Jose's Creative Suggestions And A Progress Report

Don Croft
30 May 2008 08:37
Subject: Jose’s Creative Suggestions and a Progress Report
Perdon my english not so good. Am use the orgonite. Very good. Gave the 90 ml size to my friend, who is drug addiction many enemies, tell him is keep his enemies away from him. he very happy now, he say work so good, he so happy.

I want to tell you some ideas. and this email not use again, so no respond, you can to post this if want. for the TB, to imagine control knob, like on radio, to increase effectiveness, like to increase loudness. turn to the right side, as with the clock, or the dodecahedrono, to increase the effectiveness. is all imaginary and is work so good. I not very sensitive to energy, this suggest from friend. makes the 90 ml size, 3 ounce you say, strong like the 12 ounce one. Also can put all TBs already put out in the dodecahedrono and to increase the power with the turn the crystals, also, in the imaginacion.

also, always I put the thoughtform intent on my TB that it is invisible, anyone trying to find it becom distract decide to do something other place. Not easy to put the TB here, however, can cover the TB coat of the automobile body paste with the color of the rocks painted, if sand carefully make it look just like rock, easy to put, we have many open field here, no time to put the TB in ground sometime.

I not write to you from this any more, though, to be careful. I also put some TB thing in area of the illegal drug selling, and it stop less than week. Only 8. Sometime I cut up the plastic bottle, mix with the metal, in the molde, and the cuarzo stone, and to melting the plastic in the small oven, easier for me sometime. also at the conference metafisica [metaphysical conference], making the very nice 90 ml size to give to the people. sometime is put the color copia of the money in the mold, to cover with the plastic, making the TB with the money, is look good. Maybe to make some with the different shape, like the esculptura, selling in the street. People is feel so good over the mix 90 ml size.

Am very interest the 18 to play, making the abstract art with that, like the mandala. also very much fun thing my friend do repair to the concrete sidewalk and wall, is mix the 90 ml size with dusting on the surface, and putting the 90 ml into the concrete, cannot to see where it is, in repair. also our brick hollow, in construccion can to put the mix in the brick hole, cover with concrete mix. Also is finding the escultura metal with the hollow inside, and to filling with the mix and teh cuarzo stone, and then to sell.

I making very big 1 liter size the big one, with the copper spiralling, and my friend say her friend knows the energy asking if it Atlantea, well from the Atlantis. Also, when I in area forgetting the TB, sometime I make the thoughtform of the TB, in the 18 or the 108, and leave that, in the purple light, the device like this. Not so good as the physical TB, I think but better than nothing when I am forgetting the TB thing.

Also have friend at work many problem with the boss, she put the 90 ml size in her desk, and the boss nice to her then, big surprise, she have sister in the bad area, the drug seller and the criminal, her sister put 6 of the 90 ml in her apartamento [apartment], and no problem, all quiet and tranquil for her that minute, she so happy. I making the big one in the bread mold size for the river.

Thanking you for all the thing you do, and keep the writing, many people reading. Many people get the idea of the mix somehow, I see artist make the frame of the orgonit mix for the picture, is use clay to hold the mix till it hard. very beautiful, strange shape.

I think someone use the radionic on me, I call the Arcangel Miguel and the delfinos [dolphins] and they destroy the radionic. Also to read teh Theta Healing by Vianna is very good section on dissolve the implantation. The blasting thing you say, the energy, I making automatic in me, so anyone try the radionic is automatic energia response, not have to think. I am not spread the 90 ml size so much like you though I am spread some. Is please to try the control the loudness of the 90 ml size, to make more power thing.

I am like the peace, and the mix the thing you say making hte peace very good. also the bad portal, turn the imagine knob increase the caos caotic only 2 porciento [percent] and the bad one not want use it. also the bad tower turn the knob make it not work good. still use the 90 ml size but can also turn the knob on it. i think many angel to helping us, i am see they send the 90 ml and the 18 and the 108 thoughtform through the portal to the other side, special surprise, and the thought form also to increase like the virus, ha ha. maybe they to convince the bad ones to closing portal, this way. when i seeing the pollute, i always putting hte purple fire on it the devic like this, also put the 90 ml if have some. thanking you.

Don Croft
30 May 2008 08:56
Subject: Re: Jose’s Creative Suggestions and a Progress Report
and is other thing. you asking angel for the help, putting the protect around you. the bad people not bother me much, maybe for that I am have the automatic responding with the energy for them, is put the cuarzo rosa in their heart, the spiralling also, and the delfino energy also automatic I not need thinking, just happen automatic if they bothering me. You knowing Hawkins book Power vs Force.

I am over the 600 on the scal in the book, now I dowse to see, my friend also. When you over the 600, the bad people not able see you. below the 600, they able to see you, can cause trouble for you. why you like fight so much with the bad why not increasing your level to over 600 I am think many people do the work with the orgonit over the 600 and not having the problem. Many time ago the bad people bothering me, but I thinking I below 600 then. Th eearth changing much, the energy shifting happening. the bad people not allow staying after 2013, the earth changing so much. they knowing this. at my work was boss bad person, i am make the intending that he gone, adn he gone. they catch him steal. I thinking your work to setting the intending.

I am very surprise you not mentioning The Intender Handbook by Tony Burroughs. Here is probelm. The fundacion of all the economy and the war is the scarcity. If no scarcity, many people quit job immedicately, go doing what they wanting to do. I am read teh Vianna book Theta Healing, is possible creating the life. well you doing this no good job you having, maybe you having the limit belief system. I am suggest you look at Tony book, have your circle with the intending.

The bad people all using computer networkings, and with the itnending, so easy to increasing the caos only 1 perciento is bad network not trust. The Walmart totally depend on the Microsoft databasing, only 1 perciento increase in the caos in their networking, and they no trust the network. with the intending, more than 1 perciento possilbe, my friend try this, and work so good. YOu already now doing this, I am suggest you suggesting that other people in th esmall grouping also do the intending why you do all the work if yuo doing all the work, your job not done. If not having other people, can ask angel and devic to join, it working for me. Tony have no good job many year, but he intending to have what need.

I am say that without the scarcity, the entire economia, all the bad people, fall apart, no fundacion for them any time when the thoughtform scarcity is weakening. I not sending from this any again, no sending responding, is better. many people you not knowing use the orgonit and it working so good. I am take the small 30 ml size I making to the conferencia metafisica, and asking the person if they sensitive energy. If they saying yes, I am put this in their hand, ask how it feeling to them. THey always say feel so good. I am asking if they want it,t hey say yes so excited. Sometimes I put the sri yantra mandala, or picture, in it. The cuarzo stone so easy to find, like you say, I am find on the floor so easy.

The radionic thing all imaginacion so can have the imaginary knob or switching on the 90 ml also. Also, you wanting send the 90 ml to the Rusia is so easy. having hte package, get the real addressing someone in Rusia. changing the name and street number. INsuring for over 100 Euros. The package get to the Rusia, no can deliver. THe mail office people stealing immediately and sell it for the money. THey sending it back you know this not work, they not sending it back I am guarantee it steal, and sold for the money. Putting the nice picture help them to get better pricing. Also my friend tell me top putting the label on the 90 ml one like this

When the airline checkign the luggage, the label very good, and the 90 ml working so good for this also. Also can have label of especial fertilizing for the tree, is work for that good, and you so smart maybe can have more label. My friend also telling me me to copying the label of the telefone company on the wire, to put on the 90 ml, saying it is a static damper, not removing.

Please to continue writing, ok many people read you, you not knowing. Also when I visit the America I give the orgonit to the Nativo Americano live in the pollute, to help clean the pollute. The black people, the hispanic, the Indios, they do not needing the head talk, they knowing quicklier they orgonit work so good, the blancos [whites] needing more words to convincing.

Also, my friend very psychic tell me the Citrine very good in the orgonit for self to attracting the abundance, maybe some people wanting to know this, for th especial one in own house. I am not knowing, maybe you asking you wife the others if this true or not. Before you posting, maybe asking them if I correct in what I saying.

I am think to making Medicien Wheel of the orgonit before I reading about 108, I am try to dowse if that work good. WHen I visiting New York I am buy the muffins. I making special muffin in my mold, then put in the Twinkie wrapper, put the frosting sugar on, and then gluing the wrapping, looking new. I am lean over side of the boat. I am sometime clumsy, somehow I dropping the Twinkie in teh water, and look sad for my lunch gone. I am so careless, I thinking 4 or 5 package of teh Twinky fall in the water. Also I sometime use the molde from teh child baking set, makign the toy out of the orgonito, cover with the paint.

I hope this useful to you. I hope you putting your instruct and a few story in Spanish, most of your continent speaking Spanish. The mexico people translate the good book to Spansih, share on the email.


Thanks a lot, Jose–very thoughful approaches and helpful for our readers, I think! I’m posting your report and suggestions on … 4234#p4234

I hope you’ll consider, though, that anyone who makes a difference in this world will be attacked by agents of the world order in one way or another. Hawkins is mistaken about this. By the standard you mentioned, Jesus and Muhammad should not have suffered at the hands of the enemy the way that They did and Gandhi should not have been shot. They should all have been invisible–can you see how irrational Hawkins’ claim is? Also, I feel impatience with abstruse claims about 2012. One fellow even claims that at some instant all plastic will dissolve. This is as irrational as the bornagain chumps’ ‘rapture’ silliness is. The historic marker that the Mayans recorded is more likely an indicator of a more gradual shift which humanity has apparently been experiencing directly for over a century and has been accelerating.

The people who gift but who don’t get attacked are more likely not seen by the sewer rat agencies, who certainly know about all gifters, to be threats to tyranny, so I believe that they ought to consider ways to become more effective. There are times when we are, indeed, invisible to these predators and parasites but that’s usually when we’re gifting so that they can’t find the orgonite. Thanks, Operators! Otherwise, the world order is entirelyand pathologically obsessed with surveillance and they’re quite effective at it. They even employ gifted psychics to find some of us when their electronic and eyeball surveillance has failed. A Succor Punch still works to disable their elecrtronic and satellite surveillance, fortunately, so if you can’t see them in the field, they can’t see you. This is just one of many astounding advantages that The Operators have provided for us.

As you gain more experience in the field you might encounter direct interference and I hope that you won’t be discouraged by this but will rather see it as an additional confirmation that you’re doing good work. Fortunately, the world order is reserving its worst interference for the few of us whom they consider to be key players. This backfires on them because this movement is NOT personality-based; it’s based on observable, consistent effects in the environment and in the experimentors’ own lives, which your report typifies so well.

The reason we focus our efforts on approaches that produce observable results is that we can keep this wonderful healing work out of the arena of speculation, which is easily manipulated by clever people who are employed by the world order. Our weekly; international chat sessions are where we let our imaginations have free reign but we still value feedback, observable results and corroboration in that effort, of course, and our psychics exercise extraordinary self discipline and rely on corroboration among themselves, which is a rare commodity in the metaphysical community right now.

In our personal efforts we also exercise our imaginations, as you’re also doing so successfully. Problems only arise if someone contends that his or her subjective efforts should be considered authoritative. Nobody has that level of authority, as far as I know, but disinformants typically insist or strongly imply that they have that authority. I think there are a lot of people who are damaging the world order by exercising direct interference in the etheric realm, through their hearts. Maybe this is a sign of humanity’s approaching maturity and is qualifying us to associate with other cooperative, non-predatory species who also do this.

A key feature of disinformants is that they put all of this in reverse order and require the subscriber to blindly accept the pronouncements of charismatic personalities, regardless of facts Cool . Most people don’t realize that we’re not born with excessive charisma; it’s gotten from careful training and clever promotion. which costs a lot of money and requires the participation of a lot of professionals. These scams only succeed when they give the impression of spontaneity Wink but more and more people are seeing through this old act by now and I hope you will, too.


Don Croft
05 Jun 2008 09:33
Subject: Re: Jose’s Creative Suggestions and a Progress Report
A reader has held my feet to the fire for ‘attacking Jose’s beliefs,’ but she wasn’t specific, so I’m guessing that she’s referring to my comments about the corporate promotion of gurus.

She asked, ‘How would you like it if someone attacked your beliefs?’ and that gave me some pause, too. I tried to think of anyone who knows or cares what my beliefs are, though a few people have politely asked me about them over the years. It would be kind of fun to parlais with someone who attacked my personal beliefs, actually. Only idiots attack factual information, which is what EW is mainly about, though much of that is based on a composite of empirical observations and insights.

I’ll discuss this with her if she wants but I have a hunch that her own beliefs about corporate gurus was challenged, rather. Meanwhile, I’m sorry, Jose, if anything I wrote has personally offended you and I’ll certainly post a retraction if you let me know what it was.

I have this discussion with a lot of people who promote Theosophy-derived ideologies to me in email. I always assume that people do this (proselytise newage doctrines or pesonalities) from the heart but I reserve the right to ‘answer back’ in a way that, hopefully, won’t insult their intelligence or hurt their feelings.

In this case, the role of corporate gurus is to con people into giving away their responsibility to discern reality and to distrust their own instincts. It’s a machine, in other words, and in any moment the masonic/theosophical corporate controllers keep a large stable of these trained gurus and field them out with the assistance of their own publishing houses, workshop/concert promoters, logistics teams, Oprah promotions, CIA/MI6 radionics arrays, ad nauseum.

James Hughes is one who opted not to be one of that stable after he was struck by etheric lightning and started to shine so brightly that it attracted the CIA’s attention in the mid 1980s. He was my teacher, along with the kind old witch and native elder, Dorothy West, in the late 1990s and they helped me to reach a stage of development (freedom from old MK ULtra programming?) marked by my partnership with Carol. In his regular workshops he passionately urges the participants not to follow gurus or to form organizations but rather to follow their own personal, intuitive promptings in a disciplined, consistent way. He once declined an invitation to appear on Oprah Winfrey’s show, by the way–that’s an example of personal integrity. That’s not to say that everyone who shows up as guests on that TV program are jerks, of course. The heavily controlled and programmed celebrities like Oprah and MacLaine perhaps ought to be pitied rather than scorned, I think.

When the shift has progressed some more I doubt that TV will have a mental and spiritual stranglehold on the public, any more, because the CIA will no longer have the power to hypnotize the masses with clever scripts, eye candy, charismatic personalities, subliminals and sexual manipulations, all thrown through the screen at their thralls. We’re probably moving toward a more interactive popular media in which discernment will be a key element if YouTube is an early indicator.

Speaking of ‘spiritual,’ I wonder why anyone thinks that the corporate gurus exemplify spirituality. To me, spirituality is best exemplified by sacrifice; not by ideology or ‘powers.’ Father Damian sacrificed the last decades of his life to make life more bearable for the lepers of Molokai, for instance, and the mothers of autistic or otherwise severely handicapped children often unquestioningly sacrifice their own comfort and personal interests for the sake of their children’s welfare. There are lots and lots of good examples of spirituality and this is in stark contrast to the army of corporate-sponsored legends-in-their-own-minds who presume to tell us that what they have to offer is better than our own discernment processes.

Don Croft
08 Jun 2008 10:22
Subject: Re: Jose’s Creative Suggestions and a Progress Report
Hiya Don.

Apparently you didn’t actually read (or perhaps you simply misunderstood) what I wrote, so I’ll clarify:

You often talk about those who are gifting and not talking to you about it. I can’t speak for everyone but I can tell you why I don’t talk to you: For the same reason I don’t talk to Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell.

You keep saying you don’t want sycophants but your actions are diametrically opposed to your words. You think that anyone who isn’t following you is lost – just like Falwell and Robertson. You assume the only people who are offended by your behaviour are those who feel the blow – just like Falwell and Robertson.

Believe it or not, it is entirely possible for a person to know about the things you know about and still be offended by boorish behaviour. Fortunately, gifting doesn’t require a “guru”. We don’t have to believe what you believe or even speak to you to be effective or to recruit others.

Unfortunately, some individuals and smaller groups are all alone in what they’re doing. Some of them want your opinion on it. Add the fact that everything you write is overflowing with your beliefs and it’s only natural they’d reference their own beliefs when communicating with you. I know I’m new to gifting, but I saw nothing wrong with Jose’s gifting – and you didn’t mention any mistakes in that regard – but it’s not about the gifting, is it?

You’re an ass, Don, but you’re a helluva gifter!

Take care,



I think my karma has run over Cindy’s dogma. ~Don

Don Croft
08 Jun 2008 10:29
Subject: Re: Jose’s Creative Suggestions and a Progress Report
Don! I’d say one of the great gifts I’ve received in the last year is seeing just how many retardo beliefs I was carrying around…I’d say that i have less and less and less of those silly things called beliefs…partly due to my interactions with you and EW and ORGONITE and mostly from EXPERIENCE. I’ve experienced juicing wild grass, growing a garden, gifting orgonite and feeling the joy of sylphs, experienced orgasm-orgonite, experienced the controllers and operators, experienced disease, experienced white planes and chemtrails (I think?)…one things the gurus always do is give you a MAP of REALITY…now there’s nothing bad about this yet people take it to the extreme (me being one of them in the past) and give their power of EXPERIENCING to the guru or teacher or great fearless leader. Yet there’s also another trap where we need to remain open to the learning of others…an example is with orogonite where we get ideas from others (say tossing it in the sea) then try it out for ourselves to see if it aligns with our expeirnce and feeling…

Anyway my curent experience of beliefs is that they are rubbish…all designed for the kindergarten crowd who want the latest McDonalnds franchise recipe so they can be safe from suffereing and failure and have nobody attack them. Heck if you are getting at the rOOTS of the NWO tree the Illuminati immune system is gonna come buzzing at your dooor…thats my experience…enjoy…johnnny

Don Croft
08 Jun 2008 10:44
Subject: Re: Jose’s Creative Suggestions and a Progress Report
Cindy emailed me back, so I asked her to point out some of my beliefs that she finds objectionable. I’ll share her comments if she replies.

What I generally try to do is to cajole, persuade, convince and even bully some people to question some of their programmed assumptions which I feel are designed to reinforce irrationality and powerlessness. When I’m out of line I like to be told as much and in the interest of consultation I think it’s a good idea to air all heartfelt expressions. Gifting is good but if we want to make the world better we also need to talk to each other candidly. Have you noticed how little of this is being done, even on the internet? Why do you suppose that is?


Don Croft
08 Jun 2008 10:46
Subject: Re: Jose’s Creative Suggestions and a Progress Report
That was quick–she just told me, ‘I don’t object to your beliefs.’ I’ll ask her why I’m an ass. ~Don

Don Croft
08 Jun 2008 11:05
Subject: Re: Jose’s Creative Suggestions and a Progress Report
I’m experiencing an awful lot of hacking while posting in this thread, today, and retrieving the relevant email. I think her criticism was heartfelt. I don’t post the criticisms that are obviously just poison darts.

I really want people to get past the old notions of leadership because it’s a love/hate dynamic, like the way males are programmed by the world odor to relate to females is. The new paradigm of leadership is based on demonstrated example, not on charisma.

Another love/hate dynamic that is tainted by the world odor is our relationship to psychics, of course. We’re steering a middle course between putting psychics on a pededstal and treating them with mystified distrust and fear.


Don Croft
08 Jun 2008 11:30
Subject: Re: Jose’s Creative Suggestions and a Progress Report
Getting back to Jose’s report, I was encouraged by his results after he gifted around the drug dealers’ marketting area because this is consistent with our own and others similar, successful experiments. I hope people will keep in mind that the entire drug business is operated in the West by the CIA, MI6 and their mossodomites. This helps us know that the users and dealers, themselves, are not the scourge of humanity as the What To Think Network would have us believe. These $#!+bird agencies ARE the scourge of humanity, literally. A scourge is a type of whip. The banksters and other fascist cartels wield the whip. I ‘believe’ this is so because of the enormity of the documented evidence and from watching the $#!+birds who have surveilled, intimidated and attempted to undermine our efforts us over the past eight years or so.

Disabling the death towers and weather weaponry is a needed first step in taking the world back from the $#!+bird agencies but the next phase is probably more significant: gifting neighborhoods and generally troublesome areas in order to cause positive social and economic shifts.

I always wish for more and more objective reporting because some of the most prolific gifters either don’t notice the good effects they’re causing or are too shy to report about them. In many cases we just ‘gift-and-go’ and the areas we gift are too far from where we live for us to do any followup but whynot also pay close attention to what our orgonite is doing closer to home and then report about it?


09 Jun 2008 09:15
Subject: “Yo, Assman!”
I’ll ask her why I’m an ass. ~Don

To me, the first sign of a crack in a debator’s argument is when they begin to resort to tactics of emotional manipulation, often followed closely by verbal slurs or character attacks…and in extremis curse words and physical blows.

Anyone firm in their convictions (and with the moral high ground) does not require any of the previous to prove their point, or to win another over. The superiority of their own position is self-evident to everyone involved. The ‘ass’ shows their own ‘assness’ – pointing it out is not required, and weakens one’s position.

(the ‘Assman’ Seinfeld episode always cracks me up)

28 Jul 2008 07:55
Subject: Re: Jose’s Creative Suggestions And A Progress Report
(25th july 2008) I think I don’t understand exactly all the sentences in this exchange of emails, but I think I now have a good feelling of what types of energies are directed from who to who. Yes I’m very far from being perfect and I myself is frequently attacked, mostly these last months, but life goes on, even if I know that there are people that are sometimes in more dangerous situations that ours here in Reunion Island, where life is really cool. If you think a little about our exchange of emails since some years (not a lot) you’ll probably notice that I never asked you about your beliefs or anything personal, because this is a kind of natural respect that is inside myself (a kind of integrity maybe). What you write is what you write. And if people like it or not, they don’t have to interfere with your work. If you think your work and writings are good, so keep your way and don’t waste your time with bad feelings. I’m sure that these kind of emails don’t disturb you, but you probably publish them for us to see. I like to know about these emails, this is important to see how people react to your writings. Personnally I’ve not verified 100% of what you write, but your writings have always been good start points for my own little researches. My father, even if he is a little more nervous than you, have always had similar ideas about what happens and what has always been happening on the international political and military scene. Thanks to my father I’ve always been out of the masses in term of artistic and political thinking. I feel and always felt that you are on the good side, and maybe I’m more next to the bad side than you, and I respect you, and there were many times where I had questions about you, and I’ve always felt that you have always given us good technical skills, and Steeve and Alex and the other ones on Quebecorgone, particularly in my own story. Everytime I have doubts or can’t think clearly, I think of the first blue holes that appeared around gifted areas in France around Ozoir-La-Ferrière and Lésigny and Paris and everywhere I went in France, and it makes me like a reset Smile Thank you Don, never give up, and let the bad vibes away from you, keep cool in your mind and live Smile I try too, that’s not easy but we don’t have the choice, live and live…

(26th july 2008) In this thread I find the same technique as given on (turning the crystals). Today, as I always done since I was young when we came to Reunion Island with my parents, I went to see the sea, the rough sea that has always been here, and as I let my car on the carpark with one of Georg’s towerbusters with a metal cross in it, I saw the sky a little clear. As I do since I was young, I keep face to the sea and watch it for a long time, letting things go and keeping an eye on my thoughts and I get answers to my questions by ideas and images in my head, like everyone does but are not constantly aware of. It frees the mind to be cool and with the nature. It’s sometimes like a real communication with the sea. When I was sitting in front of this wonderful sea, one word came to my mind at a moment : “Brillance”. Yes when things seem to be clear around this means that good energy is around… At least to me Smile

(28th july 2008) I sometimes get very important things to tell you but I forget. It’s 05:05 am Smile Everytime I have doubts I also think of this military and sophisticated helicopter that mades many circles just over my head in the area of the Technopole in Reunion. Really, if I would not know about orgonite then I would have never seen that ! Thinking of the big blue holes in the sky after a gifting is very powerful to make me get back to reality (when I’m in a bad mood), but thinking of this helicopter is also incredible, and makes me get back to reality as quicker Smile I’ve always singed about what we sometimes call babylon, since I was young, and I’ve always known that things were not fully natural in this world, and even if I was (and still be) a victim in this system, all that makes a sense to my life, and completes my life. When I found the orgonite technology on that really kicked my head ! This was what I was searching for since I was young ! This was here, this is here and that works ! Yes I know they fight back, psychically speaking and physically (these waves of frequencies are physical), but orgonite lowers their attack, and using a SP is helpful I think too. You sent me one SP and a zapper freely when I need them most, Georg sent me many towerbusters, and my friends from send me orgonite tools too, since 1 year and 1/2 I’m here back to the roots in Reunion. When I was in France I gifted since 2004 approximatively around and in Paris and in the south and center of France, and I made orgonite at Home in Lésigny. I made some SPs too when I was there. I created the french forums that is now unavailable since we use the other one ( and I report my efforts and researches on since 2004 (I’ve reset my blog in the meantime). I have worked in mobile phone and mobile technologies since 10 years and I know a lot about wifi, gsm, gprs etc. I also worked at Orange and a big french gsm company, and all that led me to know about orgonite because I wanted to know if there were solutions against all these waves. Also in Orange at Arcueil, many years ago, some readings on the private internet were about health and gsm and inside the gsm company they wrote that they did not know if this was good or bad ! In the other french company, I sometimes saw strange people going through the bureaus with long antennas to measure things on the wall and around. I had orgonite with me, maybe that disturbed their dor-matrix Smile also this company has an private website called “webdor”. I posted pics of the main webdor page that I copied when I was there, and I may post it again soon. Funny ! “webdor” officialy means “web” + “direction des opérations réseau”. Also, I update the thread “trip to reunion island” oftenly, so for people of Reunion Island, I invite them to read it, even if this is only a small piece of this huge and international gifting effort Wink

Well, Don, you must know that the work you and Carol and the other do, is a powerful work that made a lot of us enter into the reality. You always told us not to consider you as a guru, and we naturally think like that because good energies make us feel like that. We are proud of orgonite, and proud of its benefic effects. If there were not EW of QO (and the others) then what would us be ! Would we have found orgonite by other means ? Really I don’t think so.

Keep the good work, keep the good vibes. And let us concentrate our efforts to free this planet. LOVE IS THE ONLY SOLUTION.

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