Karl's Proposed Succor Punch Experiment

I got this essay from Karl Grundstein in Latvia today and decided to start a new thread with it. This is the first time someone has proposed an intelligent research project around the use of frequencies, crystals and coil forms. He made up and sent us a couple of circuits, one a white noise generator (square wave) and one a frequency generator with a potentiometer (dial) and I’m about to set them up to power a Succor Punch, which I’m making especially for the experiment.

I’ve probably mentioned (forgive me if I mentioned it too much [Image Can Not Be Found] that Wilhelm Muller gave me the 15Hz idea–nine years ago before I knew about orgonite–in his living room and told me it blocks surveillance tech. In that case, he was using a little battery powered freq. emitter that fits in the pocket, made in Eastern Europe. A year later I got one from a Serbian customer who was buying zappers from me, wholesale. When CArol and I got going we developed the Succor Punch to counter some really irritating non-humans’ efforts to interfere with our orgone research and we simply applied our 15Hz zapper circuit to it.

I had adopted 15Hz for zappers at the time on the suggestion of James Hughes, who is one of those very rare psychics who have personal integrity and know something.

I feel pretty confident that our experiments with Karl’s circuits and suggestions are going to show us something new and will broaden our understanding of the dynamics of combining coils and crystals in particular applications. I feel very proud that this reputable scientist has taken an active interest in our work, too. Most scientists can’t experiment their way out of a wet paper sack, so the good ones are doubly precious.

He suggested that I edit his English before posting it but I think it’s pretty cool the way it is. It’s obviously clear and understandable.

I 'll add to this thread after Carol and I experiment a bit with his circuits and please include yuor own observations and comments in this thread if you have something to add, okay?


„ If you are praying for something but have no results, rise your eyes and look around – there may be another who prays about the same thing, more strongly, but in opposite course…”

An Old Gospel.

I love such old wisdom pearls, – it is so actual today.

Let us go into some contemplations together. It is exciting to invent, to experiment, but sometimes it is desirable to think with. Speech will go about exiting of SP and PW.

I’ll tell only about my reflections, maybe it will be desirable to prove them.

The first who wound the Moebius coil on the crystal (Don?), had a great idea, – it turned out it works excellent. There are a lot of followers certifying this. Don explains Moebius coil is making chaos in the crystal. Good.

If we take a piece of wire, make a simple cylindrical coil and push a current thru it, it will make a magnetic flux in this coil. It is easy seen by magnetic needle. If we take two identical pieces of wire, better twisted together, and make similar coil, then pushing the same current thru both wires in opposite direction, will give no magnetic flux. A gospel again. But is there the flux or no?

Our 3D spacetime measuring means say no. However people investigating

subtle energies and overunity, says – there are both fluxes, they are making stress in seething vacuum’s virtual photons. We are speaking about subtle energies, what are not so subtle at all. Vacuum’s virtual energy is tremendous! Only rank-and-filers don’t feel it. Nevertheless that energies has notable effect on our 3D spacetime, particularly on the live beeings.

What is orgone? It is not taught in universities. Official science says – this

is not possible, because it is impossible. A plenty of amateur scientists, many of them with high titles and grades, are working on this. Those who have brains. Some of them are speaking about tachion or torsion fields, with left or right spin (OR and DOR?), scalar waves etc. Obviously it is the same.

Fortunally we have another old axiom, still working:

A thing, process or phenomenon would not cease, only because somebody do not like it, or do no understand it.”

So we came to cognition, that crystal in stressed vacuum becomes excited,

starts to initiate producing orgone and is susceptible to mental governing. Is

either stressing sufficient for this? Authorities wrote that virtual energy become available in places with very large field gradients or with very fast occuring processes. In adittion, it is not necessary to apply energy for this (except only „for switching”).

This means, that we needn’t apply plenty power to crystal, it is enough to do this fast. Subtle energies are emitted mostly in transients. So.

Now the question – have anybody tried to wrap two-fold bent and twisted wire simply in one layer, side-by side or with gap between turns, on the crystal?

Is the result much worse the Moebius coil? I don’t know. But it is extremally interesting.

Few words about generators. Don had great idea to chose 15 Hz, it works excellent. Has anybody tried to solder a potentiometer in the generator to change its frequency? Is 15 Hz the optimum?

Crystal’s coil has a resistance between 1 Ohm to maybe ~teen Ohms. If we run car’s battery, everything is good, but for stand-alone device we must pay for its powering. Mostly it is made from 9V battery.

What the voltage is needed for the coil? Thanks to its bifilarity it has practically no inductance, only true omic resistance. If we need for crystal’s exciting current pulses of, say, 5 mA, – what will be voltage on te coil? Remember arithmetics from school-time: 10 Ohms x 5 mA= 50 mV or 0.05 V. This is named Ohm’s law. That’s all what we need for proper working our device, non dependent, from what we are powering it! Practically all 9 Volts are scattered by serial resistor.

Although  on the market there are available logic chips, working from 1.5V source, best solution will be to apply 3V battery(2 x 1.5V AA). Timer is far from best,  having relatively slow pulse fronts, fast CMOS logic has nearly 100 times steeper pulse fronts and less current consumption. For example, tiny single gate logic chip 74V1G14 – Schmitt trigger inverter, is operating from 2 to 5.5V. For simple square-wave generator it needs only two capacitors and two resistors and less than ½ sq. cm place.

I had an idea to carry into effect an irregular, random, chaotic train of pulses, instead of steady frequency. It needs to be proven.

We are thinking that our desirable effect is obtained during pulse’s sharp edges, then why to waste current during pulses? Maybe it is enough to make pulses „needle-like”, in nanosecond region? It is easy with logic chips. If our device is still excellent working in such a manner, then its battery would work for months without any switch-off!

Resuming all said here, remains two main questions:

if we have excellent-working device, are there any limits to make it work better?
if we have excellent-working device, are there any limits to make it simplier?

This all needs to be proven. If said here even partly is true, then it will be capable to gain the effect, or to have the same effect with smaller crystals and much more battery life.

                                        Sucess to You!

I didn’t know the complete story of why 15 Hz. Feels even better now.

The experiment looks interesting.

I can ask my electronics guy to find such a “steep flank” chip as well and see what we can come up with.