Wow ! I also see the same kinds of situations here in France : Sylphs erasing chemsoup, artificial haarp clouds etc… The photographs are very beautiful !

(There are giant and filamentous sylphs over the mobile phone company in which I’m working now !).

Last weekend Javi and I went back to the coastal area which we had been previously gifted, we saw some chemtrail activity which was very, very pathetic: chemtrails were disapearing even faster than over Santiago which has several cloudbusters, this shows the power of ocean gifting quite eloquently.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

haha loosers!

Javi’s sister, Anastasia, left on a highschool trip to the north last week. They are going to spend some time dolphin-sighting in Punta Choros, which is were we gave the resident dolphins some TBs some months ago. She came up to us asking for TBs to gift the dolphins, it wasn´t our idea which is really cool. She came over to our house with some of her girl-friends for some “once” (tea and bread, before dinner) one afternoon before their trip. We gave each of the 6 girls 10 TBs so the gifting would be covert-style (they could get in trouble for “littering” in a marine reserve), they would travel on different boats. They were all pretty exited about the gifting, I showed them Andy’s dolphin gifting video for inspiration, Thanks Andy! The deed should have been done a few days ago, but I haven’t heard from them yet.
Don recently said he would be happy to ask Carol to track ocean tossed orgonite, in fact she tracked our previous gifts to the dolphins in that bay, that report can be found on this same thread. Could you please check out what happend to the tossed TBs Madame? Thanks alot!


I asked Carol to take a look at the distribution of all that orgonite tossed by our associates in Chile and she found that some of it had been taken by dolphins all the way up to Panama, so far.

The more, the better of course. I think the dolphins and whales apparently take orgonite to the most needful targets, first, and it might be that their choice of seabed targets might be largely responsible for the quick resolution of things like brown DOR and chemtrails over the sea. I might be mistaken, since our lake gifting in this region has had the same effect, even without dolphins present. Maybe a more definitive understanding of the dolphins’ role may come in the next HAARPicane season off Mexico’s Pacific Coast if Carol and I (or other volunteers) manage to get some boatloads of orgonite to the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula, which is several hundred miles north of where the HAARPies have been successfully generating destructive storms.

The more orgonite gets tossed into the sea, the more data we’re all going to collect, of course.

Glad to hear that Javi’s sister and friends are getting busy with this. I’ve always felt that when young folks commit to this work it will spread a lot faster.