Judy Lubulwa Jailed in Nairobi

Hey Don,
I just came out of jail a few days ago, where I’ve been languishing for the past 5 weeks. Solomon got me there on false charges, which he’s still trying to pursue or kill me. It happened aften Steve had sent me some funds and l was making lots of orgonite. I get he’s terrified of me and irked at my gifting and connection with you all. He just hid it so well.
Am currently in hiding and have lost everything. My life has been threatened. Next few days l’ll start zapping again coz am unwell. Have to buy a battery which seems difficult at the moment.
I believe the orgonite has been destroyed.
I heard Georg went thru something similar.
Please send some much needed boosts and pass my regards to all. Thank you

Judy, I’m glad you’re out of jail but I wish we’d known about this earlier. I’ll get some help for you in the chatroom. Things are pretty tough for African gifters, now. Salva Kirr in Sudan and Emmah Ochieng in W. Kenya died, earlier this year, and the psychics get the impression that they were murdered, probably with poison. David Ochieng had been severely poisoned a few times, as have you.

I’m going to post this so that people who read it can send you heart energy and to draw more attention to the severe trouble for gifters in Africa. I feel sure that something will break, there. Georg, Carlos, Tino and Prophet brought a lot of international media attention to African gifting through their incarceration and I think the birds are feeling the heat from that. I’m appalled that gifters in Africa have been treated this way but sacrifice usually produces victory, which I hope will come soon, there.


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